What is Art?

The arts are concerned with entertainment, not knowledge.



The arts revolve around entertainment. In magazines, the Arts are often under categorized under the Entertainment section. Many forms of arts, like film and dance are watched by people for fun. Many people watch films because they are in need of entertainment. Although, there are such things as film critics who analyze film and all the aspects of it, which seems like they are analysing knowledge, the purpose of film is not to be analyzed. Filmmakers don’t make films so that critics can watch it and comment on it, they make films for people to enjoy. Similarly, when people are reading books and analyzing techniques, although they are gaining knowledge, the purpose for authors writing the book was not so people could anaylze it, but so that readers can find amusement in it.



Arts can give us knowledge, but not the conventional kind. Arts are created to convey emotions and ideas to others. Through admiring/ absorbing the art, people will learn the kinds of feelings that the artist felt at that time. Arts, more specifically literature, is commonly used to comment on society or life. Works like Animal Farm, The Great Gatsby and others demonstrate this. Arts can also give us information about history. All arts have a historical context and by examining the artwork, people can further understand that time period and how it affected the artist or people like the artist/creator. Art can also inspire us to think about things. Visual arts can also teach us about aesthetic value. It will affect how we create works or put things together in everyday life.

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