Bonjour! I see you have stumbled upon my blog page! Well, let us get introduced! Name’s Vincent, and I joined this school in the year of 2017, at the start of the year, right now I am currently in the class of 7A. I am 12 years old right now in the year of 2017-2018. My 3 FAVOURITE hobbies include coin collecting, stamp collecting as well as playing hockey! Thank You for reading this over!



Give a brief description of an oil spill and how it can be cleaned up using science.

An oil spill is when oil is released into a body of water due to human activities. To clean up oil spills, scientists have invented many ways to clean up after this disastrous event. Even though there are many methods that are made in order to clean up the oil spills, some of them are very expensive and might even hurt marine life. These techniques that are made are usually referred to as “Separation Techniques” which is to separate the spilled oil from water.


Is science good for humanity? Do the benefits of scientific discovery outweigh the problems it causes?

Science itself benefits humanity because of how it gives us more understanding as well as knowledge of what we are trying to understand/the things we don’t know about, however, even though scientific discoveries produce good outcomes and also gives us more understanding, it will come with different causes and even negative impacts to the environment. However, even though it causes a lot of problems through discovery and also testing, it gives scientists and researchers more ideas as well as learn more about how to create new things that will make human life easier, and be able to create a new environment that will replace the one that both animals and humans lived in before. Scientific discovery outweighs the damages it causes if the experiment produces better outcomes than the damages and problems they have caused. Experimenting and researching allow humans to move on from where they began, if it was not for the scientific discoveries, our lives would not be as easy as it is now.

Explain the process of this assignment. *
In this assignment, we were told to make a mashup that would meet a requirement of 3 minutes and also would have 4 songs that would fit our theme. First, before making the mashup and also finding the songs, we had first started the project by making a proposal and also we had researched about the songs we want to do, so for this assignment, I had decided to make a theme of video game mashup/a mashup with a theme of electronics. After researching and also choosing my songs for my project in their first two classes or so, I had downloaded them all and also had put them into my GarageBand project, and had put them into their own sections. Following that, I had gone on to Mr.O’Tole’s music mashup’s “All people doing mashup must watch thingy” and had watched it to know how to make my tempo timing correct. So I had made sure my tempo and also my songs’ timing correct and had adjusted all their volume to the correct volume and had put them in the right order so it would sound good with each other. And after finishing all the editing and also with finishing the entire piece of music, I had put the music that I had created onto my blog.


Discuss your must haves and desirable qualities here… *
In my project, the must have and also the desirable qualities that I had set for myself includes making the mashup with less to no lyrics since I want the mashup to be like a non-lyrics song, which I had achieved in my mashup, I also had wanted my music’s songs to be able to fit well with each other, and also to be able to mix them together with them sounding good. I had also wished my music piece to be 4 minutes long instead of only 3 minutes.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
For this project, I had learned a lot more about making mashups and also a brief idea of how to edit the tempo of the song(s) so that it would be able to sound good with each other. Other than that, I had also learned more than I had previously known and also had gotten more used to in making the volume up and also down so that it will match the other songs in my project.


What challenges did you face and overcome.*
For the challenges that I had needed to face and also overcome, at the beginning of the project, it was kind of difficult finding 4 songs that would be able to sound nice with each other, and also 4 songs that is electronic and would be under 5 minutes in total timing, so for that problem, I had needed to search a lot of times for the songs on youtube. In my project, it was also difficult to fix my songs to the exact timing that it would need to be, for example, it was difficult finding the correct tempo for my songs because of how they constantly have a change in their rhythm and also beats, and because of that, I needed to edit their timing a lot of times.
The things that I could have done better
In this project, even though I had tried my best to make my tempo and also my rhythm according to my other songs and also make the timing correct, I could have put more effort in making the timing correct, instead of editing every single change in my music, I had only edited some parts of each song, next time, I could have edited more of each song and have made the timing better than my correct timing. Other than my timing, I think that I could have done better if I had made the songs more balanced, even though I had tried my best to make the songs fit well with each other, some parts of the song didn’t sound as good as I had wanted to, even though I had tried my best to make them sound good. Next time, I could ask a good music student/the teacher himself to help me with the mashup so that I could have perfected it more.

In this summative, we had worked with a food log that we had recorded from our eating habits over the past week, for this summative, we were told to make a presentation based on two issues that we had in our food log, and we had to find out how the two issues in our food log could impact us socially, economically, or affect us. In the process of completing this task we had first analyzed our food journal to see the two different issues that we had chosen, I had selected my eating habits of over-consuming sugar and salt. After finding our two issues with our food diet, we had started making our action plan, and also planning out everything before we had started researching and also making the presentation. After finishing the action plan and also the research organizer, we had researched for several classes and also finally making the presentation. In this assessment it was really difficult to find impacts, which consists of the economic impact with salt, and also the environmental impact with sugar, for example, while I was trying to research about the economic importance of salt, it was difficult finding an article that is new and posted around 2017, but the only ones I can find would be from around 2005, so I was having a difficult time finding a reliable source of information about the economic impact with salt, to solve that problem, I had used a site that was provided by our librarian, the web path express so that I would be able to properly find my websites more easily and also find the most relevant ones, and by using it, I was able to find a website that is really reliable. In my atl skills, I have done an adequate job finishing the tasks that I had put on the action plan and finished most of the tasks within the time I have set, however, I had sometimes took longer to complete certain tasks and reflections and have taken it about 1-2 more days before I had completed it. In the end, I think that in this assessment, I have done a good job completing the tasks within the given time in the action plan, however, despite how I have finished the tasks mostly within time, I could have been way more focused and also efficient in finishing my project, and could have done a better job if I had spent my time in class more wisely and talked less to my friends.


Inspiration and Research Info
Criteria A – Knowing and Understanding

ii. Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the art form in original or displaced contexts


Important info from link:

For this mashup, I would like to make something that is somewhat similar to the speed and also the rhythm of the mashup I had posted in the link, it consists of a total of 2 songs and the maker had made the songs sound well made and also very well mixed together, by overlapping the songs on top of each other. However, even though I want to make my mashup similar to their’s, I want to use a total of around 5 songs mixed together to make my mashup instead of only 2.


Important info from link:

For my second mashup chosen, I had selected this mashup because of how I think that they had done a great job making the mashup with two songs, and changing the lyrics by using the two different song’s lyrics to overlap each other and entirely changing the song(s) from their original.

Important info from link:

For this mashup that they made, they had done a great job by using several pauses throughout the music, and also giving a suspenseful effect. This mashup also changes the music lyrics by sometimes skipping several lines and continuing with the lyrics while making a very smooth skip.

Important info from link:

For this mashup, the person had used two songs that were sang by the same author, and since both of these songs have a similar type of theme, lyrics, and rhythm, it was really easy for him to make a mashup out of these two songs, in this mashup, it sometimes find the same lyrics and the sound and change one song to the other, and using the beginning of a song and putting it as the background music through the entire mashup except for certain parts.

Criteria C – Thinking Creatively

i. Outline a clear and feasible artistic intention


In this project, I want to be able to make a mashup that would include songs that would have at least 6 songs for the mashup and above. For the songs that I will choose, I would choose songs that would include songs that are in video games.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal:

  1. To make the mashup, first I would have to find at least 6 songs online that would be able to fit with my description of being a video game song.
  2. After finding the songs, I would put them inside my garage band project
  3. After putting them all into the garage band project and also making the project, I would have to first put them in order so that they could sound good with each other.

Why this project?:

I have selected to make the mashup’s theme a video game theme because of how I really enjoy listening to the tempo of the video game and also of the rhythm and also the fast beats of video game songs so I had selected to do a mashup with the quick tempo of the video games.

I hope to learn:

In this project, I hope to learn more about how to make songs and combine them together to make them more interesting by adding more songs to it to make the system better and also sound better. 

Describe the process of this assignment. 

In the process of this assignment, I had first started making it by going around the school to record sounds that are in and also around the school. When I had recorded the sounds, I had got the first one from the construction site beside our school and is really loud, so I had decided to use that drilling noise to be the rhythm and also to be the base of the music that I was going to make, so I had recorded the sound for 10 seconds so that I can crop it if I need to, and following that, I had recorded other sound in CDNIS, one being a sound from walking down the stairs, another from a piano from the Forum, from the cafeteria on the 12th floor, and also from keyboard typing in class. After recording those sounds, I had started making the music first, and after making those loops and also the music, I had moved the sounds of cDNAs to the correct places in my music, for example, the typing that I had record have been used to be the beats of the music and also for the background because it supports my fast rhythm in my music, I had then put in my drilling sounds in the inclines of my music, such as when the music is going up. For my cafeteria soundtrack, I had used it in my music by putting it and then amplifying it using some GarageBand plugins, such as silververb and exciter, and then using it in different parts of the music and putting it in when the music has a lot of loops mixed in it to make it sound like a music concert. After making and putting all the tracks and also editing them ( using plugins to make them sound different and more fit/effective as a soundtrack in the music ), I had made sure everything was upbeat and also the loops and also the sounds fit with each other. After making sure everything was good, I had proceeded to do my sound screen and also submitting the project on my cdnis blog.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *

In my product, the CDNIS sounds played a huge part and was useful in my end product because of how it made my entire product more realistic and also sounding more synchronized. For example, when I had included the stair sounds in my overall project, it had done a great job acting as the drumbeats. For the typing that I had recorded, it was really useful for the background music and also was useful for supporting my loops and also the fast rhythm that my project had.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 

In my learning skills and also the new skills acquired, in this project, I had learned more about how the garage band’s plugins work and also how to make the tracks sound less loud and also incline higher. In garage band, when I had added the plugins for my cdnis sounds, I had learned more about how to make the plugins more effective and louder or just only affecting the original sound by a bit. In learning how to make the sound incline faster or decline or just to keep them at a certain level of sound, I had learned to click a so that I can edit the pan, which is where the music mostly play from ( the left or the right ) and also how to make the sounds go higher by changing the line of the original sound and dragging it higher or lower.

What challenges did you face and overcome? *

In doing this project, it was difficult to select the right plugin to make the sounds of cdnis to sound correct and also to be able to fit into my piece, for example, when I had tried to add a plug in to the piano sound that I had originally had, it was difficult to add a plug in to it that would be able to change it so that it will be able to sound right with the entire music. But I had overcome that issue after experimenting and moving the piano recording around and finding a right spot for it to fit in, and also making it sound good and correct with the echoing sound that that part had, I had added an echo type of plugin to make it sound like more of a huge room with a piano playing inside.



What makes a credible scientist?

For me, I think that a credible scientist is someone who is very confident in doing his line of work, and also a type of person that doesn’t give up just because of a small error that he can’t overcome, but try his best to solve that problem with all the resources he can do.

Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ways of knowing?

In the scientific way of knowing that is compared to other ways of knowing, such as religions, beliefs, cults, etc, it is more used in medicine because of how it is more reliable and proven to be more accurate than the different religions and also believes, for example, the scientific ways of knowing is more reliable and used because of the number of experiments they have done in order to achieve the accurate way, but in different “ways of knowing”, it is less reliable because it is not completely proven to be successful.

Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

If I was to repeat my seed dispersal investigation, I could have done better if I have only included more details within my investigation and also have included more scientific words, for example, within my investigation, I only had a couple of words, such as system malfunction. And also when I had done my experiment’s report, I had forgotten to include some details in when I have done the experiment, so next time, I would add more details in my investigation.