My First Post of 2019:)

Hello kids,

As you can see, I am back with my first blog post of 2019, and if you’ve forgotten my name, my name is James and I will be talking about my highlights of this week. Last year was a really fun year. I am looking forward to the Easter holidays.

First of all, I want to talk about Kevin Cheung, he taught us about upcycling and showed us some of his inventions, most of the time he uses the stuff that is already used and turn it into something cool. It was very interesting.

Next, I will be talking about mat ball, our team was Baby Shrek, we came second place in the class so we had to play the other second-place teams in round 1. We scored the first goal but they scored 2, it was 2-1 at half-time, we were sad. after half-time, we scored 2 more, we were winning. We were very happy but at the last, last, last second they scored. it was 3-3, we were very sad. but at sudden death, we scored a goal, we won!

Last of all we started our new unit. Most of the things we will do is gonna be making a fashion show, our unit is about how we express ourselves. also, we designed our notebook cover.



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