Humanities U1 Summative Reflection

During the first unit, I have learned a lot of knowledge on food and demonstrated a lot of ATL skills in completing the tasks, but in this reflection, we are going to talk about the summative task.

The summative task is really challenging, even though there is a lot of time to prepare for it but there is so much stuff to do and you have to organize your time wisely. Throughout the summative, I think I have used a variety of ATL skills to help me. For example, when I am doing the action plan, I have to use time-management skill and self-management skill in order to list out the things that I have to do, I also have to actually follow the action plan or else it would just be useless. On the other hand, I also have to use research skill to find out about the issues that I want to talk about, and I have to use thinking skills to analyze it and link it back to myself. Throughout the process of creating the action plan, I have some problems like I was missing some few steps so I have to fit it in somewhere and work at a faster pace to catch up. Also, the main problem is that my presentation is too long so I have to talk really fast and practice many times to fit into the time limit, and I have to read the script many times to memorize it. In addition, because I am always adjusting the script and making it shorter, I always have to reread the script because it’s different.

I used communication skill when I am presenting, and I think there is space for improvement because I talked too fast and too soft so that makes the audience hard to understand what I am saying.

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