Innovation Day-Reflection


The Challenge: Students that are first introduced to the MYP programme tend to be overwhelmed with questions and concerns. However, many students are afraid or uncomfortable to talk to adults or the USSC about their personal concerns. In addition, when it comes to academic questions, it might be more useful to have access to more different suggestions from other experienced students.

The Solution: Every grade 6 student will have the privilege to sign in and have an account on an Answer Question website called SAQ (Social Academic Question). This website is owned by a club in this school named the Social Academic Club. Students in grade 7-10 are allowed to join this club to help and support the “newcomers” of the upper school. The website is separated into two sections; academic, and social. These two aspects are the two most significant stress source for grade 6s. Grade 6s are allowed to ask questions about their studies and other problems that will later be answered by SAC members.

The Pros:

  • Club attendance is counted as CAS Hours
  • Help lower school students who don’t want to get help from adults
  • Closer to students in terms of age, thus more connections
  • Experienced answer from upper school students

The Cons:

  • Chances to develop on decision making are reduced since students might rely on the replies
  • 6 questions might not be enough for some


Thinking about the 2019 GR8 Innovation Day, my biggest takeaway was how we could think creatively to help the G6 students to have a better transition to upper school. We listened to G7 students and lower school teachers suggestion. We were separated into different roles according to our strengths and interests to complete the project. This could assess our communication and how we cooperate within a group. In addition, the time of our project is limited which we need to manage our time.

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