What I have learned about circuits in HTWW

In the last unit of grade 5, we learned about electricity and circuits. At the end of the unit, we put our newly learned skills to use by making a creation involving circuits. We could choose what we wanted to create. I created a car. First, we planned our circuits on paper. Then, we used an online tool to create our circuits. Lastly, we made our circuits in real life.

I knew a lot about electricity before we started, I just didn’t know how to create the circuits. I have improved a lot in circuit making. I now know what each of the components do in a circuit and how to wire it up.

I found making my car extremely hard. There was very little space to put the circuits, and it kept falling over, so I had to keep rewiring it. My car motors were going the wrong way, but my teacher told me that if you reverse the polarities, the motor will also reverse motion.

I don’t think anyone in my class except me tried to make something that can move. I did it differently from everyone else.

If I ever get to do this again, I would try to make the wires not as complicated, and I wouldn’t use cardboard, which is the reason my car kept falling over. If it didn’t fall over, I wouldn’t have to remake the circuits.

As mentioned before, I have learned a lot about circuits. I learned that electricity is the movement of electrons. I learned how to wire things up so they work better, as well as make parallel circuits so I can power a lot of things with just one battery/battery pack. I also learned that some components need to have electrons flowing in only one way, not any other way. These things might help me in the future not just with circuits, but with other things as well.

My car wasn’t able to move, because it was too heavy. The motors weren’t strong enough to push it forward, even though the motors can spin very fast. Another reason I think it didn’t work is because my circuit was too complicated and too hard to modify. This caused me to have to add more wires to make it easy to understand.

Challenges I encountered when I was making included making parallel circuits without short circuiting the whole thing. It was also hard to wire everything up in such little space.

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