Last week we went to make+create+collaborate. There was sewing, singing, knitting, drumming. It was all very interesting. When I walked in the LLAC lobby I saw Maegan’s mom working on a bottle cap artwork thing. I joined with Maegan and Phoebe and then we all started to make the word joy out of bottle caps and glue.

After we had to get the glue off our hands and we went to a sewing station. We were there for a pretty long time. I made a little bag out of the red and white striped uniform. We were also walking around a bit and we watched a tiny bit of knitting and we went to the drumming circle.

After when we almost had to leave there was a small station at the back where you could play music on recycled stuff. There were so many cool things that you could play something on and it really sounded like it was the instrument that they were trying to make out of the object they were using.

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