Service as Action 2018-2019

This year for my service as action, I became more aware of my own strengths through my CAS trip to Cambodia. Through the building of a house for a family in need as well as teaching English to students in need. Through the exprience, I learnt that I am able to grow more in the area of teaching others but my strength is being able to work in a team to help accomplish something together.¬†Through this same experience, I undertook the challenge of never actually having taught any kids English and was unfamiliar with how to start and keep them engaged in the lesson. Because of this, I developed the skill of being able to work in an unfamiliar environment as well as being able to adapt to the situation.¬†Through my CAS experience, we had to plan and discuss the classes that would take place the next days and we had to work in a team to make the lesson fun for the students. Through the planning, I became more familiar with student-initiated activities and understood what worked for me and what didn’t, I was able to use my organization skills and implement them into the situation. I applied the same skills in through a Fashion Walk called “Origin” that was organized by my peers. Through this fashion walk, I helped organize certain times and plan how we would let people in and how ticketing would work, having had experience with student-initiated activities helped as I am able to apply these skills in many situations. This year I was able to persevere in action through my CAS trip and contributing to the “Origin” fashion walk as I was able to help a student-lead fashion walk which would donate to those in need. Through this same experience of the fashion walk, I was able to work with others as I had to talk to many of the designers to help understand what they would want for their models and talk to the organizers to help understand how they wanted the ticketing situation to be handled. Having the experience of my CAS trip I was able to also work with people who I was not familiar with and adapt to the environment to be able to work with them and plan lessons for the students which we were teaching. Through my CAS trip, I was able to further develop my international-mindedness by understanding the situation in which the students lived as well as the family for which we were building the house for. I was able to understand their situation and tried to help through the building of the house. Overall I believe that this year I was able to implement myself into unfamiliar situations and adapt to them in hopes of helping others who were less fortunate. I believe that my actions had good ethical implications and good action behind them. I hope that next year I am able to help more to the less fortunate through the joining of Habitat for Humanity, to further work with other students and contribute to a good cause.

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