What I have learned about circuits in HTWW

What I have learned about circuits in HTWW

In the last unit of grade 5, we learned about electricity and circuits. At the end of the unit, we put our newly learned skills to use by making a creation involving circuits. We could choose what we wanted to create. I created a car. First, we planned our circuits on paper. Then, we used an online tool to create our circuits. Lastly, we made our circuits in real life.

I knew a lot about electricity before we started, I just didn’t know how to create the circuits. I have improved a lot in circuit making. I now know what each of the components do in a circuit and how to wire it up.

I found making my car extremely hard. There was very little space to put the circuits, and it kept falling over, so I had to keep rewiring it. My car motors were going the wrong way, but my teacher told me that if you reverse the polarities, the motor will also reverse motion.

I don’t think anyone in my class except me tried to make something that can move. I did it differently from everyone else.

If I ever get to do this again, I would try to make the wires not as complicated, and I wouldn’t use cardboard, which is the reason my car kept falling over. If it didn’t fall over, I wouldn’t have to remake the circuits.

As mentioned before, I have learned a lot about circuits. I learned that electricity is the movement of electrons. I learned how to wire things up so they work better, as well as make parallel circuits so I can power a lot of things with just one battery/battery pack. I also learned that some components need to have electrons flowing in only one way, not any other way. These things might help me in the future not just with circuits, but with other things as well.

My car wasn’t able to move, because it was too heavy. The motors weren’t strong enough to push it forward, even though the motors can spin very fast. Another reason I think it didn’t work is because my circuit was too complicated and too hard to modify. This caused me to have to add more wires to make it easy to understand.

Challenges I encountered when I was making included making parallel circuits without short circuiting the whole thing. It was also hard to wire everything up in such little space.

Poverty Letter

Yesterday I wrote a letter on poverty. It was to try to convince people to take action and solve this HUGE problem in Hong Kong.

I knew that poverty was a very serious problem even before we started. I have done a similar type of work in the past, when we wrote to Mr. Baird about the wifi problem.

I was satisfied by the fact that I finished it very quickly, and that I wrote a lot in a very little time. My standards were that I could write 6 paragraphs as quick as possible, and the paragraphs need to be detailed. I met my standards, and I was pretty formal and respectful as well.

I had the same main point as my classmates, but I did not have the same reasons. My reasons were pretty unique, like the one that says you can afford it. I gave a lot of facts in my work.

The goal I would set for myself next time is to research more before I write the piece. I might want help with this, because this time I did it with my group. I would like to improve on my note taking skills as well, as it will help me research.

Jett’s Rubric for G5 Physical Theatre


My choreography showed different dance elements (use of body, space, time, energy, relationships) 1-2 elements 3-4 elements 5 elements
My choreography showed I used my time effectively and collaboratively (did I work well with my partner improving and developing our choreography for the best outcome? Did I stay focused so that I properly memorised my work?) At times I focused and collaborated well, improving and developing our choreography Mostly I focused and collaborated well, improving and developing our choreography I always focused and collaborated well, improving and developing our choreography
My choreography was prepared so that I performed to the best of my ability in front of an audience I was not prepared I was partly prepared but could have worked more on my piece with my partner I was confident and well prepared – I performed well
My choreography showed I understood how physical theatre works and I was able to use some of the ideas I viewed (Frantic Assembly style improvisation etc). I don’t understand Physical Theatre and did not use any idea I viewed. I kind of understand Physical Theatre and tried an idea that I viewed I feel really confident about future learning in Physical Theatre and I used lots of the ideas as inspiration for my piece.


What I did well was that I practised and practised with my group until it was almost as good as we could get it. We were very prepared.

What I could do better next time is to use more of the ideas that I viewed.

Here is the dance

Grade 5 Reflection: What I Have Learned So Far

Grade 5 Reflection: What I Have Learned So Far

In the first two weeks of grade 5, I have learned a lot, but today I would like to share what I have learned in PE (Dance) class.

I have done dance class before, in grade 4. In grade 4 we didn’t do all the fun activities that we did in the first to weeks of grade 5. In grade 4, dance class didn’t take up PE (Physical Education) time but took up PA (Performing Arts). What we did was a hand activity where we created movements in partners. It went really well, and was also naturally very fun.

I met my standards for dance class because I did the best I could, and I cooperated very well. I was satisfied by my work and improvement, but I think I could’ve done better if I practiced some more with my partner. My standards were: Trying my best, cooperate with my partner, and practice until memorized.

I did my work trying not to copy others, but modifying their ideas and making them mine. Mine was different because I tried to make mine unique, along with my partner trying too. But our routines were still kind of similar, because we modified it based of something else. I want people to notice that we are unique, inspired by others, when we present.

A few things I would like to improve on is to do it faster, put more practice and effort into it, and make it longer. The main goal I would try to reach next time is to put more effort into it. I saw balance being used in my classmate’s pieces, so I would like to use that to improve my dance routine.

Learning Buddies Scavenger Hunt Reflection

Learning Buddies Scavenger Hunt Reflection

I did a scavenger hunt with my learning buddy and my group as well. Unfortunately, 2 buddies didn’t come to school and both were in our group, so our group only had 2 buddies (my buddy and another buddy). We searched for some riddles on the web and got our buddies to come up to our classroom and answer them (because they never came up to our classroom, we went to theirs) and get prizes. Of course, we hid the riddles throughout the school, so our buddies had to find them.

What went well was that we didn’t run out of riddles – our booklet was still full of them. We didn’t have time to tell even half of them!!

What we found challenging was to get the other buddy in our group to follow us (my buddy could keep up). My classmate had to practically carry her around!!

I learned that my buddy wouldn’t easily give up, and he will think very widely if you give him a clue.

HWEO – Tuning In

HWEO – Tuning In

I made a poster with 2 of my classmates, and chose the “Vote For Me!!” choice, which is where you have to make a poster to persuade people to vote for a specific person. We chose to vote for 1 of the people in my group, and got to work.

I think what went well was that we co-operated nicely and got everything done in time, as well as sorted out what we needed to do in our presentation. I liked that we only had to use 1 piece of paper, so we didn’t waste paper. The rest of the paper we recycled.

What was challenging was getting things done quickly but neatly. We found this not too challenging, but I think we could still do better.

I learned that the colour red stands out against the colour green. Because the background of our poster was bright green, so I searched the web for what stands out against green.

mBot Reflection

mBot Reflection

Yesterday, we had robotics. Robotics was very fun, as usual, but yesterday we found out how to use the RGB Line Follower, so we could do a challenge in MakeX (MakeX is an international competition of mBots). The challenge was to detect if the colour was red, yellow, or green, then move the colour to the designated location. The challenge was called household garbage, and we had to move the rings (or household garbage) to the designated garbage can. The colour we detected had to be sorted into the right garbage bin, or else we would fail the challenge. To run the RGB Line Follower, we had to download an extension, and of course it was very confusing program, so our teacher had to explain it to everyone. Well, not everyone. Just the people who were working on that specific challenge. But once you put it together, it won’t matter which challenge you’re doing because in the end, your robot has to be able to do ALL the challenges automatically.

Social Media BrainPop

Social Media BrainPop

Today I watched the Social Media video on BrainPop. The map I created is just above this text, and I tried to make it small so you could actually see the text. That didn’t work to well, but you can still see the text a little bit. My map talks about how social media works, and how if you post something, you can’t take it back. Even if you delete it, people can just take screenshots and post it later, so don’t post things you don’t want other people seeing.

Design Project Reflection

Design Project Reflection

The Design Project was the most fun thing I’ve done this year. We first had to make a practise version of our blueprint. After making a practice blueprint, we had to copy it on a big piece of paper. That was pretty annoying since we had to copy the exact same thing on another piece of paper. When we finished the big piece of paper, we had to make calculations of all the rooms and the entire house, including the walls and the floor. Our teacher told us that we could skip the volume part, since we were only dealing with area and perimeter. We also had to make 3 questions and share them, as well as answer someone else’s questions. The next step is to build the house you designed in Minecraft. We had to copy the exact same thing into Minecraft, and each meter was a single block. Everybody loved the design project because they all thought it was fun, and they also said it was the most interesting thing they did in Grade 4.

SLLR Reflection

SLLR Reflection

This is my reflection for my SLLR (Student Led Learning Reviews)



What went well:

I had time to do my extra things as well

My art project only took 1 min to finish

It was interactive

I could show my parents the Scratch projects

What was challenging:

Getting the mBot to work and running the code

Preparing the chinese sharing

What could be improved:

I could tell my parents more about the design project

I could tell my parents the logic behind the code of my Scratch projects and robotics

My parent could know about MakeX (the international competition of the mBots)