Music – Project Genesis Criteria B / D

Below is my project genesis mash up (Criteria B)


Below is my reflection (Criteria D)

Explain the step by step process of this assignment…

1) Decide the musical presentation I want to do – mashup and write a proposal

2) Research on the essential skills to create a mashup

3) Choose the 4 songs I want to mix

4) Create a Garageband project and import the song files.

5) Match the tempo for the song, then Enable flex and Follow tempo and pitch

6) Cut and move the soundtracks around to create a mashup

7) Adjust the volume of the songs to make the transition smooth

8) Add plugins to my sound

9) Export the song and post it on my blog


Assess your success against your must haves and desirable qualities from your proposal…

My final product didn’t quite meet my must-haves from my proposal. First, my 4 songs is in only one language – Chinese, not in different languages. I chose to do 4 songs all in Chinese because I am more familiar with Chinese songs. In addition, I can’t find songs in other languages that I like that the style or tempo matches my Chinese songs, therefore I chose to do all 4 Chinese songs. Second, the length of my song is about 3 minutes 40 seconds, which is way over the 2 – 3 minutes time limit. This is because I realize for my song to have a good structure (e.g. verse chorus verse chorus), it needs to be longer. Third, I did my best to match the tempo of my songs, but I don’t know if they are accurate. However, my transitions are smooth overall. I did apply the knowledge gained from the previous assignment, which is adding plugins. My song did meet most of my desirable qualities. The song included my own ideas, which is innovative. I used songs that are in other languages different from English (Chinese). However, I didn’t add a drum track or software instrument to my soundtrack.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

From this unit, I had a better knowledge of using Garageband, such as enabling flex and following tempo and pitch to make sure my songs are on time. I also learned techniques to create a mashup. For example, make the transition of two songs smooth by adjusting the volumes of the song – fading one song out slightly while fading the second one in.


What challenges did you face and overcome.

The challenges that I faced are matching the tempo of my songs and making the transitions smooth. I watched the video provided by the teacher to adjust the tempo, however, I still couldn’t find the tempo of my songs by listening to them. To overcome this challenge, I sought help from my teacher and classmates to help me find the correct tempos. My transitions between soundtracks sounded awkward at first, but then I adjusted the volumes of my songs and added plugins to make it more smooth.


Design – Lantern design Reflection

What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products?

People should consider the cultural meanings of their product because phrases, characters, and symbol can have different meanings in different cultures, which might offend people or make them misinterpret it.


How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

The design of a product can communicate traditions and values through visual and characters. Designers incorporate elements that express their thoughts and understanding of traditions and values.


Are handmade products an effective way of minimizing environmental impact? Why and Why not?

Handmade products are more environmentally friendly because they will lower the pollution on the environment provided by factories that produce a vast amount of the product.

Below is my lantern:


Music – Project Genesis Research

Project Genesis Research

Link of your research *

What information are you using from this link? *
-Adjust the tempo of each song to make sure it is in time.
-‘Enable flex’ and ‘follow tempo and pitch’

Link of your research *

What information are you using from this link? *
-Choose the part of a song that I want to use and remove the rest by splitting the clip and deleting them.
-Make the transitions smooth by fading out of the first song while fading into the second.

Link of your research *

What information are you using from this link? *
-Match the song structure, for example verse / chorus / verse / chorus

Link of your research *

What information are you using from this link? *
-Manipulate the sounds by adjusting the volume, panning, and EQ levels

Music – Project Genesis Proposal

Project Genesis Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment? *

My goal for this assignment is to create a mashup involving 4 songs of my own choice. I would like to mix songs together and make it run smooth and fit together, so it would sound different from the originals.

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *

I need to research the steps to create a mashup. Then, I will choose my 4 songs to mix. First, I will match the tempo with the song. Second, I will choose the parts of the songs that I would like to use, and see how it sounds like. After I edited the soundtrack I will use Garageband to add plugins to it.


Why this project? *
I chose to do a mashup because it’s a new experience for me. I want to see the possibilities of the songs mixed together and create a new song. Also, I am not good at singing or playing instruments, so editing music digitally would be easier and more interesting to me.


What do you hope to learn? *
From this assignment, I hope to learn about the steps and techniques to create a mashup, such as how to make the transition of two songs smooth, how to mix them so they sound like a complete song. I also hope to learn about different techniques in Garageband that might help me in the future.


What are you must haves for this assignment? *

I need to include 4 songs in different languages. The tempo needs to match and transitions need to be smooth. The length of my song is about 2 – 3 minutes. I am also going to apply the knowledge gained from the previous assignment; such as add in plugins.


What are your desirable qualities you hope to add in for your assignment? *

I hope to incorporate my own ideas into my mashup so it is innovative. The songs in my mashup can be in other languages different from English, such as Chinese because I am more familiar with them. I can also add a drum track or software instrument to my soundtrack to add more layers to it.

Music – Sounds of CDNIS

Here is my Sounds of CDNIS culminating assignment:

Criteria D Reflection:
Describe the process of this assignment. 
For this assignment we had used the skills and techniques we learned about Garageband to create a soundtrack of the sounds of CDNIS. First, we recorded multiple sounds from CDNIS, including a teacher’s voice and others sounds you can hear when you are at school, such as typing on a keyboard. Second, we use the plugins from Garageband to alter the sound and made it differ from the original ones. We also did a screencast video to show and explain our choices. Then, we also added 2 software instruments played by ourselves to our track, using the knowledge we gained about Digital Instruments in the previous Midi Assignment. Lastly, we chose several Apple Loops that we liked and put it all together along with the sounds of CDNIS to create a soundtrack that highlighted what I think CDNIS sounds like.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
For my CDNIS sounds, I recorded 4 sounds from around CDNIS, including the sound made from hitting a plant, dribbling a basketball, typing on a keyboard, and a teacher saying “Class dismisses”. I added plugins to the sound such as phaser and pitch shifter to make it sound different from the original. I used the knowledge I gained from the Pro Midi Assignment and the Termanology Document about the types of plugins and how some of them sounded to help me decided which plugins to use. The CDNIS sounds were useful from my end product because they acted as transitions in the middle of the soundtrack or part of a verse. They added richness and crispiness to my soundtrack.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
From this assignment, I developed understandings of many new skills. First, I found out about the Apple Loops in Garageband and incorporated them in my assignment where they acted as the melody or transitions of the soundtrack. Second, I learned how to add plugins to my sounds to make it sound different. This was helpful for me because it added elements of CDNIS to my soundtrack but at the same time, it didn’t sound straightforward and awkward. Third, I learned about how to alter the sounds of the tracks such as panning and changing the volume of a part of a track. Last, I learned how to use the digital keyboard to play digital instruments such as bass and electric piano. They can either be the melody of the soundtrack or go along with the Loops to add richness.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
During this assignment, I faced some challenges. First, some of the CDNIS sounds recordings didn’t fit my soundtrack and sounded awkward. To overcome this challenge, I modified some of the plugins and tried to find Apple Loops and goes along with the CDNIS sounds. Also, the software instruments I used at first were guitar and bass. The bass fit quite well but the guitar wasn’t obvious. To overcome this challenge, I changed the guitar to electric piano and played the keys along with the melody created by several Apple Loops.

Design – Unit 1: narration slideshow reflection


From the survey on our narrative slideshow, I got a lot of feedback on the pros and cons of my video. Even though the narrative slideshow is good overall, there are still things I can improve. First, 3 out of 10 people surveyed had pointed out that the background music of the video is too loud, make it hard to hear the narrations. To improve, I can increase the volume of the narration audio and lower the volume of the background music. I can also ask multiple people to listen to it and see if they can understand the narration, if not, I will adjust accordingly.  Second, 3 out of 10 people’s advice for improvements is regarding narration. The narration can be more concise and relevant, as it might be boring for the audience to listen to the long narration about our topic of interest. I can improve by making the narration more about the purpose of the Chinese Cultural Center, and not how it links with CDNIS and myself. Third, one said that for one place (e.g. the entrance of CCC), there can be photos taken from different angles so it wouldn’t be dull looking at one photo for a long time while listening to the accompanying narration. To improve, I can use different compositional techniques to take several photos of the same place.


My product, which is a narrative slideshow, had adequately addressed the design challenge. Our design challenge is to tell a story about a personally valuable aspect of CDNIS, and me and my groupmate had chosen Chinese Cultural Center as our topic. In our narrative slideshow, we had introduced what CCC looks like, the purpose of CCC and how it is unique and different from other places in CDNIS. The final product communicates the chosen topic well to the audience. Me and my groupmate had taken original photos of CCC and added audio narration to tell a story. We used Adobe Premiere to put it all together and added background music. To make it better, the audio narration can be more clear and concise. This is because the narration is very essential to communicate the story and chosen topic, but according to the survey, the narration we have now sounds boring and hard to understand to some audience.  There can also be more photos about CCC from different angles so people have a better idea of what our chosen topic CCC looks like.