Grade 5 Reflection: What I Have Learned So Far

In the first two weeks of grade 5, I have learned a lot, but today I would like to share what I have learned in PE (Dance) class.

I have done dance class before, in grade 4. In grade 4 we didn’t do all the fun activities that we did in the first to weeks of grade 5. In grade 4, dance class didn’t take up PE (Physical Education) time but took up PA (Performing Arts). What we did was a hand activity where we created movements in partners. It went really well, and was also naturally very fun.

I met my standards for dance class because I did the best I could, and I cooperated very well. I was satisfied by my work and improvement, but I think I could’ve done better if I practiced some more with my partner. My standards were: Trying my best, cooperate with my partner, and practice until memorized.

I did my work trying not to copy others, but modifying their ideas and making them mine. Mine was different because I tried to make mine unique, along with my partner trying too. But our routines were still kind of similar, because we modified it based of something else. I want people to notice that we are unique, inspired by others, when we present.

A few things I would like to improve on is to do it faster, put more practice and effort into it, and make it longer. The main goal I would try to reach next time is to put more effort into it. I saw balance being used in my classmate’s pieces, so I would like to use that to improve my dance routine.

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