Introduction to Natural Sciences

Reflecting on our discussions in class, and with inspiration from the TED video, what distinguishes Natural Science from other AOKs?

Natural Sciences is the creation of general scientific laws to explain events happening in the natural world. It is different from the other AOKs. It is specifically the disproving of facts/ beliefs by creating strong theories inferred from solid evidence. Unlike some other AOKs Natural Sciences is grounded in evidence and not simply created. An AOK like religion is very different. Religion is based on belief and faith. There is no real evidence for religion, it is just a set of laws that people generally follow based on what they believe in. Science is also based on authority of collective community over time (many scientists come together and discuss and scrutinise evidence from experiments and try to approach new theories/ ideas with skepticism) and not solely based on one person, unlike religion that is created by one person from their beliefs. It is also independent of culture and cultural values, which is very different from AOKs like Arts, Language, Religion and Ethics that rely on culture and background to help shape them. The Natural Sciences AOK is also objective. It is not like the Arts where people use their own personal experiences to create things and use their own perceptions and thoughts to understand things, therefore being biased. Of course, everything done by humans is biased in a certain way whether consciously or unconsciously, but mostly Natural Sciences tries to be objective. Another main distinguisher is that Natural Sciences is measurable and many other AOKs are not.

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