Reflection for PE (no longer dance)

On Tuesday, we started PE (not dance) class. It is now HWOO, and in PE we decided to organize ourselves by making a league. The game we are playing for the league is Matball.

I knew that Matball was a game, and I knew how to play it before we started. I have played Matball when I was in grade 4 in the school. One of the problems I encountered was that not everybody was working together. The next time I play Matball, I think I could improve on teamwork.

My standards for this time were to cooperate with others and let them know when I am open, and make the right decision for who to pass to. I met my standards mostly, because I took some time to think before I passed.

I did not do my work the same way as the others, because me and my friends worked out signals for different strategies. I do not think that they did anything like our plan. If I were to grade my work, I would give it a Meeting because we were okay at teamwork, and some teams hardly passed at all.

Next time we play Matball, I think we could take some time to work out more strategies. One goal I would like to set for next time is to pass at least 4 times before we try to score, instead of the minimum of 2 times.

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