humanities reflection ATL skills

An ATL skill I learned in Unit 5: Hong Kong Culture was research skills and my information literacy. The reason why this unit really developed my research skills was the fact it required us to dig deeper for information that wasn’t really public or detailed. This helped us learn to find sources that only had important information and be careful about what sources I used. It also developed my on site research skills and talking to people to find information, as I had to ask the right questions or the interviewee might get confused.

la vie scholaire – french reflection

  1. factual: how can I express my needs in a classroom setting? how can I use French in situations related to school?

I can express my needs through a classroom setting by asking for help from teachers who are willing to help and asking some questions that I need help with/ I can use French in situations related to school, through tests or speaking to friends in order to say things that others can’t understand. I can also use it in french class outside of school to build on my basics.

debatable: what’s the perfect school system?

I think the perfect school system would be eight weeks on and 1-2 weeks off, as it would be set up nicely, due to kids being able to take breaks often and something to look forward to. This would also prevent kids from forgetting everything over the long summer break. Students should also be given time in class to do homework as teachers will be able to help them in class progressing student learning and understanding.


new clock design prompt

The clock is made with amazing new age technology called laser printing, and made with a design from Cursor Creative at The clock is made of leaf designs representing nature and beauty. This represents my brand which believes in the beauty of nature and the beautifulness of just leaves in general. It took some time to develop this clock, as I had some technical difficulties with the development of the clock. I had mixed up some parts like cutting instead of engraving or being late after the deadlines. Within the leave engravings, I painted it green and light green to give the leaves colour. I also chose a high quality piece of wood as I really like the style of the wood over the acrylic and you can’t paint on acrylic. I also used a battery part and the clock hands, to make the clock. I formulated many designs, such as a dripping clock and the one I made a natural looking life clock. I took inspiration from Pintrest and other clocks I found on the internet to formulate the clock. My clock turned out pretty well, and I’m proud of it. I would describe it as simple, natural, and minimalistic.


english: the outsiders

what did you think of the ending // was it what you expected?

I thought the ending suited the book well, and was really unexpected. Nearing the end, I hoped that Johnny would live and move on with his life with a new experience. Sadly he died, and left behind his meaningful words of “stay gold”. When I was reading, I wasn’t that shocked as I had been expecting it for some time. The thing is, if Johnny had lived on, and he’d probably be in prison for life.  But when he died, Dally really lost it and that wouldn’t happen in the case if he had lived and went to prison. Dally’s death impacted me more as it showed how reckless and how much he cared for Johnny in the fact he wanted to die, because Johnny had died as well. His death was one of a greaser, shot young and miserable. He couldn’t be the hero Johnny was, and he couldn’t show his inner hero which is why it impacted me so hard. Deep down, Dally is a good guy raised in a wrong way which made me upset as none of the greasers could get opportunities. Darry had to work for his brothers, Soda couldn’t handle school, Johnny dropped out as well as had abusive parents, and Pony boy is genuinely smart.

what I’ve learned about laser cutting design

Icon made by Becris from FlatIcon. Licensed by Creative Commons.

I learned how laser cutting works, it can engrave and cut into the materials based off a system. The system is made of colours and you have to base your fill and stroke colours in illustrator off whether you want to cut it or you want to engrave it. The colours when engraved are different shades. I also learned you need to use a RGB scale when you’re making the colour engravings otherwise the laser machine won’t recognise it. I also learned you need to be careful about the fill and stroke (don’t mix them up) and you need to make the stroke 0.1 pt.  I learned about how making your items doesn’t need to be by hand and you can download icons from websites like flaticons. I also learned the font needs to made into a object in order for it to be recognised and you should use “normal” fonts if you want it to be easily readable. I also learned that you should organise and plan your work ahead of time, like with the plan and timeline. I also learned how to draw a design and the details required such as measurements, types of colours, annotations, rough drafts, and requirements.


science reflection: how is everything connected?

The Key Concept in this unit was systems. Systems are especially seen in this unit, as there are many systems in the ecosystem which connect with each other. There are populations, communities, food chains, and food webs which function together to create an ecosystem. The Global Context in this unit was human impact on the environment which we explored through the decreasing of animals and the quickly disappearing environment.

What did you learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, and human impacts?

I learned about biodiversity which means about the variety of species in a environment. I also learned about the importance of biodiversity within ecosystems, and how you need to learn to care for the environment.  I learned that ecosystems are made of food chains and webs. I also learned about human impacts on the environment, such as recycling and sustainability.

How did you learn? How did you research and create the poster, presentation, vidcast?

I learned through projects, research, and learning in class. I researched and created the poster, presentation, and vidcast through going through wikipedia and finding words to search up that related to my topic. I made sure to use reliable sources, that I was able to cite throughly and confirm with other sources. I created them by combining the research data into paragraphs, and sorted the info from the necessary and unnecessary. Then I organised it, made it nice looking, and added additional media

How did you prepare for the quiz?

I prepared for the quiz, by going over past info, and making a study guide and mock test for myself. I also reviewed vocabulary words and researched a bit about biodiversity.

How did you communicate and collaborate for the Grade 4 activity?

I communicated and collaborated through slides, and class work. Our group worked together on the slides during class, and assigned stuff to do outside of class. We communicated for the things outside of class, like candy.

ukulele recording – #2

song: can’t help falling in love

what was the inspiration for this song choice? 

The inspiration for this song was a video that I saw a long time ago. This song was played on the kalimba and seemed to have this peaceful effect. So when I was searching up songs to do, this song came to mind. I wanted to put a kick on the song by making it sort of cheerful rather then sad and nostalgic. This worked by adding drums, and adding a piano to add extra melody and kick.


How did your music classes as well as your previous music session and assignment prepare you for this assignment? 
Music classes helped me prepare as Mr O’Toole demonstrated many things we could do like record, how to edit properly, and how to add an digital instrument. Mr O’Toole and my friends also gave feedback. This helped me compose my actual track and helped me think about how to improve the content I already had. The previous assignment was also helpful, as I knew how to basically function with Garage Band which helped my efficiency. I also learned how to strum and properly space my time out during class, which helped me complete it early and perfect my technique. The previous assignment feedback also helped me realise my mistakes like for example my tempo. Last time, the tempo was off and this time I made sure to edit the song in tempo.


clarinet recording line #57

I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over music this year. Explain… 
I learned how to properly play a clarinet, and how to assemble it. This is important as you need to be able to actually play the instrument. I also learned how to play in tempo, and find correct spots to breathe. This is especially important in this song, as the tempo is a little different, as it has eighth notes. I also learned how to sight read clarinet music, and that was helpful to read the song. I also learned techniques like slurring and tonguing

I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *

I applied the skills I mentioned above. I used a metronome to listen to the tempo and tried to make sure my clarinet matched the tempo. I also used the skill of sight reading to make the reading of line 57 easy. I used the skill of slurring and tonguing to create a successful piece of music, as they are used often in the song. I also used the skill of playing notes in order to make my notes solid and even. I used the skill of breathing in proper places, to prevent the song from sounding chunky.



science reflection #2

Skill, Objective
Talking Points
Cardboard Structure Project Ideas
Skill: Creative Thinking
Skill: Communication
had to come up with ideas for cardboard boxes, and do some based off some designs off the internet (cardboard boxes)

draw an cardboard furniture blueprint with measurements and clear design in mind, as well as an intention in mind (use)
Beam Experiment
Objective: Criterion C
Skill: Information Literacy
measure and test beams using charts and instructions, used to test the strength and power of corrugated cardboard

debate which one is the best, use the testing instruments to test how much weight it can take, and write down the information in a table
Prototype Testing
Objectives: Criteria B & C

testing out prototypes and incorporating previous beam instructionsdid well on the objectives, communicated and planning well

Ecosystem Poster
Objectives: Criteria A & D (A i. and D iii. & iv.)
Skill: Media Literacy
Did poster about an ecosystem full of information and food chains
did well on knowledge, poster could be improved//neater