Morning Meeting

The first day of grade five was awesome! I have enjoyed a lot of things but what i enjoy most is morning meeting. The Morning Meeting is being handled by the morning meeting leaders, they get to choose what to do in the morning meeting but what they don’t get to choose is where people are sitting because it’s always boy girl.

So first is the check-in, the greeting, the share, the activity, the message then the feedback. The check-in is basically a question that starts your day at school. The greeting is when you greet someone in the morning to one boy and one girl.

The share is when you share to a shoulder buddy, and after the morning meeting leaders get your attention they choose you or someone to share what the share is.

Then the activity is the fun part. The activity is when you get to play anything and it can be about team building or something that includes cooperation.

The message is basically something that can inspire you to make your day and then someone in the class can explain what they think it means.

Finally is feedback. The feedback is when you give glows and grows to help them get better and it can’t be something that will criticize them.

And that’s why i love the morning meeting

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