Reflection of 2018

Today is the first school Friday of 2019!! It is a new year, and this is the first blog post (other than the Adobe Illustrator post) of the year. We have begun a new unit, How We Organize Ourselves, or HWEO for short. There are many endings as well, such as our old unit and also linear measurement.

Last year, I have made many new friends. I enjoyed 2018 a lot, because of the new beginnings of grade 5. When I reflect on last year, I think of many things, but the first thing that comes to mind is school. I really liked school last year, and I hope I enjoy it this year too.

I feel sad to leave 2018 behind, because of all the fun that has now only faded to memories. Even though I am sad to leave 2018 behind, I am also kind of excited of starting a new year.

For this year, my goal is to improve my learning in many ways, and be more organized, even though I have already started organizing myself. I also want to improve my leadership skills, because I am not very good at being a leader at school.

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