First Blog Post Of The Year!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my class blog! This is our first week back at school and we had a lot of fun.

First, we had a guest speaker coming in to explain to us more about upcycling. His name was Kevin Cheung and he made something really cool called a “Boombottle”. The “Boombottle” includes a speaker and it also lights up. It was his first product and he used a plastic bottle to create it. He also created other products with upcycled materials such as wallpaper wallets and carpet bags.

I also really enjoyed learning how to use illustrator with Mr Larson. We made different shapes and learned how to change the shapes into different sizes. We also got time to explore the different tools so we can use during our fashion show.

We just started our fashion unit! We first unpacked our central idea by drawing a brainstorm. Then we had our first Art class with Ms Sandul. She talked about the history of fashion and we also discussed why we have to wear clothes. Today we went to the Library Pit to talk about our fashion show and how it was going to go.

Lastly, the Yong Americans are going to come, we are going to have a small performance next Tuesday so please come at around 12:55 to watch the performance and stay tuned for my next blog post!

#Charity Challenge

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! This week we finished part one of the charity challenge by pitching in front of the class and voting for the best pitch to go to the finals.

To prepare for the pitch we first found out what charity we would be pitching for, then we went into our groups and did a part, people, interaction brainstorm in our charity groups. We did some research to know our charities better so we can start writing our pitch. We then listened to different speeches that famous people like Emma Watson made to get inspired and learn how to use the PERSUADE features. When we first started to write the pitch, everyone had to work together to write it, then Ms Polawski gave us suggestions to make our pitch better. Next, we decided what we were each going to say and started memorizing our part and timing the pitch to see if it was 3 minutes. Lastly, we pitched in front of the class and voted for the best pitch to go to the finals.

I feel like our pitch was pretty good. I especially liked it when we started memorizing the pitch. The part I disliked was pitching in front of the class because I was very nervous and forgot to air-play our slideshow so that kind of affected our group’s pitch. But overall our group had a very good pitch and we used a lot of the PERSUASIVE techniques.

I would give myself and my group an 7/10 because I know we can do a lot better than what we did and a group member of mine got really nervous and started using fillers and talked really fast. Also, I forgot to Air-Play the slideshow.

Next time I can remember to air-play the slideshow and try not to use too many fillers. Overall we did a very good job and congratulations to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation for getting into the FINALS!    



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Charity Challenge

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my class blog! This week we kicked off the charity challenge by listening to famous speeches and identifying the different techniques to write a proper pitch. We also revised the different persuasive techniques to help us write a nice persuasive piece. These techniques can help us write a pitch that will persuade the judges’ for the charity challenge.    

How much did you know about this subject before we started to learn?


Well, I knew that speeches were to point out important things our to persuade people into doing something. I think I learned a lot because before we learned about speeches I didn’t know how to write and identify the different parts of a speech. Now I know how to use the persuade features to write a pitch or a persuasive piece.

What did I enjoy about this piece? What did I not enjoy? Why?


I enjoyed drawing the Parts-People-Interaction because I could connect all those different parts of the company to the people and see the connection and how the company works. I didn’t quite like doing the research about the charity because it was very hard to find information from the website we were given.

Last but not least we had a joined PE class with 5c. We played capture the flag. It was amazing because we could play dodgeball and tag at the same time. I could also practice my throwing skills.


5B’s First PE lesson

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my class blog, This week we had our very first PE lesson with Mr.Wah.

We first discussed the 3 rules we needed to follow when we have PE. The 3 rules are Be safe, be nice and try your best. Then we moved on to mat ball. It is like netball but to get a point you have to throw it the ball to the person in the square. The rules were you were not allowed to move when you had the ball, you can only pivot. Also, you can only hold the ball for 5 seconds.

I think my team and I did pretty good but we could improve by trying to spread out a bit more when you are a catcher so that the thrower can have more choices to choose from and so that we can get more points.

I am looking forward to the competition against the class and grade. Hope my team would have a chance to win!

Dance rubric


My choreography showed different dance elements (use of body, space, time, energy, relationships) 1-2 elements 3-4 elements 5 elements
My choreography showed I used my time effectively and collaboratively (did I work well with my partner improving and developing our choreography for the best outcome? Did I stay focused so that I properly memorised my work?) At times I focused and collaborated well, improving and developing our choreography Mostly I focused and collaborated well, improving and developing our choreography I always focused and collaborated well, improving and developing our choreography
My choreography was prepared so that I performed to the best of my ability in front of an audience I was not prepared I was partly prepared but could have worked more on my piece with my partner I was confident and well prepared – I performed well
My choreography showed I understood how physical theatre works and I was able to use some of the ideas I viewed (Frantic Assembly style improvisation etc). I don’t understand Physical Theatre and did not use any idea I viewed. I kind of understand Physical Theatre and tried an idea that I viewed I feel really confident about future learning in Physical Theatre and I used lots of ideas as inspiration for my piece.

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Caged Homes

Hi Mom, Dad and Ms.Polawski. From time to time we will be reflecting on some school work, this will be my first blog post in Grade 5! Today I am going to reflect on the ‘’Caged Homes ‘’ activity.

So basically we read different articles about caged homes. Then Ms.Polawski put us into different groups. I was with WeiWei, Brianna, James and Richard. Then we went we went down to the pitch to do an activity. We had to measure out 80 square feet and then use tape to mark it down. After that, we had to imagine ourselves in caged homes and think about how we can fit 5 people in that space and also our furniture.


Question: How much did you know about the subject before we started?

Answer: I didn’t really know anything about caged homes before we learned it. And when I read the article I felt really sad because I never knew this was a problem in Hong Kong.


Question: How do you feel about this piece of work? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? Why not?

Answer: I loved this activity because it was fun to experience how it felt like to live in a very small space with so many people.


Question: What grade would you give yourself? Why?

Answer: I would give myself an 8/10 because I worked well with my teammates and listened to their ideas, but there’s definitely room to improve in.


Question: One thing you would want to improve on………

Answer: One thing I would like to improve on is to probably to save the tape because we finished one small roll.








I – time exhibition

The biggest challenge in the exhibition was helping EVERYONE!!!!!!! There was a lot of people coming to our station and everyone wanted to make a stress ball. We also didn’t have enough funnels so people keep complaining and I got stressed out. We cooperated OK cause we listened to others opinions but Lea also didn’t believe me about a lot of people coming to our station so I guess we weren’t that prepared. For our presentation, we did well and we were confident. I think next year Grade 4s should also have i-time because it can help build our cooperation and communication skills.