My First Post of 2019:)

Hello kids,

As you can see, I am back with my first blog post of 2019, and if you’ve forgotten my name, my name is James and I will be talking about my highlights of this week. Last year was a really fun year. I am looking forward to the Easter holidays.

First of all, I want to talk about Kevin Cheung, he taught us about upcycling and showed us some of his inventions, most of the time he uses the stuff that is already used and turn it into something cool. It was very interesting.

Next, I will be talking about mat ball, our team was Baby Shrek, we came second place in the class so we had to play the other second-place teams in round 1. We scored the first goal but they scored 2, it was 2-1 at half-time, we were sad. after half-time, we scored 2 more, we were winning. We were very happy but at the last, last, last second they scored. it was 3-3, we were very sad. but at sudden death, we scored a goal, we won!

Last of all we started our new unit. Most of the things we will do is gonna be making a fashion show, our unit is about how we express ourselves. also, we designed our notebook cover.



My weekly post November 4-9

So, guys, I am back with another post and if you don’t know me I am James and this week we did lots of things just like last week. We finished our persuasive letter about one of the UN sustainable goals, mine was about gender equality. We also started our Grade 5 charity challenge and our group’s charity foundation was Hands on Hong  Kong, each class had 7 charities and they divided us into groups. Our foundation was not that fun, to be honest, it was a bit boring researching about it. We also listened to some speeches in groups, we had to find out what PERSUASIVE techniques they used my group listened to one about this girl who went to the UN and told them about some things like that in the future, they said that there would be no more jungles in the world in the future and no butterflies and blah blah blah and her children might not be able to see nature. We also made our matball teams and it was fun. On Friday we had this assembly about remembrance day and I bought 5 poppys in case I lost four. And it is almost the end of me post. now this is my last sentence and now my last word is coming soon so I will see you next week.

Highlights from this week

If you don’t know my name, my name is James, this week we did lots of things. So this week was our first week of real PE, we did matball and we are going to be making teams next week. We also had some guest speakers. on Wednesday  Two Presents came and told us about their organization. then on Thursday Mr.Kit came and told us about wardrobe homes and stuff. we learned that lots of people lived in wardrobe homes. It is related to the unit because we were doing the unit sharing the planet and we were learning about caged homes. The other thing is camp is almost coming and I am not looking forward to it because it’s not that clean and there are lots of bugs. We were also doing our first week of guided reading, so far I have read one chapter and it was fascinating. But it was a bit scary(My Book was called A Long Walk To Water). We also did UOI research about UN’s sustainable goals. My group was researching how UN is trying to achieve the gender equality goal. And this week at school it wasn’t that boring. It was kind of fun and I kind of enjoyed it.

caged homes inquiry

hello, my name is James and, this IS I think my first post in grade 5. And my first post is gonna be about the caged home inquiry we did in class for sharing the planet. And we read articles about it. My article was about coffin cubicles caged homes and subdivided flats. It is horrible living there because it is small and the washing machine is next to toilet bowl which is next to the food which is disgusting. It also makes the food smelly. But the articles were kind of interesting. But it’s a bit scary and I would rather read a different article.

the question i am doing is, How much did you know about this project before we started?

The answer was nothing.

okay, the question that i am doing this time is how do you feel about this piece of work? what parts of it did you particularly like? Dislike? Why? What did/do you enjoy about this piece of work? I feel good plus it is kind of not a piece of work i kinda liked reading it and making one, because it was fun and interesting. For the next answer i enjoyed reading and making it.


for this time i am going to this time is what grade with it. The questions are kind of bad because it is like 99.99% is what grade would you give it? I would give it an a+

the thing that i would like to spend more time in school is reading more articles.