In grade 5 we learned how to use circuits, like how to make lights. To make a lightbulb light up you will need a battery holder, 2 batteries, a lightbulb-holder, a lightbulb, and some wires. so first you will have to put the batteries into the battery holder, then you will have to connect the wires from the battery holder to the lightbulb holder which has the lightbulb on it, and after that, your lightbulb will light up.

The reason why it works is that the electrons from the batteries flow through the wires which flow all the way to the lightbulb. And the only reason why it wouldn’t work is if you didn’t connect the wires properly or if the batteries have run out. some challenges I have faced while working on my circuits are getting confused with the wires and maybe getting the lightbulb to work. but I solved my problems by not giving up and trying again.

I thought that this unit was really fun because we could make our own design and add lightbulbs on it. If i could do this again I would do it.



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