Humanities U1 Summative Reflection

I have learnt that attentive listening are very important, as therefore instructions can be followed clearly, and that Mr. Holtet can check a person’s work by typing HUM. Although I did Noodletools many times in Gr.7, it is a good practice for me as a Grade 8 student. Research skills are decent enough. I used Google and databases to search important information. Also I learnt the meaning of good preparation. One is that in case that I forgot what I ate, I would take a picture of it. Two is that I did most of the work at home, therefore I have more time to practice.

Science 8 Unit 1: Credible Scientist

Hello People!

This is my first post in Gr.8 and it is a wrap-up for my first Science Unit in Gr.8

In this unit, I learnt about what it takes to be a credible scientist. In order to be one, they obviously have to do the experiment otherwise, there is no valid data. In order to get reliable data, a scientist has to do multiple trials with several I.V.s (Independent Variables).  During the unit, we did several experiments to practice our data collection skills, lab report skills and Excel skills. We learn different scientific facts in this unit, for  example, elasticity, gravity, etc. For the assessment, I did a lab report relating to seed dispersal through wind, and my investigation was how the length of a whirlybird rotors affects its drop time. Scientific concepts include air turbulence, air resistance and thrust in the rotors.  One more thing, in order to write a good report, we need to write both quantitative and qualitative data

What ATL skills have you displayed within this unit?

I believe that I did a much better job in Unit 4: Personal Culture, especially in the summative, “The Making of Me” documentary. I did not use any communication skills, because I worked alone in this project. I did work with my classmates, but that is perfectly fine. I used my social skills at home, with my parents. I asked them for advice on how to improve my video and asked them for the resources needed (photos) for the video. I also used my organisation skills. I placed all my separate videos in a folder and put the best pieces to edit in iMovie. In terms of media literacy, I used various photos of my past (including a video), with the help of my family. I also applied creative thinking skills when I edited my video, trying to think of ways to make my voice louder than the background music.


Unite 3 – La vie scolaire

Factual: How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use French in situations related to school?

I learnt about different subjects in my school. There are 9 subjects in my school, and each of them has there own specialities. We also learnt about telling the time, the different locations in a typical school. We learnt about the adjectives to describe different subjects and the teachers in school. These are the terms that help us learn how to describe a typical school.

Conceptual: The organisation of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economic and cultural background of our community.

Debatable: What’s the perfect school system?




Capoeira Performance Evaluation

Explain which parts of the plan were well designed. Which parts of your plan were you most happy/proud of and why?

I put a lot of enthusiasm to it, therefore I performed it quite well with Foungtsi. I also kicked my foot higher in the compasso kick. I did the ginga really well. I also had a good ending pose, the cadeira.

  1. Explain which parts of the plan were not well designed. Which parts of your plan were you not happy with and why?
    It is the au. I might at least do a jump, but it is not the right way to do a cartwheel. I should also put more care in the banda, because I did not put my ankle around Foungtsi’s foot.

    Explain how you would change the plan to improve it. If you were to do it again, what would you change in your plan and why?
    To perform the au, I would overcome my fear of getting broken bones, and watch step by step videos at home and practice in a spacious area. It is because the au is very important when starting a capoeira performance, as it lets the people in the joga know that this pair of people are going to start. The au can also be used for some cool creative moves in capoeira.

    Here is how I would practice my compasso kick. I would look at a video online about it, and I would practice by kicking up both my feet first (one at a time), and then learn how to stand back up after kicking backwards. It is because the compasso kick is very important in the mandatory part of the performance , especially if it is Player B.

    For the ginga, I would practice deep lunges, as in the ginga, both players have to step backwards and sway their arms. I would change this part of the plan, because the ginga is a primary movement in capoeira when both players are preparing to dance.


Unit 3 Final Ifolio Post

I have learnt from laser cutting design that in a software such as Adobe Illustrator, we need to make all strokes as a weight of 0.1 weight. In my design, I used cyan for the teeth, therefore a lighter shade can be seen. To cut the external line out of the clock, I used red to cut the shape out of the acrylic. It is also used for the 9.1 mm circle in the centre.For this design, I did not use Flaticon for the picture, I just drew it using Adobe Illustrator software, but people can use Flaticon for there design, but they will have to credit the designer. I would try to use Flaticon next time, because the ones could look more beautiful than what I drew. But overall, I think my work is great.


How the ending of “The Outsiders” could be like.

I think the ending would be a good ending. Although Johnny died, he was the runt of the gang, but he had a kind heart that probably touched the gang.  There could possibly be an event when the Socs and the Greasers treat others as allies or friends or whatever that is good. Maybe one of the Socs killed one of the Greasers members , for revenge of the death of Bob the Soc, and another big rumble could happen on the street. It would be better to read the book and find out the true ending.

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