Learning Buddies Scavenger Hunt Reflection

Learning Buddies Scavenger Hunt Reflection

I did a scavenger hunt with my learning buddy and my group as well. Unfortunately, 2 buddies didn’t come to school and both were in our group, so our group only had 2 buddies (my buddy and another buddy). We searched for some riddles on the web and got our buddies to come up to our classroom and answer them (because they never came up to our classroom, we went to theirs) and get prizes. Of course, we hid the riddles throughout the school, so our buddies had to find them.

What went well was that we didn’t run out of riddles – our booklet was still full of them. We didn’t have time to tell even half of them!!

What we found challenging was to get the other buddy in our group to follow us (my buddy could keep up). My classmate had to practically carry her around!!

I learned that my buddy wouldn’t easily give up, and he will think very widely if you give him a clue.

mBot Reflection

mBot Reflection

Yesterday, we had robotics. Robotics was very fun, as usual, but yesterday we found out how to use the RGB Line Follower, so we could do a challenge in MakeX (MakeX is an international competition of mBots). The challenge was to detect if the colour was red, yellow, or green, then move the colour to the designated location. The challenge was called household garbage, and we had to move the rings (or household garbage) to the designated garbage can. The colour we detected had to be sorted into the right garbage bin, or else we would fail the challenge. To run the RGB Line Follower, we had to download an extension, and of course it was very confusing program, so our teacher had to explain it to everyone. Well, not everyone. Just the people who were working on that specific challenge. But once you put it together, it won’t matter which challenge you’re doing because in the end, your robot has to be able to do ALL the challenges automatically.

STP Student Rubric

STP Student Rubric

Last week, I finished the Sharing the Planet Summative assessment. I am going to make a blog post about it. That blog post is the one you are looking at right now! I have 3 things in my success criteria: The interdependence of organisms within ecosystems (Connection), The causes of instability within ecosystems (Causation), and How human action can positively affect the balance of ecosystems. After the success criteria, we needed to rate ourselves from 1 – 4 of understanding each box in the success criteria and give evidence of why we are that number.

We had to explain the evidence, because if you just put something like “Home Learning”, but you didn’t put any evidence behind “Home Learning”, then that is not accepted.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency

I have a kitten named Snowball. She is furry and white, and she has a black paw. She really likes to play with yarn by pulling it across the room, but that makes a big mess. Snowball likes to climb trees, but one time she got stuck. She had trouble getting down, and she only managed it after a while.Snowball got sick once, but I took care of her. After a while, she got better.

Ecosystems – BrainPop

Ecosystems – BrainPop

Today I did the mind map you see above. It is not very big because our video wasn’t very long. First I talk about what an ecosystem is. I wrote that it is a system ( I accidentally put an “n” at the and of the a) of non-living and living things interact with each other. Then I talk about how ecosystems are categorised. I wrote that they are categorised by rainfall, sunshine, and condition of soil.

G7 Environmental Sessions

G7 Environmental Sessions

What did you enjoy about the activities?

I enjoyed that in the activities everyone could participate even though the numbers in the different groups were different in amounts of students.

What did you find challenging?

I found it challenging to remember where all the activities I went to were, because they only told us where they were once.

What did you learn?

I learned that electricity could be made by water out of all the other possible eco-friendly ways like wind power and sun power.

How could the experience be improved?

I think we didn’t have much time this time because it was only one period (one period is only 40 minutes in our school) and we only had about 15 minutes for each session.

BONUS QUESTION: Which line of inquiry does it connect to and why?

I think this one period connects mostly to our line of inquiry of causation (The causes of instability within ecosystems) because it talked mostly about how everybody is harming the ecosystems, for example, deforestation and plastic in the oceans. But some of the activities were more related to our line of inquiry of responsibility (How human action can positively affect the balance of ecosystems) because it talked about how we can make electricity in eco-friendly ways.

I Survived Narrative

Chapter 1


The sky became dark as it started to hail. 12 year old Peter was safe inside the classroom having math class. Then suddenly, he heard a loud roar. It sounded like a train.

Peter saw a column of spinning air touch the ground. Peter knew that it was a tornado right when he saw it. “Not an ordinary tornado”, he recalled from the news reporter’s words. Peter knew this was an F5 tornado.

The teacher dismissed everyone in the class, telling them to run home and hide form the tornado. But Peter knew that his home was not safe enough, as it was in line with the school. That meant his house would be hit too.

When he got home, he saw Max, his brother, already hiding in the basement. Not only his brother was down there, but also his parents. “Quick! Get down here, Peter!” But before Peter could even move, his father grabbed him by the sleeve, and pulled him into the basement.

About 30 seconds later, the tornado ripped the roof of the little brick house. It was like a vacuum cleaner, but one that could suck up humans!! Max was thrown into the air, spinning around and around…


Chapter 2


“Get up Peter, You’ll be late for school!” Mom shouted. Peter did not want to get up for 3 reasons. 1 was that he had stayed up late watching the news last night. 2 was that the news reporter said there might be a tornado today!! 3 was that he and his parents had to put together a disaster kit last night for today’s possible tornado. His mother had said that was their only hope of surviving.

After he finished his breakfast, he started walking to the school he went to together with his brother Max. It was a stormy day, so Peter wished his dad had time to drive him to school today.

Their school was just a plain grey building with 2 floors. Peter’s classroom had a single bookshelf that held about 50 books, a plain light that flickered, producing the only light in the classroom, and a rack where all of the students hang their coats. Peter decided to read a book while he waited for class to start.


Chapter 3


Peter was wearing a green coat with white pockets. He and his dad were up this late at night to watch the news. The news reporter talked about the weather tomorrow. “Tomorrow might bring us a tornado. And not just an ordinary tornado, an F5 tornado.” Peter repeated those words in his mind. An F5 tornado.

This area of Tornado Alley had hardly ever had an F5 tornado, so everyone in the family was really surprised. Peter knew that before he was born, there had been F5 tornadoes every single year, but now, there were no F5 tornadoes.
“We need to put together a disaster kit. It’s the only hope of surviving this F5 tornado.” Mom said. “If we don’t, we’ll all not survive.” Dad added. Peter helped his parents put together a disaster kit. He wondered what tomorrow might bring.


Chapter 4 (continuing chapter 1)


Max’s leg was broken from the fall when he had escaped the tornadoes pull. He was on the hospital bed. Peter and his friend Daniel had decided to visit him. Daniel had saved Peter and his family when their house was torn apart.

Peter had thought everyone in his family would die when Daniel and his family had saved them. It was a hard job to do in the midst of the tornado, but somehow Daniel and his parents had managed it.

Max’s leg had something wrapped around his leg. Peter was a careful person, and he never had any injuries, so he never went to the hospital. That is why he didn’t recognize the thing that was wrapped around Max’s leg.

Peter thanked his friend Daniel and decided to eat something. But, he went home first.



Coding on Scratch

This is my Scratch program I made in coding class. I made the letter A in the middle of the canvas by using the “move” command. Then, I moved the cat to the left and used the “repeat” command to repeat the commands “move” and “turn”. Finally, I moved the cat to the right and drew the letter T. The biggest challenge was getting the cat to draw the letter C. It kept on drawing a shape that was not even a half circle! If I needed to draw the word “cat” again on the same canvas, I would make a block that had the define of the word cat. Then I would use the “move” command to move the cat and use the new block. I don’t know what I would say to compare my work with the other people in my class studio.

An Organized Showing and Telling Paragraph

An Organized Showing and Telling Paragraph

I saw the grey building from very far away. I needed to climb it to get to my friend’s high apartment. I knew it was at the top of the building. I climbed for what seemed like hours. The building seemed to go on forever, and when I quickly took a careful peek outside, I was higher than any other building!! After a few more floors, I finally reached the top. When I came back down, I waited slowly for the elevator, and I took the elevator back down. The building was tall.