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today I am going to talk about my Minecraft. So this week we are doing a project in Minecraft and me and my friend Aidan have to build a house with a 50 by 50 perimeter and calculate the area of my house. AND WE CAN’T HAVE ANY FURNITURE!            So that means that this house will be pointless.(except doing math)

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Hi guys!

I can’t believe its already February! Sorry I didn’t do any BLOG POSTS! So this week on Monday I had visual arts. basically VA (visual arts) is art. then on Tuesday. Then we had Minecraft. Now we are doing Minecraft in school. Minecraft in school is not what you think, its actually is math.  On Wednesday I had reading and Chinese (well we have Chinese everyday). On Thursday I had tennis. On Friday I  had buddies and I played with them and I had swimming.




Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 2.11.56 PMHello guys,

Happy New year!! I can’t believe that it’s already 2017! So today I am going to talk about Paladins! So Paladins is a video game. you can only right now play it on Steam. What is Steam? Steam is a free website that you download and you can buy games and you can play free games. Paladins is free. But you can buy stuff with real money. There are different types of the paladins, their is Paladin’s founder’s pack which cost money and gives you more stuff,and Paladin’s which is free. It will come out on Xbox One & PS4 soon but I don’t now when it comes out. If you want to learn more click here!


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All about me!!

All about me!

  • 我是一个男孩。我的名字是浚文.
  • 我喜欢吃面包。
  • 我是一个新加玻人和加拿大人。
  • 我喜欢玩电脑。
  • 我是一个视觉学习者。
  • 我的家有四个人,爸爸妈妈姐姐和我。
  • 我喜欢运动。
  • 我喜欢糖果。
  • 我喜欢吃西瓜。
  • 我不喜欢吃鱼。
  • 我的上是加拿大国际雪。

My smart goal: to read Chinese books every day for 10 min.

Reflection: I have been reading Chinese books but not every day because I am really busy

almost every day. I will try to make time every day.



Today we will talk about Hatchet. So Hatchet is  a book that I read while in I was in book club , I think about two months ago I made a post about Hatchet so today I am going to talk about what are the most important think marks in the book.

So think marks are some  post-it note  that you put on a page and  it shows you like where the funny part is. So the think marks that I put in were: Funny part, I made a connection, I visualized, Confusing part, Favorite part, Important part, I made a prediction, Exciting part, I learned new info and I inferred. So  I think that the two important think marks are: the exciting part and the interesting part. Because I think that this book is really interesting because theres a plane flying and all of a sudden the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes and there’s a boy stranded in the Canadian wilderness so I think thats interesting. And I think it is exciting because in the book  he hunts and kills animals and eats them and try’s to make fire with wood.

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WWA Unit reflection

  • 我是一个怎么样的学习者?Who am I as a learner?
    • 我是一个视觉学习者。
  • 我怎么学中文?How do I learn  Chinese?
    • 我听老师和写字学者中文。
  • 怎么做一个更好的学习者?How can I become a better learner?
    • 我听老师学中文学得更好
  • Who I am as a balanced and reflective learner? 全面发展的人Balanced:   I study and am focused on work.  反思者Reflective:I learn from my mistakes. After this unit I learned: 一边 一边, 打球, And now I learned new words and I can apply them when I speak Chinese. And now I learned more words and have more words in my Chinese vocabulary. I will read more Chinese books.  

Home Learning

Hi guys!!


Welcome back to another blog post viewers! So today we are going to talk about: Home Learning. so today my HL is :What forces were acting on your boat? What was making it move, stay still or float? So basically today we did a experiment that we made our own boat that carried a marble and try to make the boat go to the other side of a pond with out the boat sinking and marble getting wet. And then went to our green roof in my school.  so basically my boat got wrecked and sunk but the boat made out of paper made it to the other side and when I took it out of the water I found that the marble was not wet!!:) So it was good!! So now to my HL: The forces acting on the boat was motion. The wind was moving my boat. And my boat was staying still for a while then it floated then sank. Here is a link to some pictures! https://twitter.com/AdamsCDNIS/status/805637050992988161


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Home Learning Nov 24

Hi guys!!

Today we are going to talk about home learning. So today my home learning is: What does it mean to analyze data in an experiment? What data did we get during our ball drop? So yesterday I made a post about my experiment and today I went to the 6th floor and some people went to the 9th floor. And the people that went to the 9th floor dropped tennis  balls and golf balls, and one time the golf ball hit my classmate. So anyway we found out that the golf ball drops faster than the tennis ball we tried it six times and ⅚ golf balls were faster than the tennis balls. Anyway let’s get to my h.l. So what type of data did I I get? The data I got was the golf ball falls faster than a tennis ball.

What does analyzing data in an experiment mean? I think  it means to review in detail.

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Home learning Nov 23


Welcome back to Keith’s portfolio, today we are going to talk about home learning.

In my last post I talked about what I did to plan an experiment. So today I am going to talk to you about  What would you change to do the experiment? So anyway yesterday I did a experiment and it was which falls faster?  A golf ball or a tennis ball?  So I am going say what I want to change. So when I dropped the balls I used a measuring tape to measure the drop. I put my measuring tape to 52 inches and when I dropped it I and the tennis ball dropped faster. What I would change is the height to 100 inches and see which one drops faster and compare with someone else.

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Home Learning 22 November

Hello boys and girls,

Today I am going to talk about Overwatch. Just kidding!! We are going to talk about home learning. So I am suppose to talk about what I did when I planned a experiment. When I planned the experiment first I made a hypothesis and then I made a list of steps  on a piece of paper. And then I got a smiley face from my teacher.

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