Design project (Fashion show)

For the design project, I was responsible for making a arm band wrapped around Mod Roc. All the designs we had, had the colour sliver in it, and all of our products except for the belt had spikes on them. I liked the arm band a lot, because it was shiny and spray painted with sliver and the other one gold.

Nicole made a collar and the shoes, Emily made a belt and me and Emily painted the triangles in with sliver and glitter paint. Annie made a crown and put foam in it and spray painted it sliver and bronze.

The arm band I made was heavy and to make it not fall of the model’s arm(Nicole) so we put ribbon on it to wrap around her arm to make it stay. I think the arm band looks pretty nice, but without the ribbon it will look even better. But, the triangles on the shoes almost fell off when they practicing on stage.

This unit was very fun, because we got to make what we wanted to make, and create accessories with your group. My favourite   accessories was the collar, because the colours were very bright and metallic, I also liked the triangle because they were made out of foam.

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