Last Wednesday morning, we went camping. We came back on Friday afternoon, worn out, tired, hungry and muddy but also happy, excited and delighted.

I think I could have improved in the kayaking because I got tired and started doing it worse and worse.

I found that making a fire was very frustrating because I didn’t really know how to do it and it wouldn’t work!

I thought everything was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Asbury Field Trip

Today we went on a field trip to Asbury Methodist Social Services. Asbury is an NGO that helps people in rough living conditions by giving them food, books etc. We went there because we have been looking at cubicle homes in HK, and most people that they help live in cubicle homes. For a video about cubicle homes click HERE. It was very interesting to see how small the cubicle homes really are.I thought it was very sad to see how people have to live. Overall, I thought this was a great learning experience.


Today in robotics we coded and tessellated. I had many attempts and failed at most of them in the end i succeeded but then I change the code and I had to start again. in the end of the lesson I actually didn’t succeed but it was a lot of fun anyways.

Acceleration Experiment

Yesterday we did a acceleration experiment. First I will write more about acceleration and then I will write more about the experiment:

Acceleration is the rate at which motion changes. Acceleration is measured in metres per second per second. That’s meters per second squared (m/s²). If you are speeding up acceleration is a positive number and if you are slowing down it is a negative number.


Today at math gym we were looking at a shape called octahedronWe answered a few questions about it and then we had to find out why it was called octahedron. I made some steps to find out:

  1. Split the word in two:  OCTAHEDRON 
  2. Look at the meaning of the split word parts
  3. OCTA means eight so the shape has eight sides.
  4. A HEDRON is a type of shape
  5. So, it means that an octahedron is a eight-sided shape!

STP Unit Reflection

1. 你有什么权利(rights)?


2. 为什么说环境(circumstance)决定权利?

2。Malala的环境是她的国家是不好因为Taliban control。

3. 你觉得(think)行动(action)可以改变(change) 什么?

3。Malala你觉得 “我不喜欢Taliban!他们take away她上课的权利!“所一她行动!她可以改变by inspire女孩行动!