Innovation Day!

During this last week of Grade 8, we had our innovation day! As this project is only lasting for a day, the whole project is focusing on our pitch. Our question for the project was: How might we improve the experience of a PYP student (Grade 5) in their first year of MYP (Grade 6)? So looking at the video that was presented, a lot of the teachers mentioned that the students need to know to manage time and themselves. So we came to the conclusion of focusing our project to help students with self and time management. We did this by having the idea of an interactive timetable.

So how does this work? Basically, the interactive timetable has the same working system of the game four-in-a-row. Students will have tasks labeled on boards with different priorities. We then have a big box with labeled time slots where students will decide when they think they should be doing each task/summative. And then we will have experienced MYP students judge how the PYP students organize themselves and give some advice. Our idea was a success but we still know there is much room for improvement and our group hopes to find more ways to make the project convenient and useful at the same time.

La Vie Scolaire | French Unit 3

For this Unit in French, we were learning about stuff about school, subjects, people and more.

How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use French in situations related to school?

I can use french for asking about names, subjects etc.

The organisation of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economic and cultural background of our community.

Yes because different schools with different financial issues have differences. And the school affects the cultural background deeply.

What’s the perfect school system?

There is no perfect school system because every school is unique.

Music Instrument – Line #57

This is the second session of music where we had to play a selected instrument, here are my statements and the mp3

Criteria Bi, Bii Session 2


i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied


ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.
Grade yourself here! *
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy
Performance Skills – Percussion
Evenness of Stroke
Approach to Melody
Dynamics *

Now respond to these statements…

I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over music this year. Explain…*
I think that my skills have already developed beforehand and were able to perform this piece of music successfully since I knew how to play percussion before we even started the first music session. To me both of the instrumental summatives were very easy because I remember learning how to play percussion with the same book when I was younger.
I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *
For this instrumental unit, I was able to successfully play my piece and I think I did my very best to play it as perfect as I can. Even though I didn’t practise s much as the others, I was able to easily catch up and play the song properly. Besides playing in time and the notes correctly, I also added dynamics to make the song more interesting.

Unité 2 – Portrait de famille

Global Context: Identities and Relationships

Statement of Inquiry: Our family and the people around us contribute to our own individual identity

ATLs: Communication, time management, organization, being resourceful

Overall, I am happy with my grades on this unit. For communication, I think I did quite well as I can pronounce most of the words, but there are some words mess up on especially the words with accents. Time management wise, I think I could do better as I always procrastinate but I manage to get the work done on time. I think I am able to organize my work properly depending on the criteria. Since I am new to french, I always use google translate to learn pronunciations, when I have problem with vocabulary, I would check my notebook.

Here is the video for my summative for this unit:

| Humanities | What I’ve Done So Far |

When I joined CDNIS, there was a subject called Humanities. During my time at my old school, I only learned a little about history which is also related to humanities. Humanities contains a lot of different things. The first unit we did was Geography, we learnt about different locations around the earth. For we had two summatives for this unit. The first one was just answering geography questions. The second summative was about mapping and basically we were given different places in Canada to map out and also they added a twist where there were zombies attacking different places at different times where we had to map out the spread. The next unit was about history, we learnt about the Roman and Mongolian Empire. After that, we had a summative that we were allowed to pick any empire to research and write a paragraph about at least 3 reasons that made the empire strong. I think I did ok through all these units, I hope that I can do better in the future.


My Instrument choice for Grade 7

This unit for music, we have to pick an instrument to play. In my family, we all play one instrument for a living. For me, I decided to do percussion. For percussion, there are a lot of different instruments in that section, for example: Drums, marimba, xylophone and more. I would like to do percussion for this unit because I know the different skills for different instruments, and I think I would do quite well.

Design Crit B Reflection

For the past few weeks in design, I have gone through criteria B for. In Criteria B, it is mostly about planning for your video and learning things that can help make your video better, for example: C.A.R.P, typography, colour phycology and logo design. Throughout this Criteria, I learnt what different things can affect your video. I also managed to plan a whole video out with simple points. I got some inspirations from different famous logos to help me with my own. I am looking forward to criteria C and to do good in my project.

My French Summative

Today, at school, I had my french summative assessment. French is a language that I’m not familiar with and it was my first time learning it from school. At first, I was always very confused since I don’t understand what the teacher was saying, but after a while of learning, I got the basics of french.

Before the assessment, I was going through my french notebook for a few more times, I felt a bit nervous, but I know that if I stay calm I’ll be able to answer the answers without forgetting them. When the assessment started, I was able to answer most of the questions, I was talking a bit slow at first, but I managed to get myself to remember the answers and talk a bit more fluently. After the test, I think that I did quite good, even though I messed up a bit, but I think that since I tried my best, I have a chance to get a decent mark.

~Kayla 🙂