Fun Things In Grade 4D with Ms.Pretty

Grade 4D is a very fun place and I want to tell you a few things. The first thing is making your own comic because you can make it educational or non educational because it comes from your knowledge and the other thing is is that you can be creative. You can be creative by drawing, making your own character, using yourself as a character or getting a character from a book. The second thing is learning with Ms.Pretty because she teaches us very well, she is strict if she needs to be like when people are talking or when we interrupt her while she is speaking.  The third thing is that you can do DEAR time and it stands for Drop Every Thing And Read. DEAR time is a time where you can read and no one will disturb you. The fourth thing is ITime and ITime is a time where you can chose an interesting subject that you can do with a friend or you can do it yourself. The last thing is laptops because we get to learn stuff like Mathletics , studdyladder and Xtra math. So those are reasons why I think grade 4D is fun with Ms.Pretty.