Humanities U1 Summative Reflection

During the first unit, I have learned a lot of knowledge on food and demonstrated a lot of ATL skills in completing the tasks, but in this reflection, we are going to talk about the summative task.

The summative task is really challenging, even though there is a lot of time to prepare for it but there is so much stuff to do and you have to organize your time wisely. Throughout the summative, I think I have used a variety of ATL skills to help me. For example, when I am doing the action plan, I have to use time-management skill and self-management skill in order to list out the things that I have to do, I also have to actually follow the action plan or else it would just be useless. On the other hand, I also have to use research skill to find out about the issues that I want to talk about, and I have to use thinking skills to analyze it and link it back to myself. Throughout the process of creating the action plan, I have some problems like I was missing some few steps so I have to fit it in somewhere and work at a faster pace to catch up. Also, the main problem is that my presentation is too long so I have to talk really fast and practice many times to fit into the time limit, and I have to read the script many times to memorize it. In addition, because I am always adjusting the script and making it shorter, I always have to reread the script because it’s different.

I used communication skill when I am presenting, and I think there is space for improvement because I talked too fast and too soft so that makes the audience hard to understand what I am saying.

Science Unit 1 “Credible Scientist” – Reflection

I learned that when you are doing an experiment as a team, communication is the key to the success. All of the team members have to talk to each other in order to know what each member are doing so they can make changes immediately if one of them is doing the wrong thing. And on the aspect of writing a lab report, we learned that the more trials you do, the more accurate your data is going to be, and if you want valid data, then you have to make sure that you are correctly following all of your control variables. Having a good and valid data is extremely important, because if you got the wrong data, and you are spreading the wrong concept around the country, then it may lead to some misunderstandings and the citizens might eat the wrong medicines, do stuff that is actually deadly to them, and having this wrong stubborn concept in their mind that they think is right.  Also, I think that the reason for doing a lab report is to let you get data and analysis data in a more efficient and accurate way. Furthermore, it could also lead you to a deeper understanding of the concept that you are investigating and even a new research.



Innovation Week Reflection

During innovation week, me and my teammate Anya created an eco-friendly popcorn machine that is served in watermelon. This is different from all of the other popcorn machines because it’s organic and not wasting anything by using a watermelon peel.

Here are some pictures of our second prototype of the design:

As you can see, you can also store things in the back.

Here is a video showing you how to use the machine:



Grade 7 Service Evidence

During CAS week, I went to Taiwan and one of the activity is to go to a local school in Taiwan and learn with those little kids and also help them learn. We played many different kinds of sports game after so I find it really interesting interacting with them. The other thing we did is that we went on a fishing boat and we helped the local fish catchers catch all different kinds of sea creatures, and not only that, we really enjoyed ourself.

Humanities – Unit 4 Reflection

Throughout this unit, I learned a lot about the connections and difference between different cultures and how to adapt, accept and respect them.

The Making of Me:

Looking back at the assignment the making of me, I think it’s a really valuable activity. It is because it recalls memories and it lets us know better of ourselves. It lets us learn more about our own culture and how it is different from other culture and is there any connection between them.

I think I did a good job on the actual text but then I think the creation of the video isn’t that good because there isn’t any picture. Most of them are just me talking in the video, some baby photos of me and some photos from the website. I would definitely cut out the pictures from the website next time I create this video because I don’t think putting pictures that are not even mines into a video that is introducing myself and my culture is a good decision.

The Cultural Documentary:

According to our documentary, I think we did a good job. Even though there are some difficulties that we faced during the creation of the video, we still succeeded in creating it by fighting back. One of the problems that we faced is that we couldn’t find anyone to interview, we find someone and we asked him some question but he doesn’t want to record because he doesn’t have time, so we have to remember his response and act it out after. Then we put a sticker of a person playing sport on to my face to pretend to be that person and it’s also sort of our style that we want the video to show, a little funny and silly.

All in all, I think we did an awesome job in getting this assignment done. I learned a lot throughout this assessment, I learned about why the Wong Chunk Hung Sports Ground is significant to Hong Kong’s culture and I collected some different opinion from different people. Now I understand how something could be so important to a culture and how it could change a lot of things.





PE Capoeira Reflection


Anya & Yoyo


Criteria D –  Evaluation of the Performance

Background: For Criteria D Assessment the student must demonstrate his/her ability to evaluate their performance judged against the Performance (Criteria C) Rubric. What were the strengths of the performance, what were the weaknesses and finally set goals to improve the performance.


  1. Explain which parts of the plan were well designed. Which parts of your plan were you most happy/proud of and why?


The part of the plan that I am most happy at is the part where it says we have to work on the fluency of the creative part. It is because at first when we are practicing we can’t even remember that part, and our movement seems really cut off and not fluent at all, but after we started practicing more and more on the creative part, it looks much better in the final performance video and it’s so much more connected. I am also really proud of the part where it says we have to work on the cartwheel. It is because, at first for the cartwheel, either of us can do it, and we can’t even do a turtle. But after we focused on getting the cartwheel done properly, Anya can do a really good turtle and I can do a cartwheel almost. And it looked pretty good in the final video it’s just that I’m a little bit unbalanced after I did the cartwheel.

  1. Explain which parts of the plan were not well designed. Which parts of your plan were you not happy with and why?


I think that part that is not designed very well and I’m not very happy at is where it says we have to listen to the music and practice. It is because that didn’t really work out, I think the reason that it didn’t work out is that when we are practicing, everybody else is also practicing and talking and there’s no one to clap the beat for us, so we just can’t quite get on the right beat. And looking at our final performance video, our beat is ok but there’s some part where we also lost it for a while because the music stopped.


  1. Explain how you would change the plan to improve it. If you were to do it again, what would you change in your plan and why?


I part that I would change the plan to improve is the part where we have to listen to the music and practice. It is because I think this part is not very effective and useful. I would change it to that we have to find someone or some type of beat thing online for us to clap the beat, it is because if we just listen to the music and try to do it, there are many other people talking and that might affect our count on the beat. So I think the best thing to do is to have some sort of loud thing to clap the thing for you in order for you to hear it clearly.


French Reflection

La Vie Scolaire

Factual – How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use French in situations related to school? :

  •  School subjects
  • Time
  • Places
  • Adjectives related to verbs
  • Reviewed verbs
  • Reviewed connecting words

Conceptual – The organization of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economic and cultural background of our community :

Yes, I think that the organization of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economis and cultural background of our community. Usually, Asian parents are more demanding then American or other parents.

Debatable – What’s the perfect school system? :

 I think that perfect school system is IB, it is because you don't just have to memorize everything, you can use your imagination and you have to do research and all that, you don't just do test do test and do test. Also IB is world-wide, for example you are in a IB school in Hong Kong, then you left and you went to India, you can still go to a IB school in India and catch up with your work.


Design Clock Reflection

What have I learned about laser cutting design?

  1. All the lines have to be 0.1mm if you want the laser cutter to work
  2. There are some specific color you have to use in order to let the laser cutter to reconize
  3.  There are different color codes for wood/acrylic
  4. If you want to use both wood and acrylic, you have to create a new document

What would I do differently next time?

I would use acrylic instead of wood because I think that there is a wider range of choice for color if you use acrylic. Also, it is because the texture of acrylic is more smooth and I like it better.

Here is the plan of my clock:


Here is my final design of the clock:


(No source used)

Clarinet – #57


i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied

I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over music this year. Explain… *

I learned how to play note B to A on the clarinet that is required for the #57. Then I learned how to slur and change breath. Then I learned how to correctly followed the metronome to make sure my rhythm is on time. All of these things lead to me learning how to play #57 on my clarinet.

 I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain…

I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music by applying everything I learned on the song. First, I used the metronome and practiced the song, I then practiced my slur and toning. Lastly, I recorded my recording after a lot of practicing without a metronome.