I survived story

                                    I survived story

Fred,Bob and Joe are friends since they were very young. They stick together every day. But once they got a deadly mission when they were 30 as a miners!


When they were a miner there third mission was to find diamonds, Joe shouted “how are we supposed to find such a rare thing”their boss shouted back “I don’t care JUST GIVE MY LOOT” then suddenly the room was quite…


Joe searched online to find information of diamonds suddenly he shouted “I found it” Bob and Fred  was surprised! They looked to the “ALL ABOUT DIAMONDS” part closely to find the location if the diamonds, the diamonds was common under the desert in Egypt. Fred announced “we will head to Egypt tomorrow”.


The next day, they got ready for trip, Joe got his compass and a dynamite, Bob got his map and Fred got his pickaxe. They went to the mineshaft and start mining. After 2 days of living in caves they found something weird! They seem to hit something Fred bang on his pickaxe making banging sound “Bang Bang Bang” sounds after sounds then suddenly they hit a cave…


They went  in the cave then, suddenly! The sealing start to fall down, many rocks fell down and blocked their mineshaft “we have to get out of here” shouted Bob “but the rocks are fully made of iron it will take days to mine this large wall”

“let’s go find another exit” announced Fred.

So they started walking in the cave days and days and finally they found a exit…


It was not a exit but it is the only exit, it was a exit in the desert with sand but more sand. The only help was themself, the rescue team will be lost in this deadly desert, quicksand after quicksand. There was in a desert with no food or water. Bob shouted “this is all Joe’s fault if he still have his compass we will be out already

“Don’t blame me” shouted joe “if you didn’t forget your map, we will still be out mister Bob”

“STOP” shouted as loud as he can to stop to fight “if we don’t work together we will never get out of this desert.” Then something seem to shock Joe “the sun, we can use the sun as a compass” So they started walking towards their mineshaft.


When there was really close the mineshaft they suddenly fell in to a chamber of lava and gravel “what are we going to do” Bob shouted as the gravel falling in to the lava “here use my dynamite to blow up the walls the mineshaft is behind that wall” Joe shouted

“How am I going to light it up”Fred shouted

“Use the lava”shouted Joe, after that, all they here was “BOOM” the wall exploded and pieces of gravel formed a bridge like magic,and behind the  walls there was there mineshaft and DIAMONDS “we made it” shouted Fred as they head back home.

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