G8 Humanities U1 Reflection on ATLS

During this unit, I improved on developing/learning ATLs.  I used thinking skills in this Food Issues Unit was the research into the issues and analysis of my personal food journal. These required loads of in-depth research as well as reflecting on my cumulative results.  I used my research skills was talking about food issues, my research skills became more developed. I learned how to make use of databases/WebPathExpress in order to find more effective and relevant materials for my project. I used my social and communication skills to practice and revise my slides with other people.  I also further developed a skill of learning how to recite knowledge and actually learn about issues rather than read directly off slides. I used communication to clearly explain my food issues and explain them concisely. I made a huge improvement in self-management skills, as I evenly distributed my schedule, unlike last year.

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