Invasion games Reflection audio

Invasion games Reflection audio

In PE lessons, I learned to risk and learn more new sports that I’ve never played before. When my friends or teachers introduce a new sport to me that I have never played before, I learned to try everything before saying no to the sport. For example, my friends told me to go to the volleyball tryout three months ago. At first, I said it’s okay, I don’t know how to play volleyball, but then my friend told me that it is her first time playing volleyball too.  I thought of trying a new sport is a good idea, then I went to the tryout. After going to the volleyball tryout, I am so thankful, because I really like volleyball and my friend introduced me to a new sport that surprisingly I really enjoy playing.

Science – Reflection What I’ve learnt so far

What I’ve learned so far is…   (skill)

In this unit, I learned about teamwork. I learned that in order to work efficiently, I have to cooperate with my partner well. In the working process with my partner, it was quite fun to work together on our prototype and our final project.

What content have I learned in this unit… (knowledge)

In this unit, I learned a lot more about building structures. I also learned how to test different kinds of prototypes. I believe in the future, these pieces of knowledge will be used in my science learning education road. Because I might need to use the skill “measuring” I learned from the process from this project in the future.

My goal is to make a successful final design/building, so it can help our school. For example, my design is to help people in our school that always loses their stuff. This design can organize the lost and found box because I observed that the lost and found box outside the library is kind of messy. So if this final project replaces the old lost and found box, it will be less messy and even organized.

I learned that the measurement of a prototype is really important, if you measured something wrong, the prototype won’t be exact and work well. I made a few prototypes and used different kinds of weights to measure how many weight can my prototype hold. Then, I used the results to improve my prototype, because I think that my prototype is not strong enough and can not hold up that much weight. After improving my design, I tested it again to see if the structure of my design is stronger.

At first I did not realise that one side of our prototype is not long enough and it is not proportional. But then, when we tried to put it all together, it wouldn’t work right. My partner and I quickly took a piece of used cardboard from the recycle box and cut out a piece of cardboard that fits the side of the prototype well. I learnt that next time, I should be more observant, so that we don’t have to be in a rush at the end.

Humanities – Content and Skills

What I’ve learned so far is…

What I’ve learned so far is to find appropriate sources, so that I can find pieces of information that are suitable. To make sure my sources are reliable, I cited them. I learned that a map and knowing how to map is really important, and that is why I learned how to read and draw a map in unit 1.


This might be useful when…

I can use the skills I learned from citing sources. Because I believe that in the future I might cite sources when I do researchers and working on projects. I learned that group work is really important. In order to work efficiently in a group, we all have to cooperate with our groupmates well. And to cooperate with our groupmates well, we need to listen and respect other’s opinions and thoughts. In high school or university, I believe that sometimes, I have to work in groups and learn how to work well with my group mates.

Design – App Demo One

I made my very first app using Xcode.

The purpose of this app is to receive a greeting.

In this app that I made, if you enter your name in the text field, it will then pop up at the label. While making this app, I used a button, a text field, and a label. I created two IBOutlets (the text field and the label) and an IBAction (the button “Hello”). Doing this task made me learn how the IBOutlet and the IBAction are both really important. IBOutlet is when a variable is added, and IBAction is when a variable is put into action. This is the first app that I made, and I find it not that difficult. I think I can accomplish harder apps production in the future too.


Unit 1 : French Reflection – Parle Vous Français

Statement of Inquiry:

The connection between the mother tongue and other languages enables people to develop skills and knowledge in language and acquire new languages.

Inquiry questions:

Factual – How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French? How can I introduce myself in French?

Many words in French are similar to English words. Like the spelling and the pronunciations of many words. In some cases, the structures in a French sentence are quite similar to English sentences.

Conceptual – How are languages linked to one another?

Languages are somehow linked to one another because many totally different languages, may come from the same place overall. A lot of languages also have some similarities too. Languages are also linked to one another because people also use different languages to communicate with people.

Debatable – Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

I think it depends, sometimes learning a new language can make people’s mother tongue stronger, and sometimes not. For example, learning French might teach English speakers more vocabularies that are translated into English from French. But like English and Chinese, it is a totally different language, learning English while Chinese is your mother tongue cannot help make your mother tongue (Chinese) better since the two languages are really different.

Peer Review – Music Summative Assesment

Criteria Cii

Name of peer : Karen Cheung

Song choice : Amazing Grace

Blog post link :

Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs?   

I think Karen’s recording sounds cheerful and sweet, it is also really calm. I think that both of our works are also trying to make it simple, and clear. We both did not add special sound effects to the recording with editing.

What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round?   

Karen’s recording is a really cheerful, upbeat and fun one. She sang the song “Amazing Grace ” really rhythmic and a faster beat. Next time, I could sing the song like her too, first understanding the meaning of the song, then find and choose the appropriate mood while sing it.

Did the context of the song change through their interpretation? 

Karen changed the tempo of the song, and a slight change to the mood of the song. She sang and played the ukulele a bit faster than the original version of “Amazing Grace”. She made the song more upbeat and cheerful than the original song.

Music Summative – Saxophone

Saxophone Recording – Go for Excellence !

Please enjoy ! 🙂

I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over the first music section. Explain… 

I did developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over the first music session. I definitely improved on breathing, fingerings, the correct posture of playing the saxophone and making the best sound I could by practicing at home over and over again.

I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain…

This recording is the best as I can get, I followed the tempo of the music piece and I tried my very best to make a really good sound on my saxophone by controlling my breathing and be really familiar at each one of the notes. I also tried to make each note sound steady to make the piece sound nice. I am also pretty satisfied because I actually learnt how to play an instrument decently in such a short period of time.



Design – 360 Video

My design 360 video :

Reflect 1 :

In what ways did you create a successful VR video promo?

I think I chose the suitable and right place to record. The music that I chose also gave the video a happy and inspirational touch. While editing the 360 video, I added some key words of my design around the screen, and I think it makes the video even more inspirational with the music.

Reflect 2 :

What improvements would you make to your VR video promo ?

For my logo,I could make it a bit smaller, so that people can clearly see the whole logo. I feel like the logo is not really that relevant to the concept and the main message I am trying to tell people in my video. Although is it not really relevant, I feel like the logo itself is quite cute. However, if I had a chance to improve my video, I think I should add a voiceover, talking about what is my design about and say out the quotes I added to the video. Another change is that I could add a bit more information about my designs since I feel like there should be more details about my personal designs.



在大摡三個星期前,我們的班做了一個閱讀考試。我覺的這一次的閱讀考試不是太難,我也是大概明白那一篇文章的。 而我錯的那些都是不應該錯東西來的,只要我下一次不要再犯那些就可以了。但是有其中一條的問題我不是太明白的,所以我要學多一點詞彙,那麼我就可以完全理解問題是問什麼了。