Humanities – Unit 5 Reflection (ATL skills)

In this unit of humanities, the topic is about Hong Kong’s culture, and I learned a lot about different places’ history in this unit. For this unit’s summative, we had to make a documentary about certain places, and the place my groupmate and I did was the Aberdeen Cum Police Station and the Aberdeen Fire Station. Because we only found several pieces of information of the two places as mentions above, we decided to go to the Aberdeen Cum Police Station and the Aberdeen Fire Station by ourselves. When we got to the Fire Station, we learned a lot about the trucks there and the history of the former and Fire Station. Because we were not allowed to film inside the Station, our group filmed outside the Station. In my opinion, filming the documentary was the hardest part, because all of us had to memorize our lines, and if we something wrong, we had to refilm again. In the process of filming, we made a lot of mistakes, that is why we decided to do voice over just to make it easier for the viewers to understand what we are talking about. Working with my group mates is a cool experience too because we normally don’t talk to each other a lot, I found out that when you are working with someone, you need to communicate really clearly, especially when you are talking about time, dates, or places.

In conclusion, I think that our documentary could be more detailed about how is it significant to the Hong Kong’s culture. Although we still have a lot of things to improve, I still think that we did our best on research and interviews.

The Link below is the link to my documentary



Crit D Capoeira – PE Summative Reflection


I think the creative part of my capoeira were well designed because it is unique and it is kind of different from the other’s movements. I am most proud of my cartwheel in the performance, although it was not as good as the other’s cartwheel but at least tried my best and it looks like a decent one. Before the performance, I was really worried about the cartwheel because I can’t really do a complete one. I also like how we were familiar with all parts because we practiced a lot, and looked carefully into the required movements so that our movements will look smoother. 

At the end of our capoeira movement, we were planning to  have the ending move as a clapping game. But unfortunately, we both forgot about the ending pose since we were really nervous. I am not happy of our pace, because we should be faster, and in the performance, we were kind of slow paced. Being slow paced in a fight makes it look weird and awkward.

I would change the pace and make the movements faster, practice more and make our movements smoother. If I were to do it again, I would change the pace add some movements that would make our movements look more like a fight. In order to make our movements to look like a fight, we should add more movements that includes body contact.

Link to my capoeira video

Design – Laser Cutting

In this unit, our task is to make a clock that looks good and constructive, and this unit taught us a lot about using illustrator and laser cutting. Overall, I am really pleased and this design unit, we learned a lot about unique design and the making of a laser cutting clock. I learned that following rules are really important because if I followed the wrong colour theme for the outlines of my clock, the laser cutting won’t work. 

This is my final clock print out!! I am really happy because I actually made a clock! Thinking back to my design I drew on the paper, they don’t look exactly the same because, during the process of me creating my product, I made a few changes to make my clock look better and constructive. Overall, I am really pleased and surprised with my clock, because in my opinion, it came out really cool and pretty! I really like the clock I designed, and I already showed my family my clock. My family thinks that my clock design is really modern, and the wooden colour matches our home theme really well. Therefore, my mum decided to hang my clock up on the wall, and I am really happy that they all like it too.

學校校車介紹作文 – 反思

在這一次的學校校車介紹作文之中,我是有一些錯別字的。而我覺得我通常是忘記了我應該懂的字。例如,我之前不懂得寫保姆但是因為我問了老師,我就認識了這個字。我在寫這篇文章的時候,也明白了很多新的詞語。例如, 根據,保姆,和線路。


The Outsiders Ending

Question:                                                                                                                              What do you think the ending of  “The Outsiders” would be?

Answer:                                                                                                                                     I think the ending of “The Outsiders” will end on a happy note. I think the relationship between Ponyboy and Darry would be better and closer. I also think that at last the relationship between two gangs, the socs, and the greasers will be less tense. I feel like they will not think of each other (the socs, the greasers) like they did before because they already changed their opinions on each other. Image result for the two gangs in the outsidersImage result for the two gangs in the outsiders


Fujian – Experience Week

Two weeks ago, I had to go to Fujian for experience week, and I enjoyed that week a lot. In this trip, I learned that I have to be respectful towards different cultures and their traditions. I think I need to be braver when I attempt to try new things. In this trip, we had to ride bikes but I haven’t ridden a bike in years, I was so nervous and I wanted to quit, but then my friends told me that it is not that bad. Later on, when it was my turn on the bike, I found out that riding a bike is actually a lot of fun.

This is my very first experience week in CDNIS, and I am already really excited for next year’s experience week!


          在上個禮拜,七和八年級的同學去了體驗週,每一組的人都是去不同的地方,而我就去了福建,廈門。                                                                                  我覺得在整個體驗週裏令我感到最深刻印象的是第 2 和第 4 天。因為在第 2 天,我們分成隊伍一起踩二人單車,在第 4 天呢,我們踩了一人單車。在踩二人單車的時候,我們一定要同心合力,才能合拍去踩。但是當我們踩一人單車的時候,我們要靠自己。我覺得那樣很扣人心弦,非常好玩。最後我覺得很有成就感,因為我一直到沒有放棄。

Clarinet – Line #57


This is my clarinet recording Line #57

Please enjoy !! 😊


i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied



ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.


Grade yourself here! *
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy


Dynamics *


Now respond to these statements…

 I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over music this year. Explain…*
I think I improved over the year from the first session to the second session. For the first session, I played the saxophone, but then for the second session, I changed my instrument to a clarinet. I really like playing it, and I like the sound of clarinets.


I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *

While playing the strumming part for the ukulele, I forgot to play it with the metronome, that is why it is kind of hard to find appropriate drumming pattern. I also did my best to sing the song with the accurate melody of it.

Science – Reflection (PTSD)


Beam investigation This activity helped me learn more about measuring the mass of a shape.

I also learnt more about how many weights different beams can afford, from that experiment, I know which few beams are stronger than the others.

Ecosystem Poster In this activity, it gave me a chance to learn a lot more about different ecosystems. I am now more familiar with the environment and the habitats of the animals that live there.
Teamwork In a lot of group works, I learnt the skill teamwork. For example, in the activity where we have to make a slideshow in groups, I think we allocated work well within our groups. In the prototype testing, I think within my groups, I worked really well with my groupmate. We listened to each other’s opinions, and I respect her .
Communication I learnt to communicate with other in a sciency way with sciency words so that my peers and teachers can understand. Before I don’t know any of the sciency words but then compared to then, I learnt a lot more science vocabularies.