Game of Life

In P.E., we played capture the flag. It was like capture the flag except we were separated into house groups. Then our teacher gave the green team some advantages and gave the yellow team some disadvantages. When we were done, he asked the blue and green teams to talk about how we can change the way we play, and the red and yellow teams about how we could change the rules to make it fair for everyone.

This was related to our unit of inquiry because it showed how some people had advantages and others had disadvantages.

Math Test

We did a math test. It had things we have been learning in class such as rounding, ×10, ×100, ÷10, ÷100, fractions, and decimals. To see my test go to my red binder.

I think I did really well and that I did better than I expected! I think I am good at explaining my thinking and at > < =.

I need to work on actually reading the question because I missed a trick question! I also need to work on mixed numbers.


Geometry Test ×÷+−

We did a geometry test. It was a unit test for unit 3. We had questions about angles, drawing shapes, and nets. To look at my test, go into my red binder! Click HERE to go to the file.

I think I did pretty well. I think I still need to work on measuring angles and on measuring triangles. I didn’t expect I would do so well.

I would like for people to notice the triangles I drew because I think did them really well and got full marks for that. I also want more help on measuring triangles.

I am sooooo happy I did so well, usually I suck at math but I did better than I expected!😅


Book Club 📚

A picture of the book I am currently reading.

In grade 5 we are doing a thing called book club. A teacher selects some books for our age and then we pick one of them. We then meet up with the people that picked the same book.

Together, we then decide how many chapters we have to read after each book club meeting which are on Tuesday and Thursday. In my current group we said 10 chapters because we have 60 chapters and 6 meetings.

Once we are done, we pick new books and meet with the people who picked the same book.

We then repeat this process again and again all through the year.