Grade 7: Science: IFolio Reflection

How does the natural world affect us?

There are a lot of ways the natural world affects us, the 2 most important being Photosynthesis and gravity.  Photosynthesis creates fresh air. A supply of food, all living things rely on photosynthesis to live. Gravity is the force that pulls us down. Without gravity, we would all be floating in the air and even possibly space.

How do we use Scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between the Natural world and us?

For example a particle accelerator can show us so much about the world and physics. There is also stuff like ice melting and global warming. We know about this stuff because we are looking at the Ozone layer.

I used science by making different types of experiment. In the first experiment that (Hydrochloric Acid)+(Sodium Bicarbonate + HCL)= Na+Cl (Sodium Chloride) + CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) +H20 (Water). This was a very simple test yet a learned the basic produces of a lab

In the next unit we learned about structures and for me I did the foundation of tables and in it I did urban, diagonal and diagonal other. The conclusion was diagonal is the best


I improved by making my understanding of independent variables, dependent variables and controlled variables in experiments. Variables are a very important part of all experiments and they really helped me in both of them. I also improved my knowledge of graphs. Graphs are very useful when you want to explain and use your information to help other people understand them.



On November 16th I went to Shek O beach for a service day, over there we cleaned up Shek O beach and we removed 90 KG worth of plastics from the beach. This really shocked me because I thought there would be 4-5 kg at the most.The cleaning of removing the microplastics and glass from the sand by shaking. I just learned how many microplastics we could have made 5 windows with the amount of glass. This really showed e if the ocean creatures are swallowing so much plastic than this a is VERY big issue.We did a lot of challenging stuff going through the rocks and taking I got hurt.I am very interested in doing a long term project because I love animals.

Chinise G6 was awesome!!!

My overall feeling of the school that it as really fun and I learned so much this year about feng shui and Chinese culture and that we learned in really fun ways
I learned a lot in the Chinese in the class and I, for example, I developed the attitude of open-minded open mindless because it taught me that all languages are equally important I also became a communicator

Wwa taught me a lot by teaching me about Chinese beliefs and what they think about like Feng shui and the reunion dinner. Feng shui taught me that I need to consider all part of the spectrum such as Chinese and what they believe. Reunion dinner because I learned a lot of about Chinese tradition dinner. It also taught me the importance as the Chinese have a smarter the way of thinking. It also taught me about how connected China is
WW taught me that I have to learn about Chinese history and what are the beliefs in China. This unit taught me a lot as now I know why Chinese do such things. I now have a lot of value in life and that the world is the same and what we do it is all uppon us. What we do with the world is our choice and that we should be respectful an open minded. The first story about the Brazilian taught me about the best communication and super app in the world WECHAT it taught me the china is super connected \
This taught me that all languages are equally important


We went camping on November 28 to Sai Kung for four  days and three nights. I will talk about the attitudes, skills and knowledge that I learned and improved on. In camp, I did a lot of activities that made me brave and a risk taker. Firstly, I jumped from a jetty which was  very high, I was not very comfortable with jumping into water but there was a life jacket. So I dared and jumped into the ocean. I  had a lot of fun, but when I was jumping for one second it felt like I was going to die and the next second I was underwater, it was epic. Secondly, I put the fate of my life in my team’s hands and climbed a very high obstacle course with them pulling the rope. During camp, I also improved my teamwork and cooperation skills. To start with, all of us in the group/team built  a raft out of rope, bamboo and a cylinder shaped thing which reached  target with us paddling. Finally, we Navigated all through the mountains with only a map and compass. Also, I improved drastically on my planning and packing skills. Firstly we had to pack our night pack on our own and if we did not do it properly we suffered, also one person delayed our group because he did not pack properly. Finally I  packed every day for our day pack and it was really tough, I always packed extra clothes even if I did not feel cold.


These are most of the attitudes, skills and knowledge that I learned on this trip are really beneficial.


Math Decimals


Today I will be talking about how I improved during the three week period between my pre-assessment and my summative. The first mistake I made was about how to round to the nearest hundredth of a million. I got that wrong on my pre-assessment because I had no clue how to do it, but in my summative, I got it right, as I learned how to do it during class. Another thing that I learned is different strategies to divide decimals by whole numbers therefore, I could do it correctly during my summative.

I think that I improved a lot in this summative because the type of questions I could not answer in my pre-test I could answer in my summative.

 My summative My pre-test

My writing POST!!!

Wassup today I will be talking about my writing and how I have been improving these past few months and today I will talk about how I am doing it and the progress that I am making.
Today I made a writing checklist that I can use while doing my pieces of writing. It consists of things that I normally make mistakes on while doing my pieces of writing and that I sometimes forget to do, That will help me do my work so that I can work on the things that I do not know how to do. This helps me because when I am editing I know what exactly what mistakes to look for. The checklist helps me remember of what I need to do and I personally think if I had my checklist before I would get much better grades because I mostly made those mistakes in my other pieces of writing. In the most recent piece as you will see in the writing and my checklist. I make these mistakes very commonly.

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