In P.A. we are doing a dance unit. The central idea is “Pattern can represented through a combination of art forms”. In the dance unit we are learning about different types of dance. Then we got into groups and made our own dance. Then after we made our dance we are going to do a light painting. Click HERE to see what a light painting is.

I think our group concentrated very well together. I think we were cooperative and thinkers. I think this wasn’t too hard but it certainly was fun!!!!


I am grateful that my BFF is visiting me from Algeria. The thing I really enjoyed this week was going to the Peak with my friend and her sisters and my brother. This week swimming was very challenging for me.

This week my goals are:

  • Search for more songs to dance to
  • Finish my house in minecraft
  • Making Musical.lys with my friend

Camp Reflections! 🏕

G4 went to camp to learn about the environment.

I made some goals I wanted to complete. Here they are:

  1. Risk-taker
  2. Cooperation
  3. Teamwork
  4. Support others
  5. Communicator

I am proud of how I finished the blindfold challenge. I enjoyed the blindfold challenge and the nippers challenge.

I think I could improve not talking after lights out.

I am grateful that the second day we got mild water (at last warm water!!!)

The raft building was a challenge because our raft got destroyed.

Campfire night!!!!!😄
Campfire night!!!!!😄