Multi Screen Turtle App

This app is a multi screen app with buttons on the home screen that leads to other screens. The second is an about screen, it tell people what the app is about. The third screen is a mini turtle quiz with 3 questions, this test the user of the app with some simple questions and gives them a score out of 3. The final screen has links that will take the user to different websites to learn more about turtles and a link the my blog.

“which bear is not a bear?” App

In this app, I made a quiz with three pictures. There are 2 picture of bears and one picture of an animal that is not a bear. I chose the Canadian lynx because it looks like a bear. In this quiz, you will have to find the picture of the animal that is not a bear, when you click on an image, there will be a text under the picture that will tell you if the picture is a bear or not. Coding this app was very simple. What the code does is when the button(images) are pressed, it will change the text below the image into (name of animal) is a bear or isn’t a bear.

English Short Story Unit

My favourite short story is Moose and The Sparrow. I like this story because the plot was very detailed and exciting. It also had a good plot twist near the end that made it very exciting to read. Some of the challenges I faces when was writing my short story was getting the words in the word. When I start writing a short story, I had lots of ideas and wanted to write down but can’t finish it in the word limit. I learned how write short stories and what makes a good short story. It changed the way I see life because the short stories can teach life lessons that could help you in life. A life lesson taught by reading Moos and The Sparrow is that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Cardboard structure

The goal of this project was we will build a chair that would be able to hold a Upper School student and be able to charge there computer and phone. we will put this in the library where students study. We build a cardboard chair with corrugation and places to put a charger port. This will let people charge their devices when they work.

I learned how to make strong cardboard structure that can support a lot of weight. I made a few paper prototype that will test all the different type of support to find the best. We use a type of corrugation as final because it was light and it could hold lots of weight.

I improved as a learner by learning how to research. I identified a problem when we were using layering, it was too heavy to move around.  I solved this problem by changing it to corrugation to make it lighter.

UNIT 2 (What Made Empires Successful) Reflexion

I found this unit very exciting because we learned about many different ways empires because successful. One thing I did well in this unit was taking notes. I was able to read something and take notes on all of the important points. One thing that I need to work on is turning the notes into sentences. I have trouble turning notes into sentences because I can’t connect all the notes in a paragraph. I could work on this by writing the notes in the order I want them to be in the paragraph and also write sentences in my notes that could help me make the notes flow better. I could also make outlines that could help me turn my notes into a paragraph.

Criteria Cii

Name of Peer *


Song Choice *

Amazing Grace

Blog Post Link *


Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs? *

He started off very strong but after a few seconds you can hear Kashing voice clearly in the recording and other sounds. During the recording, he stopped many time to play the ukulele and sing. His singing matched the notes of the ukulele.

What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round? *

His singing match the notes very will and he used a litter strum than the one I did. I think that these things make the song sound very calm and peaceful. He also use a soft voice that made the song calmer and more peaceful.

Did the context of the song change through their interpretation?

His song overall had a very calm tone and it made it sound very peaceful. I think that he did a great job at doing this.

UKULELE Criteria Ai, Aiii, Ci

Through the process of learning Ukulele skills and working through Garageband I learned musical terms/definitions. Discuss.*

While playing the ukulele I learned how to strumming and picking. They are both very useful techniques because playing the song included both of these skills. I had learn know where my fingers should go to play the notes. I tried to do the whole song in one go when I was practicing so that I would be confident when I did the recording. I didn’t do well in this which is my I didn’t everything in small part in Garageband so I don’t play any wrong notes.

How were your decisions on your final arrangement informed by the formative unit work? *

I added strumming to match each beat and with the right notes so it would make it sound better. When practicing on my ukulele I was always using a metronome to make sure I wasn’t playing too fast or too slow. This helped a lot when I was recording because I could make the timing right.

Music is communication, music is compromise, music requires discipline, music means collaboration. Discuss in relation to your work. *

I think that music is communication because different songs have different meaning and music can make you feel a different way. Music requires discipline because you will not be able to play it perfectly on your first try so you have to practice to make it the best you can do. I played my song at a slower pace so it make you feel calm when you hear it.

I had a strong artistic direction for my final musical audio recording. Discuss. *

I think my direction for the song was calm, it carried a very soothing tone. I also think this because I played it in a smooth tone, that was not to strong, violent or rushed, I was smoothly played the note so it made it calm.

I enjoyed this unit very much. My favourite parts were…
Being able to learn and practice the ukulele and and also getting to play many different songs with it. I got to choose what songs I want to play and could switch songs when I got stuck on it. This also lets me challenge myself when I got better at the ukulele or play something easy when I want a break.  I chose Amazing Grace because it wasn’t as challenging and I had trouble playing the others songs.
After completing this unit I think that there could be improvements. I feel…
I feel I could improve my strumming and keeping the time. I think this because I didn’t play everything in one try and editing the song made sound a little off time and a few more effect on the song. In some parts my strumming didn’t match the notes so it would sound a bit off and a little bit rushed.

Criteria Bi, Bii (Alto Saxophone #29 Go For Excellence)

Criteria Bi, Bii

Grade yourself with Mr. O’Toole’s rubric and then respond to the statements and post these to your blog. You should automatically get a copy of your responses sent to you!
Your email address ( was recorded when you submitted this form.


i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied


ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.
Grade yourself here! *
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy
Performance Skills – Woodwind and Brass
Articulation Precision
Tone Quality
Performance Skills – Percussion
Evenness of Stroke
Approach to Melody
Performance Skills – Bass
Evenness of Notes
Lack of Buzz

Now respond to these statements…

I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over the first music section. Explain… *
I have learned how to play everything to the beat of the metronome, I can now play all the notes at the right time. I also developed the skill of how to play the saxophone notes and how to breath in the middle of a piece. These skills can help me when I play the saxophone because with these skills I could play on the right time so that i could get ahead or fall behind, play the night notes and breath in middle of the piece so that I could play longer pieces. These skills will improve my saxophone skills.
I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *
I practiced this piece many times so I could play it the best I can. This way I won’t play the wrong notes. Practicing the piece also improved my timing, it helps me
make sure that i play all the note on time and don’t go too fast or too slow. These skills can help me play the piece at the best I can.