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Welcome to my first blog !!! This is the first time I’m using blogs, so don’t mind if I did something wrong in accident. This blog is for classes that I’m taking in school. It is used mostly to hand in and share homework.

Ukulele Song- Peer Review

Name of Peer 
Song Choice 
Amazing Grace
Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs? 
I agreed on her artistic direction that the tempo was not too slow or too fast and the speed was consistent. Another thing I agreed with her is the part where she talks about how did we learn to strum and use garage band.
What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round? 
Her voice was clearer and better sounding than mine. I should practise more on singing next time so I could make it sound better, then I could raise the volume, so people could hear the lyrics clearer.
Did the context of the song change through their interpretation? 
No, I don’t think so, because she sang by the lyrics, played the notes correct and managed the tempo not too slow or too fast so the context didn’t change.

Flute Recording- Go For Exellence

Grade yourself here!
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy
Performance Skills – Woodwind and Brass
Articulation Precision
Tone Quality
I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over the first music section. Explain.
I can place my fingers right, remember the fingering charts and change from one fingering to another but my embouchure is wrong and it makes my always short on breath and really tired or dizzy.
I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain.
Sort of, I did practises at home, watched videos on how to do it, and asked teacher for advise of where I should improve. But I need improve on my embouchure because my embouchure is wrong and it is really tiring play like that.

Ukulele Song- Amazing Grace

Through the process of learning Ukulele skills and working through Garageband I learned musical terms/definitions. Discuss. 

Through the process of learning Ukulele and working with Garageband, the musical terms I learned are: Strumming (A way of playing the ukulele) , chords (the way you press strings when strumming or playing notes) , bar , notes and tempo.

How were your decisions on your final arrangement informed by the formative unit work? 


Well, I choose to do Amazing Grace instead of Oh Susanna, that was a decision. The formative unit work pushed me to learn things, like strumming ( which I don’t quite get) until teachers taught me how to do it by do class practise and teaching me when to strum. Another example is the chords to press in strumming or playing notes, I don’t really get how to read the fingering picture, and I had to ask the teacher several times about how to read the keys and why does the ukulele sometimes does not make a sound.

Music is communication, music is compromise, music requires discipline, music means collaboration. Discuss in relation to your work. *


Music is communication : Music usually has a message or feeling it wants to communicate, like Amazing Grace wants to communicate how wonderful is someone or something.

Music is compromise: Different people may have different understanding of a piece of music, but there is always a story, message or feeling behind it, and playing or singing the piece of music is trying to understand and let others understand the story, message or feeling behind it.

Music requires discipline: Discipline is really important to music. Without it you will maybe not practise or not play the notes right or ignore the tempo, in those cases, improving or achieving what you wanted would be really difficult.

Music means collaboration: Through the unit of learning ukulele, I learned from different people, like my teachers or my classmates. With out the collaboration, music will harder to learn and not as fun.

I had a strong artistic direction for my final musical audio recording. Discuss. 


For my final musical audio recordings I decided to make my tempo not slow or fast, because I thought that way I could make it sound better than if the tempo was slow or fast. Another artistic direction is that I made the singing quite, and the notes and strumming loud, because my singing wasn’t good, so making the singing quite will make the whole thing sound better.


Unit 1 (Parlez-vous français) Reflection

Unit Title: Parlez-vous français

Key and Related Concepts: Connections context purpose patterns

Global Context: Identities and relationships

Statement of Inquiry: The connection between the mother tongue and other languages enables people to develop skills and knowledge in language and acquire new languages.

This depends on what your mother tongue is. Like English and French are similar in a lot of words, the pronunciation is somewhat the same, and the sentence structure is also alike in someways, so it makes learning french easier if English was your mother tongue. But English and Mandarin does not have a lot in common, the characters/letters are different, how to read is different, pronunciation is not alike, so if your mother tongue English, then learning Mandarin will probably be harder than French to learn. If your mother tongue is Mandarin, then probably learning French will be harder than if your mother tongue is English.

Inquiry Questions:


How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French? How can I introduce myself in French?


A lot of words in French are really similar to English, so some of the words are not hard to guess, some of the pronunciation is alike ( like if you know English, French is probably easier to say than Mandarin) , and the sentence structure are also the alike. So learning French will be easier if you use the knowledge of English.



How are languages linked to one another?

I think a lot of languages have the same root so they might have similar words, similar pronunciation and similar grammar. But all languages have some sort of pattern.


Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

This kind of depends, because if your mother tongue is English, learning French might help with grammar, but if you are learning Mandarin, it is not similar and it might get messed up with pronunciation.

My Instrument Choice

My instrument choice is Flute. I think the flute sounds good.

This is a picture of a flute:


This is a video from Youtube that talks about how to open the flute case and naming the parts:


This is a video on Youtube on how to clean a flute:


This is a video on Youtube on how to make a sound in a flute:

Design VR video

This is my reflection on my VR video:

In what ways did you create a successful VR video promo?
My VR movie is good in sound effects and it has several scenes (based on the feedback from others). For scenes, it is supposed to be me into books and there are three places I visited, a forest with cats, Antarctica and under the ocean.  For sound effects, I put steps sound for the first part when I went into the book; I put cat meows sound and river flowing sound for the first scene; I put wind sound for the second scene; I put under water bubbles for the third scene; and for the transition between my logo and the third scene, I put a splash sound. I also think I did some parts successfully on the green screen, I managed to make some of the parts realistic.


What improvements would you make to your VR video promo?
I will add my voice to the VR video, try to make the green screen scene go all the way 360, and add some text to my VR video. I will try to add my voice to read the text that I want to add, and read some parts of my logo. I will try to make my 360 VR video all around by finding pictures that is 360, and make less gaps in the green screen so it could be more realistic and 360. I will add some text explaining what’s happening in the video to make clear what the video is trying to say.

This is my video:

What I learned from criteria C in design

Recently in design, we just finished criteria C. Criteria C is creating the solution, and we make our VR video in this stage.

In this step of the design cycle, I learned about how to use adobe illustrator, how to use 360 VR camera and how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. I think this is the hardest criteria, because in the criteria we have to really make something.

The next stage in the design is criteria D,  evaluating. After I finish that, I will post another post like this for criteria D.

VR Video for Design Class

Picture effects credit:
Cat forest picture : Last mission by deadfish95 from deviantart.com
Penguin picture from: http://www.3lian.com/down/pic/2/202/112610.html
Under ocean picture from: http://www.taopic.com/tuku/201406/563006.html

Sound effects credit:
Steps sound effect: iMovie
Cat meowing sound effect: Anonymous
River current sound effect: Anonymous
Wind effect 1: Anonymous
Wind effect 2: Anonymous
Underwater bubbles: Anonymous
Splash sound: Anonymous



In this unit, we are making a VR video, this is the VR video I made.

Because we have a time limit, the editing of the video is not really good.

I hope you have fun watching, and please answer the following questions if you want to in the commenting area, thank you:

  1. How could I improve my video
  2. In what parts did I do well
  3. What did you think about me after seeing this
  4. How did you think I did overall