Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning are opposite of one another. Deductive reasoning through generalisation arrives to specific conclusions while inductive reasoning makes various statements from one conclusion. From the two inductive reasoning is the one that relies mostly on connections between ideas that lead to the final conclusion, because of this the reliability of inductive logic is less credible than a statement made from deductive logic. The reason being that deductive reasoning produces more concrete statements because the data is hard to misinterpret which reduces the possibility of error in any statement. Additionally, deductive reasoning is the basis for scientific research because it works similarly in the way that starting with a hypothesis, data is collected to test it. While inductive reasoning would be gathering data and then formulating a hypothesis from that data. This analogy helps to prove that deductive reasoning is more logical since it is already largely applied in scientific fields because it creates true statements that are backed up by data.

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