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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

Refelection of the Young Americans workshop/experience

Name:  Shunkiu

Class:  6A

Dear Young Americans,

Over my time spent at this workshop with you, you have encouraged me to be more risk-taking and open minded! This is a surprise to me because performing arts is one of the subjects that makes me feel nervous, scared, afraid due to the fact that just looking at the sheer number of people watching in the crowd frightened me so much I normally refuse to even go near the stage! Before you guys came to hong kong, my teacher kept on talking and talking about how amazing the young Americans are and I’m just like come on there not THAT amazing. But now after the workshop, this is me: “man they are THAT good”.

My highlight of the experience/workshop is learning all the dances. Usually, I do not, would not and could not dance, but during the workshop, I for once enjoy dancing, singing …  what could have been better was the break’s, most of us were extremely tired and the breaks are so short! But who cares more time with the young Americans and more time to dance and sing!

Camp Reflection (Nov 28- Dec 1)

Group name: Yang Li Wei ( Sparkly unicorn pandas)

During my time at outward bound, I participated in a plethora of activities ranging from kayaking and camping to the high ropes course.

Even though each and every activity I participated in was breathtakingly amazing, the one I personally enjoy the most is hiking over very different terrain including rocky hills, overgrown paths and even the alleyways of a housing area. In addition to the thrilling hike, the reward at the end we received at the end is truly astonishingly, breathtakingly amazing.

To summarise this 4-day experience, one of the main lessons aside of the LNT (leave no trace) session was learning a method on how I can break through the small challenges (for me (highs…)) and also what a good team needs and don’t need.

End of unit Reflection -WWA

Central Idea:

Developing self-awareness can build character and healthy relationships











HWOO summative process report

in this post, I will be explaining our summative and our process through the design thinking model throughout the last few weeks of HWOO. on the empathise stage, we needed to empathise with the 3 stakeholders and see what the pains and gains of our system. during the define stage, we needed to figure out what was our problem and what was the problem statement. Next, during the ideate stage, we used an ideate planner to list out all of the possible ideas that we could find. in the prototype stage, we created a cardboard version of the main object to see if the if it will work. finally, we managed to create a half working hourglass machine even though we suffered from leakage problems, system malfunctions and the list goes on. the link for my full report:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ubTZKuBlDbzy7_Y6fXkSoLHA50QFqsEfNFqJZf0k0ms/edit

WWA- memoir first draft

The screenshot above is a screenshot of my memoir 1st draft where we only had the basic knowledge and the outline of memoirs. I attempted to show not tell but took a long time for me to understand this concept and this style of writing. As you can see in the photo above, the blue text is the newer and more improved version of the ones in black. I wanted to post this on my blog/portfolio because I feel really proud that I am able to learn a new style of writing because I feel that I need improve my English. Also, my normal style is the exact opposite so this is a really big achievement for me. In addition, this felt like an extreme challenge for me due to my style.

HWOO Tuning in

Before this activity, we drew what we thought was a system and described it. My group chose the system of a hamburger and how it is made. Then, Using a chatterbox, we talked about different aspects of the system we drew on Friday. The chatterbox worked because on each side there was a question that we had to answer explain the answer. Here is the link.

digi time homework

Developing self-awareness can build character and healthy relationships by causing the person to realise their surroundings and to build healthy relationships and character due to their new experiences. One of the examples of this in my life is when I realised that to continue to build character and expand my inner circle, I had to adapt and learn through experience.

weekly blog post 8/09/17

Weekly blog post

During the week, we endured a lot of assessments and activities. For example, we did the map test and math checkpoint. The map test has 3 different sections, reading, math and language/writing. We did the test over the course of 3 days with reading first and writing last. In math, we learned about equations, integers, input output machines and divisibility rules. For the math checkpoint, it occurred on the 6th and there is going to be an end of unit test on the 11th. In addition, we created a video for curriculum night to show our parents around the classroom. I, Brent and Hadrian was in charge of the class name and the door. Other jobs include mindfulness, decoration, class jobs, UOI, grateful board, thinking model… Also, we started book club by meeting our groups 3 times a week. In addition, roots and shoots started today at lunch with most of my friends going. During literacy, we extended our knowledge on memoirs and by understanding what are the properties of a memoir.

First 2 weeks of school!!!

During the first two weeks of school, we went through several pre-assessments and tasks including math, Chinese, literacy… In return, we got 5-10 minutes of mindfulness each and every morning (excluding Fridays). During these mindfulness sessions, we either lie down or sit then just breath in and out to relax. This week we started ASAs and I had a little bus problem that remains unsolved. Also, there was a typhoon 10 this week which resulted in us skipping school for Wednesday. Today we did an inquiry on passwords and watched a video about password security. The link is here. We also unpacked our central idea (developing self-awareness can build character and healthy relationships).

passion project reflection

Today I presented my passion project on the effects of video games in your average life. During this project, I learned that video games had a really big impact on your life. For example, video games can improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination and even memory! the best part is that I got to play video games as an experiment to find out the effects of video games on your life. next time I will be doing a project on agitation coke/sprite/mentos…