Design project (Fashion show)

For the design project, I was responsible for making a arm band wrapped around Mod Roc. All the designs we had, had the colour sliver in it, and all of our products except for the belt had spikes on them. I liked the arm band a lot, because it was shiny and spray painted with sliver and the other one gold.

Nicole made a collar and the shoes, Emily made a belt and me and Emily painted the triangles in with sliver and glitter paint. Annie made a crown and put foam in it and spray painted it sliver and bronze.

The arm band I made was heavy and to make it not fall of the model’s arm(Nicole) so we put ribbon on it to wrap around her arm to make it stay. I think the arm band looks pretty nice, but without the ribbon it will look even better. But, the triangles on the shoes almost fell off when they practicing on stage.

This unit was very fun, because we got to make what we wanted to make, and create accessories with your group. My favourite   accessories was the collar, because the colours were very bright and metallic, I also liked the triangle because they were made out of foam.

HWEO so far

HWEO stands for How we express ourselves, and in this unit we learnt about fashion and we are going to have a fashion show. For the fashion show we have groups, and I have Annie, Nicole and Emily in my group our theme is triangle queen and most of our products have spikes and triangle on them. What I am making is a bracelet that has lots of spikes coming out, and the shape of the bracelet are all just wobbly lines like dripping slime coming down when you wear it. Our model for wearing all of the accessories is Nicole and she is bringing in an old pair of shoes and putting spikes on them and that will be her shoes to wear. I really enjoy this unit, because I get to create things that I like and my group mates don’t distract me when I am working. I am so looking forward to making all the products and watching the fashion show.

illustrator lesson two

This is the pizza I made in illustrator lesson two, I chose to not put toppings on, because I like margarita pizza. I tried shaping the tomato sauce  back to a circle but it wouldn’t work. It was pretty simple to make this pizza, because all you need to do is make circles and fill them in with colour. I was not very happy with the tomato sauce,  because it is not even a shape.

Pitch Reflection

The charity I am working on is Box Of Hope. I donate a present to Box Of Hope every year, and I know who the presents are for. But the thing is , I didn’t know much about it yet. I thought it was just a charity that collects the presents and give it to their country only. But after the researching I did with my group, I  found out that they deliver the presents to a lot of places to children who are not as fortunate as us. We knew all this research was for a pitch we needed to do. So we used this information and made a short anecdote to hook our audience.


I really liked our pitch, because we had hooked in our audience and got into the semi-finals. I think we did a great job but it was sometimes hard working with different people. What I didn’t like was that, when we sort out lines we sometimes make a fuss about it. Something I liked was that our group didn’t get off task and we always did what we were told to do. But what was frustrating was that we need more teamwork and listen to others ideas more. That’s why I think we should do better next time. I think our group has tried our best and wrote all the important information about Box Of Hope.


If I was the teacher I will say to the group that they did did a great job. But, I will also tell them them that they should add a video to hook the audience in and let them concentrate more.  It’s because its more attractive, and normally when I watch a video in a presentation I get more excited. So, I will tell my students to make there own video about their given charity . If I were to give this piece of work a grade I will give it a 9.5 out of ten. I picked this number and not ten because, I don’t think this is the best we can ever do and so I need to work harder next time I do this.


One thing I would need to improve on is teamwork and listening to others ideas. I want to improve on this because I think in the future when I have more activities like this I might have a better pitch and have more time on working. My goal for the end of the year is to be able to have great teamwork and complete the work in time. But even if we would not win it will be still be great to have a good piece of work. I wish the teacher would give us more of these little activities so I can practice public speaking and also work on my listening skills. The next I do this I will be better at this and speak louder.

Camp Reflection

Camp started on November 28 and ended on November 30. We were separated into A group B group and C group. But in these groups we had even smaller groups in it. Group A first went to Sha Ha beach to do Kayaking and games on the beach. The second day Group A went rock climbing and the third day we went hiking. My tent mate at camp was Kaley and my group leader was Jess. In my tiny group we had 11 people and all of them was people I don’t know well and people I don’t play with. But that was a good thing because I got to know them really well and we even had fun together.


My favorite activity was rock climbing, because it is something I don’t do and it was fun but challenging. Even though I couldn’t climb up to the top I tried my best and still made it to the middle. I enjoyed doing it because it was hard to do and it was very high so I liked it. Next time I come here again I will try to do better and climb higher. The next time I come here I will succeed.


What challenged me the most was hiking because it was very steep and it was really scary when you look down the mountain, because we were really high up and looked like we was going to roll down. But it was still really fun even though I stepped on a lot of mud and almost fell. The was a very slippery part and my best friend Kaley fell on her bum and slipped down. When Kaley stoped because she fell down, I almost fell and so I pulled on to a plant and it almost broke! I had a great time there even though it was quite scary to look down and see how high up you are. 


這一年的中文班我學到了不同的閱讀方法, 我還學到了很多我不知道的方法。我們把這些詞語做成了一個詞語雲。

這是我做的詞語雲, 我寫下了不同讀課文習方法。我覺得這個遊戲很好玩,因為我可以用一些詞語做成一個雲。





G5 so far

I didn’t know much about angles before getting in grade five, I didn’t even know how to use a protractor. But I knew all the names of the angles and I knew all the degrees of the angles. I also knew all the triangle names, but I forgot some. I also need to work on some 3D shapes with different triangles.

I feel really good about angles, because its really fun to use a protractor. I like it because you can measure different angles and triangles and write the angle inside. what I don’t like is, when I have to measure triangles and put the triangles in a prism or  pyramid.

I tried doing it differently, because I didn’t want to use equilateral triangles so I used isosceles to make a pyramid but I couldn’t make it and so I did not finish it in time.

What I want to improve on is learn more about angles and how to make put triangles in shapes.


Camp reflection

                                                                         Camp Reflection

          It was grade four camp, every person in grade four went. The camp was located in Pui O, Lantau Treasure Island. We went there by bus, it took is one hour to get there. My counselor’s name was Lana and the group teacher was Ms.Wu, I had a few friends in my group. Every group had a group name, my group’s name was ’The Coolest Penguins’ My tent partners were Shine and Bridget. We went on March 14 and ended at March 16.


   There were lots of fun activities, like raft building, wetland tour, orienteering, BBQ…

At the BBQ we can make s’mores and hot dogs. The food there was so nice, we had spaghetti bolognese. The activities there was very fun because, most of the activities were on the beach.  


My least favorite activity was wetland tour because there were buffalos everywhere. Also, I thought the buffalos were big and brown so they scared me when I saw them. I didn’t like it when the buffalos were too close to me, or walking nearby. Also I didn’t like the buffalo poop, and it was everywhere.     


    My favorite activity was raft building because we used teamwork and built a raft ourselves. Also we got to try it out in the ocean, I almost fell in the water. Our raft worked out very well, and the rope did not fall off after we sat on it.   
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I will give myself a 3 for connecting because i worked well with Shine on I -Time on google slides, but sometimes we might argue and change each other’s work. What I can do better next time is to write more information and create more slides.