project genesis – final product & reflection

Crit C

Crit B

Explain the process of this assignment. *
The process of the assignment was through four steps. The first step was the proposal and deciding what kind of assignment I was going to do. I also set goals/ tasks I needed to complete for this assignment and my personal preferences for grading it. The second step was to start research after deciding I wanted to do a mashup, and I found several good sources using the same applications I had experience with (Audacity and Garage band). I found lots of good examples, however, I decided I preferred remixes as I found it fun to mash sounds that way. The third step was the actual creating and after much debating and researching, I decided to do jasmine which is a traditional Chinese song, after thinking it would be fun to mix up old with new. I found a version of it that was in the same file form as an apple loop so I could edit it and sampled sounds from the internet, including beats and another instrument cover of jasmine. Then I played around with the samples and came to a final result.


Discuss your must-haves and desirable qualities here… *
My must haves was that the remix must be at least two minutes long and use at least 6 different loops. My other must-have is that the original song must have other versions with different instruments to have other samples to play around with while composing. The desirable qualities were that it reminded the audience of the original old song as well as remixing into something new and innovative to transform the song. Another desirable quality is that it had a drop as you can tell my most my music composition, I like big drops within songs to add more diversity to the sound of it.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
I learned a lot about remixes during this unit by watching videos and found something I like a lot about music. I learned a lot how to remix songs and what makes a successful remix through watching several videos. I think in the future i could utilise these skills in other projects such as a video that requires copyright free music. Some new skills I acquired was sampling certain music, how to make a beat, how to change the tempo of a song by using audacity, and more about EQ/composition of songs.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
There were many challenges with this unit, as I struggled and did not find doing a mashup at first that entertaining. After much struggling with tempo and trying to figure out what songs I wanted to mashup, I came across a remix from youtube and I really liked the sound/concept of it. I decided to switch to a remix instead of the mashup which really made me happy. Another challenge I overcame was which song to choose as I definitely knew I wanted to mashup a old CHinese song and came to two options. I originally chose Bluestone Alley but after struggling to find a mp3 for it, I switched to an alternative Chinese song called Jasmine.

Inspiration and Research Info music – project genesis


Inspiration and Research Info
Criteria A – Knowing and Understanding

ii. Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the art form in original or displaced contexts


Important info from link:

After learning about bpm, this tutorial shows a simple but well done way to match the bpms of the different songs. This matters as without correct bpm the song ends up clashing and sounding very strange.

Important info from link:

Some important information I learned from this is how to set up a basic mashup and how to do it specifically in garageband. It also showed me the basics like instrumental and acapella, as well as the fact you have to have bpm.


Important info from link:

This is a more overall/completed tutorial using tools such as audacity and shows the complete process of the mashup. This also explains the mashup with details and how mashups work in general.

Important info from link:

This is a mashup that I was inspired by as it has many songs yet manages to sound like one song and flow smoothly. It also has lyrics that match well even though there are many songs.

g8 music proposal


Criteria C – Thinking Creatively

i. Outline a clear and feasible artistic intention

Goal: My goal is to make a successful mashup using 4 different songs using garageband. I want to successfully blend the songs together and make it sound whole/consistent. I also want to use proper technique within the creation of the mashup  and have the song be on the same beat throughout the entire song.

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal:

  1. Select all the different songs I would like to use and place them in a playlist
  2. Figure out how to make a mashup by researching videos, asking teacher, experimenting
  3. Download the 4 different songs and place them in garageband, separate acapella from instrumental within the songs
  4. Set the 4 different songs to the same tempo, and start cutting parts where I want to, and decide which songs will be the beginning and the end
  5. Finally, start cutting up the song and keep listening and editing until you have a finished product that you are satisfied with that matches the criteria as well

Why this project?: I chose a mashup up as I like listening to mashups and I think mashing up 4 very different songs is an extremely interesting idea. I also like editing audio/videos in general and enjoyed the music apple loop songs that we had to do in class for work.
I hope to learn: how to mashup different songs, edit audios, learn what songs sound good with each other. I also hope to learn how to mashup songs more in depth and have a clearer understanding of garageband/ making songs in the music industry.

G8 Humanities U1 Reflection on ATLS

During this unit, I improved on developing/learning ATLs.  I used thinking skills in this Food Issues Unit was the research into the issues and analysis of my personal food journal. These required loads of in-depth research as well as reflecting on my cumulative results.  I used my research skills was talking about food issues, my research skills became more developed. I learned how to make use of databases/WebPathExpress in order to find more effective and relevant materials for my project. I used my social and communication skills to practice and revise my slides with other people.  I also further developed a skill of learning how to recite knowledge and actually learn about issues rather than read directly off slides. I used communication to clearly explain my food issues and explain them concisely. I made a huge improvement in self-management skills, as I evenly distributed my schedule, unlike last year.

music cumulative assignment + reflection

Describe the process of this assignment. 
The process of this assignment was first decided what sounds to record and where to record them. I decided to use the beep from the microwave, the sign slapping together, a sample from the teacher, and knock on the door. After recording the sounds, I decided to transform the sounds with the different plug-ins in order to make it sound different. I used things like eq, reverb, and chorus to make. After listening to the sounds I decided to make the MIDI tracks and base the song off the MIDI tracks in general. I created this midi track using synths with chords and a harmony. During the MIDI creation process, I found some saxophone samples and other samples and added it in. After that, I played around with the loops and finally finished my product.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
First, I use the microwave beeps to make the beat in the background. They were somewhat useful as a contrasting sound to the clap sign beat and gave a nice topper to the harmony/melody. Next, I used the sign clap as a house beat for the drop and to top of the main beat. I also used it as a normal beat later on and often used it for the drops within the song. Then, I used the knocking sound as an alternative to the sign clap sound. I also used it as an intro beat to begin the sound and brought back the sound later as one of the drops. Finally, I didn’t use the teacher sound sample that often but edited it and placed it as a segway for the beat to drop as a climax.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
I learned a lot through this assignment as I learned how to compose a track altogether using a variety of methods. I learned how to create MIDI tracks and change the instruments within the song. I also learned how to add apple samples, mix sounds together, made sure sounds match a tempo, add plugins to original sounds, and how to combine all these together. I would say that my learning altogether was successful and I learned a lot from the Sounds of CDNIS unit.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
Challenges I faced was editing sounds and time. The editing sounds were difficult as I tried to edit from the main panel instead of going into plugins and changing those up. After asking a friend to show me how to edit it, I got the hang of it and learned to use things like chorus & EQ. Time was also an issue as I felt I didn’t have enough content for the song and couldn’t complete a full 3 minutes. I found some new loops and finally completed the song by adding those and adding back the old loops.

seed dispersal reflection – science

What makes a credible scientist?

Credible scientists must have knowledge and an open mind. Knowledge is important as you need to have previous knowledge if you want to be credible as you can’t just make up scientific information. You need to have a good background in science. Research with knowledge is also important as you want to make a hypothesis/claim you need research to back it up. Otherwise, there is no proof, therefore making it not credible. Open minded is also important as if you try and force an experiment to match your hypothesis, you are not being accurate or credible.

Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ways of knowing?

The way of knowing is medicine can vary in a lot of ways, ranging from factual to spiritual. For example, for some people, if they get sick they may perhaps head to the doctor for medicine. However, some other may believe with methods like acupuncture, praying to a god, and other rituals. In typical science, we rely on factual methods however as you can see in medicine we rely on other methods.

Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

I would improve the investigation by being more careful and making sure to add labels to the charts/graphs. I would also be more in-depth with analysis and the metho analysis. In the future, I would also try and follow the methods better.

Music – MIDI Recreation/Remix

Here is my assignment of a remix of popular song locked out of heaven by bruno mars. This is not yet completed but is just a way to test my formative skills, I’m not completely happy with it, but it’s the best I can do for the time being.