Grade 7 Service As Action

During grade 7, I participated in different activities identified as service as action. Some of the events are volunteered, and some are school designed. Some of these events are not what I want to do but I tried my best, and others are quite interesting because I want to participate in them. Here are some events I participated this year:

  • Sabah CAS Week Trip

In our Sabah CAS Week Trip, our team built stairs for the local community over there. The stairs are pretty tough to deal with to be honest, but I tired my best to contribute to our team and the local community. The hard part of this project is that we need to work in a hot weather, and the tasks we need to complete is not easy. So, our group worked really hard everyday and in the end, we finished building our steps and we’re happy for what we did.

  • Mapping – Service Day

For our Grade 7 service day, I choosed mapping for the Stanley district as my service project. On that day, our group went to Stanley and jot down the locations we think it’s important for target readers such as families, tourists, etc. After we gathered¬†information about these sites and make a note of it. After we arrived back to school, we begin to put down the information we researched on an online mapped and produced an online map giving out information about Stanley.

  • Terry Fox Run

I participated in the Terry Fox Run because I’m a member of the cross country team and this is one of the running events. I ran 5km in the terry fox run and had lots of fun in it!

  • Media Team

I contributed to the media team and school events of using photography, my long time interest. I used my photography interest and took photos for the lower school production. It’s a school event that I’m interested in participating and I believe I have the knowledge to do so. I also contributed in other school events using photography such as USSC Tug of War, USSC Dance Night, Staff vs. Student Volleyball, Staff vs Student Basketball etc.

Personal Design Project – My Wix Website

For our personal design project, which we have 4 classes to finish, I worked on using a Wix photography website template to create a website for all my photography. Overall, I think I did well because my work is finished before it’s due and it turned out pretty well. The purpose of this website is partly because I want to exhibit my photos so I have a portfolio made, and also partly because I saw too many advertisements about Wix before. Originally, I planned different tasks for the four classes for what to work on, so every time I know what I’m doing. Before I knew it, I’m done with all the basic edits and needs for my website. This is what it turned out to look like:

You can access my website at:

After I finished creating, I asked my friends to take a lot at it to prevent some mistakes happen because sometimes I won’t know what did I did wrong. It turned out pretty well that all the links in my website works, I email address worked, everything seems to be fine.

La Vie Scolaire – Unit Reflection

Unit Title: La Vie Scholaire

Key Concepts: Culture, Audience, Context

Global Context: Orientation in space and time

Statement of Inquiry: How School is Similar or Different in Different Francophone Countries?


Inquiry Questions:

Factual: How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use French in situations related to school?

I usually express my needs by asking people beside me or the teacher. We can ask them to clarify or explain things when we don’t understand something. I can use French when I want to ask some basic questions to people who live in a country that speaks french. Although it might not be that fluid, I hope they can still understand a bit.

Conceptual: The organisation of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-ecnomic and cultural background of your community

I think the organisation of our school is defiantly somehow influenced by our culture or things beside us because sometimes we have small field trips and researches about our local Hong Kong so our lessons definitely has to do something with our culture.

Debatable: What’s the perfect school system?

In general, there’s no really perfect school system but in my opinion, our perfect school system is like it fits every single student in the school and we also can learn from these courses.


This is our third unit in French which is about school. We learned school vocabulary and how to describe our school. I didn’t do really well in my summative writing because I didn’t meet the criterion for the language part because I didn’t write all the needs.