What ATL skills have you displayed within this unit?

I believe that I did a much better job in Unit 4: Personal Culture, especially in the summative, “The Making of Me” documentary. I did not use any communication skills, because I worked alone in this project. I did work with my classmates, but that is perfectly fine. I used my social skills at home, with my parents. I asked them for advice on how to improve my video and asked them for the resources needed (photos) for the video. I also used my organisation skills. I placed all my separate videos in a folder and put the best pieces to edit in iMovie. In terms of media literacy, I used various photos of my past (including a video), with the help of my family. I also applied creative thinking skills when I edited my video, trying to think of ways to make my voice louder than the background music.


Unite 3 – La vie scolaire

Factual: How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use French in situations related to school?

I learnt about different subjects in my school. There are 9 subjects in my school, and each of them has there own specialities. We also learnt about telling the time, the different locations in a typical school. We learnt about the adjectives to describe different subjects and the teachers in school. These are the terms that help us learn how to describe a typical school.

Conceptual: The organisation of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economic and cultural background of our community.

Debatable: What’s the perfect school system?




Capoeira Performance Evaluation


Explain which parts of the plan were well designed. Which parts of your plan were you most happy/proud of and why?

I put a lot of enthusiasm to it, therefore I performed it quite well with Foungtsi. I also kicked my foot higher in the compasso kick. I did the ginga really well. I also had a good ending pose, the cadeira.

  1. Explain which parts of the plan were not well designed. Which parts of your plan were you not happy with and why?
    It is the au. I might at least do a jump, but it is not the right way to do a cartwheel. I should also put more care in the banda, because I did not put my ankle around Foungtsi’s foot.

    Explain how you would change the plan to improve it. If you were to do it again, what would you change in your plan and why?
    To perform the au, I would overcome my fear of getting broken bones, and watch step by step videos at home and practice in a spacious area. It is because the au is very important when starting a capoeira performance, as it lets the people in the joga know that this pair of people are going to start. The au can also be used for some cool creative moves in capoeira.

    Here is how I would practice my compasso kick. I would look at a video online about it, and I would practice by kicking up both my feet first (one at a time), and then learn how to stand back up after kicking backwards. It is because the compasso kick is very important in the mandatory part of the performance , especially if it is Player B.

    For the ginga, I would practice deep lunges, as in the ginga, both players have to step backwards and sway their arms. I would change this part of the plan, because the ginga is a primary movement in capoeira when both players are preparing to dance.



Personal Design Project

Crit A: Investigating and Analysing

What to research: Kaiju (Pacific Rim)

Image result for kaiju pacific rimImage result for kaiju mutavore


Image result for signboards

Key features:

  • Made of wood
  • Would be 39×38 cm


Crit B: Developing Ideas

Dad says its the best idea I produced, so I would use this design idea.


Crit C: Creating the Product

Journal #1:

Journal #2:

Journal #3:

Journal #4:

Final Product:



Unit 3 Final Ifolio Post

I have learnt from laser cutting design that in a software such as Adobe Illustrator, we need to make all strokes as a weight of 0.1 weight. In my design, I used cyan for the teeth, therefore a lighter shade can be seen. To cut the external line out of the clock, I used red to cut the shape out of the acrylic. It is also used for the 9.1 mm circle in the centre.For this design, I did not use Flaticon for the picture, I just drew it using Adobe Illustrator software, but people can use Flaticon for there design, but they will have to credit the designer. I would try to use Flaticon next time, because the ones could look more beautiful than what I drew. But overall, I think my work is great.


How the ending of “The Outsiders” could be like.

I think the ending would be a good ending. Although Johnny died, he was the runt of the gang, but he had a kind heart that probably touched the gang.  There could possibly be an event when the Socs and the Greasers treat others as allies or friends or whatever that is good. Maybe one of the Socs killed one of the Greasers members , for revenge of the death of Bob the Soc, and another big rumble could happen on the street. It would be better to read the book and find out the true ending.

Image result for the outsiders book

CAS Week Taiwan Trip Reflection

It is my first time to travel out of Hong Kong without my family, and Southern Taiwan is the start of my journey. I actually think that this trip is very meaningful, as I got to learn a lot about Taiwan’s culture and do many fun stuff.

In the trip, I got to know many of the students in the trip, and we are friends. In the Liuhe Night Market, I used my expert persuasion skills 😬to make my partner Markus to try the sugar cane drink. He first did not want to try, but after he drank it, he said it was better than he thought it was.

We also visit religious sites in Taiwan, including Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum. I am a follower of Christianity, but although that’s the case, I did not make a fuss and I just respected the religious culture. I did not even need to do any religious activities to see the Buddha tooth (actually I must not do anything, because it affects my religion very much.)


CAS Week 台灣

這是我第一次自出香港來旅行, 我覺得這次的旅行是很有意義。

我們去高雄。我們去六和 night market, 我吃了很多好吃的食物。我們也參觀佛光山, 它是一個說明佛祖的生活的博物館, 我們也看了佛祖的牙。 雖然我是一個基督教的人, 但是我只是尊重佛教的文化。

我們也參觀高雄的小學。我和學校的同學做朋友, 叫 Wylie 的。 我們玩了飛盤和劍玉。 我們也參觀高雄85大樓和一個本地廟。

在最後的日, 我們參觀國立海洋生物博物館。 我最不喜歡這個參觀, 因為我們其實不是慢慢看, 是到處跑步, 拍照不同的海洋生物。

雖然這樣, 我其實很喜歡台灣, 因為我能夠做很多有趣和很安全的東西。



在我的作文, 我覺得我做了都是很好, 因為作文有很多的內容。

我沒有錯別字, 但是我有很多字能刪除和加, 例如: “坐”, “搭”, “是” 等等。在語法中, 我最容易犯了”的“ 和 “是” 的詞語。 我應該用量詞來形容有多少路線, 我也應該刪除是的詞語。

介紹的特點都是真實的, 因為我們和校車經理(aka 我們的老師) 訪問, 而她的答案都是正確。 介紹的內容有很多的, 因為我用全部的


Unit 2 Ifolio Post

An ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their environment. Biodiversity is the range of wildlife around the world. We find it everywhere in this world, in different habitats and ecosystems.  There are also human impacts on to wildlife. Humans have over exploited natural resources, which had caused the extinction of most life on Earth.

For the poster project, I researched on the Internet about the Australian Outback and cited the sources to let me find back those sources. Making the poster was quite easy. I used Google Drawings for the project. In the group presentation, i was responsible for finding photos about cane toads and information about their hazards to the ecosystems. We had very good communication and teamwork. My vidcast was quite good actually. I found enough on the Internet to allow me to speak for more than 2 minutes to make my video, along with screenshots taken from slides.

I was very good in the quiz, which we did not got back. I only prepared by reading and remembering biodiversity vocabulary and revise the notes that I took in class. Although I was not here in the Grade 4 activity, I was very productive during the making process. I wrote a lot of information and found good, biodiversity photos.

Unit 2 is my favourite unit in Science. I just love ecology.