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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

Math Analysis

I recently received my summative on Decimals back. How did I improve? Is there still something I need to work on?

One way I improved was before I didn’t know how to round decimals. Well, I knew how to round, but I didn’t understand how to round decimals. Or even what it was, in fact. On my summative, I got all the rounding of decimals right. 🙂

Another way I improved was that I refreshed my memory on converting between fractions and decimals. On the pre-assessment, I forgot how to convert a fraction into a decimal, but on the summative, I had no problems with it.

For the third way I improved, I can now estimate with decimals. YAY!!! Before, I never really learned this, so I was a bit clueless on the pre-assessment. But after this unit, I know how to estimate with decimals. Yay!

I think I still need to work on my dividing and multiplying decimals. I mean, it’s okay, but I think I still need to improve. On the summative, I completely forgot how divide and multiply by 10, 0.1, 0.01, and 0.001. I now remember how, but I went blank on the summative.

Next time, I will try to work harder on my math. Seriously.

CAMP!!!! All about the fun stuff

Camp was super fun. We were stationed in Sai Kung, in Outward Bound’s base camp.

One attribute I learned was risk-taker. I learned to risk-take through the jetty jump and the high ropes. I was not looking forward to the jetty jump. I have tried to jump off a junk boat before, and I completely failed. I didn’t have high hopes for this one. But the thing was, I wanted to go. I was just too scared (BTW I’m scared of heights). I was really nervous. I waited in line, one by one, I watched my friends bravely pop into the water. I slowly walked onto the jetty (HASHTAG THE PLANK) and I just stood there. One of the Outward Bound staff told me to look forward and just to stick one foot out. My heart beat faster and faster. It was incredibly high, and I wanted to quit. but suddenly, after a minute, I closed my eyes, and stuck my right foot out. My heart raced like I was on a rollercoaster, and PLOP! I was in the water. The water hit me like a freezing wave. It was terribly cold. I shivered slightly in my life jacket. I had finally done it! 

I also did high ropes, where we had to climb the “Centipede”. I was after several people, and was pretty nervous. As I stated before, I’m scared of heights, and the “Centipede”seemed pretty tall. As I watched my friend go first, slowly descending like she was flying. I watched, as one by one, everyone in front of me went up. Soon, it was my turn. I slowly trudged toward the “Centipede”. I asked if everyone was ready, and I climbed up the first step. It swung slightly as I climbed up. Soon, I was almost there. I looked down. Oops! Big mistake. I clung to the “Centipede”, feeling like I couldn’t make it. My teammates cheered me on, and the camp leaders instructed me where to put my feet. Finally, I was at the very top. I felt really happy to have accomplished this feat. I felt good to be dabbing as I floated down.

   For my attitude, I used responsibility. I used responsibility because during tents, we had to set up our own tents and be responsible for cleaning after ourselves. If you didn’t watch the group leader set up the first one, then, bam, you were clueless. When we cleaned up the tents, we had to make sure we had everything out, we packed our stuff neatly, and that the tents were coming down. Everything happened in a flash, and I’m proud of that. 🙂

One more way we had to use responsibility was the rule of Leave No Trace. We were supposed to dispose of our waste properly, minimise the effects of fire, be kind to other visitors, respect the wildlife, plan ahead and prepare,be considerate of others, leave what you find, and travel and camp on durable ground. We had to make sure we fulfilled the rules of leaving no trace of where we went. This is very important because it helps (little by little) minimise the impact on Earth wherever we go.

  For the key concepts, I chose commitment. We had to use lots of commitment on the hike, for it was a six hour one. I was already panting by the time we got up several flights of stairs. I started sweating soon, too. I took off my jacket, eager to get some wind. The sun shone unrelentingly on us as we climbed up. We walked and walked up the stairs, and in no time, we saw a stunning view. The ocean seemed endless, and there were little islands nestled in between.    We kept walking and after what seemed to be a thousand flight of stairs, there was flat land. Trees quickly blocked out view of the ocean, as well as the breeze. But with the trees came shade. We all sighed in relief. Shade! The saviour to the sun! We walked through the quiet trails, meeting a few dogs along the way. We even ate FruitTips, the sweet flavour melting on our dry tongues. I was the water person, yelling at people to drink more water(in the nice way of course!). We rested on rocks that jutted out from the ground, moss thriving on most. We soon though, had to climb more stairs, I was tired, panting from the minute we started. I do not go on hikes often, and especially not a six hour one. We finally stopped at a checkpoint. We all threw down our heavy bags and sat on a stone. After several minutes, we were ready to start again. In our path was a fork. Our team leader told us that one was shorter, but harder, while the other one was longer, but easier. My team had a quick discussion. Shorter. We wanted to get to the peak as soon as possible. As soon as we went up, we were exposed to the hot sun. I felt like I could see the top, but every time I got there, there was more to be climbed. With each climb, I could feel it getting steeper and steeper. Soon, we had to climb up with our bare hands. I tried to catch my breath, hearing grumbles and complains behind me asking why we even went this way. I silently repeated in my head We’re almost there! We can do it! We’re almost there! We can do it! After several slips and scratches, we made it. It was a sight for sore eyes. We could look from all four sides: North, South, East, West. It was all in front of us. Looming green mountains on one side and the endless ocean on the other. We sat down and enjoyed our precious victory.

I had to use commitment for they raft building/kayak. We had to try to tie the bamboo and the kayaks together, but I guess we used too much clove hitch knots. It was too loose, and it didn’t work. I was frustrated when it just kept coming loose even though we tied many ropes already. At the end, the camps leaders helped us with a solution, and we paddled all the way back.:)

For my skills, I worked on my social skills. I was in a group with not many people I knew, and I had to learn more about them and befriend them. They were all friendly, and I made more friends, that’s for sure. For my skills, I worked on my social skills. I was in a group with not many people I knew, and I had to learn more about them and befriend them. They were all friendly, and I made more friends, that’s for sure. Through our tasks and we became friends and we laughed and had fun together. In fact, it was easier than I thought. Perhaps it has not improved a lot, but I’m sure I did in some way! 🙂 During tents, we had to communicate with each other to lay out each layer. We got to work together, and it was a very quick process. Another time I used my social skills was when I was doing the egg drop with them. We had to create a parachute and something to cushion the egg’s drop. While we were doing so, we sang Disney songs. Now I don’t know what possessed us to do so, but it was fun. We sang How Far I’ll Go, Let it Go, in a parody, and much more. All I can say is we all had a good laugh.

Camp was a great experience, and I hope I will get another one just like it!

Math Pre-assessment and Summative

We recently got our math pre-assessments and summative back.

For my whole numbers pre-assessment,  I don’t think I remembered my math terms for whole numbers. For my expanded form, I got it wrong because I wrote it in written form. My math brain was not working very well.          

Compared to my summative though, I think my brain got refreshed. I got a Meeting/Exceeding, which is pretty good. Plus, I got my expanded form right. 🙂 I improved a lot, and my math definitely improved on whole numbers. I feel good to have a Meeting/Exceeding! (BUT I STILL WANT A EXCEEDING!!!) To work toward that goal, perhaps I will work harder (even though I do not like math)

Another comparison was that in  my pre-assessment I did not get my prime numbers right. I underlined two composite numbers. Seriously me? After this unit, I’m pretty sure I’m more comfortable with prime and composite numbers.

Something I need to work on is estimating. I don’t like estimating because, why not just work it out? Sometimes while estimating, I just do mental math.

Compared to my pre-assessment to my summative, my multiples have improved. I know which is which easier and quicker, and pretty accurate too

This a hint for the multiples:



         這是我的口語評估。我做得還好,可是我不是太滿意因為我不是太流利也有點短。下次我會多練一點,因為這次沒怎麼練。 我自己給自己的 self-assesment 都是meeting, 只有一個 exceeding。 下次我會好好的練習!下次,我也覺得我們應該跟老師一對一的做口試,因為有些人很要面子,不喜歡在很多人面前說話。如只在老師面前,那樣就知道他說中文的能力。


Alan Dick Day

Writing Improvements

How have I improved on writing so far? Through my memoir, I think I have improved on my revision. On my first draft, there was red pen scrawls all over the page. One by one, the draft’s red scrawls faded away as my drafts got better and better. I learned to improve more thought-shots, something vital in almost every single piece of writing. You can see my red scrawls fading away and the draft itself getting longer each time.

The very first draft with lots of scrawls

The final draft:


I have just made my own personalised writing checklist. I think it will help me a lot (the fact that it’s personalised) and has the things I need to work on (for example hooks. My mind doesn’t agree on hooks).  Transitions words, it’s always hard to find one when you’ve already used all of the ones that you know. Using the writing checklist, I think I can improve my writing even further.

In my opinion, I think that the brainstorms we use are really effective. They help me categorise and organise my information and  make it easy to write a draft. They have the main idea, smaller categories and then the Juicy details.  It’s simple, yet so easy to use. Best method EVER!!!

Example of the brainstorm web:

My writing is improving through the thought shots

It is really helping me with my story writing. Transition words are helping me enhance mywriting by making it more interesting and making a good transition.

I am making a writing checklist to help improve and I revise my drafts through comments and better ideas. I try to give as much ideas for editing and the next draft.

6B Box of Hope Assembly

Recently, 6B had an assembly on Box of Hope. It was so fun! We also went to classrooms to teach kids how to wrap their box.

The thing I enjoyed most was the dance and my part where I had to speak. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the singing though. I enjoyed the dance most because it was really good and the boys’ part was really funny. I enjoyed speaking into the microphone, it was fun. I did not like yelling my lines after the national anthems.


For the CISPA group, we cooperated really well. We got clear instructions and we always knew what to do. We got the money (I think) and got all the materials for the assembly. Rachel was a good leader, and Natalie and Rachel were both pretty good at math. We had to synergise to get everything running.

I had two speaking parts in the assembly. I had to yell out my lines from the stairs and explaining the system of Box of Hope. For the yelling out, I think we did have to cooperate to get it running smoothly. If one person forgot who they were after, then it would be very awkward. For the system, Lucia and I took turns talking. If one person forgot their lines, then the whole system would be really weird.

For the classroom job, I think we had to cooperate a lot. 5A was bustling with activity, and I think I was pretty tired that day( and I had ASA). Some people were apparently not listening very well. So we had to go around and help them. Most people only finished the bottom of their box, in fact. I think only two people started to decorate their boxes. I think if we didn’t cooperate, then it would have been even worse. We did a pretty good job though…

I learned to have self-management skills because we had to be quick to set up. We also had to memorise the lines so we had to remember when to go up.

For attitudes, we had to have tolerance, because some students weren’t listening very well. We had to be patient with them and not get frustrated because I’m pretty sure the demonstration was clear enough. An attribute I did was communicator. We had to effectively communicate with the students to get the information through.

We are taking action by helping underprivileged children and taking action within our community as well as Asia. This will help with our Exhibition (taking action) and communicating with random strangers (getting the box).

For concepts, we have to have responsibility to wrap the boxes and make a slide. We also have to be responsible for bringing our boxes on the assembly day and make sure the students know what to do. We also did change because we are bringing change to many children.

I learned more about Box of Hope for knowledge and I learned that there are actually lots of ways you can help children like them! We are considered to be very privileged and we should appreciate the many things we have.

I hope you have done a Box of Hope too!






Google Drawings System

We had to make a system chart for Google Drawings in Digi-Time.

5 new things I did for google drawings was putting a photo in the background and adjusting the colour, and the gradient headings. Another one was putting a gif in the background-and it actually is still animated! I learned how to use the arrows instead of the lines(it’s actually more complicated), and to be honest, I never really knew about the headings!

Next time, I think I will try different fonts and colours for my letters, write now it’s just boring Arial(no offense). Next time perhaps I could also write more scientific information, it seems very simple. I should explain more about the system and how it works.

See, the heading is gradient!


Reading Preps

My first reading preps were horrible. Not too horrible, but pretty horrible compared to the ones I write now. I had a short context, and my questions were mostly YES or NO. They were also really bad questions, obviously not going to start a discussion.

My reading preps, now though, have changed. The layout has changed, I’m giving more context, and my questions are not YES or NO questions.

Here is my first few preps:

These were my more recent ones:

They have not lines as a layout, so they are not confined to a certain space. The context is more detailed and longer. The questions are more interesting and stir up more of a conversation.

Compared to the beginning, my discussions with the group have improved. I have gotten to know more about the people in my book club group, and we are talking more. Our discussions are longer,and our questions are better than before.

WWA Learning Engagements

My first learning engagement I want to talk about is the Personality Reflection. In this assignment, we took a quiz to see what colour personality we were. I was 71.43% green. Green is fair, honourable, and a global thinker. It shows my self-awareness because I am more aware of my personality and how I react to certain things. This way I can understand myself more, and how and why I do certain things.

I still wonder why I am only 71.43% green and not 100% green. I wonder what the other percent is…

My second learning engagement is the Empathy lesson. I learned steps on how to be empathetic, and that being empathetic is so important to forming bonds, or even strengthening it. It has made me more self-aware of my actions and if was being sympathetic or empathetic. Before, I knew what Empathy was, but I never really understood how to do it. I try to remember the steps. These are the steps:

Watch and Listen




Show you care

This can be remembered by Walt Ran Into A Sock. Here is a photo from my note-taking in class.

Yes, there is a lot of drawings, yes there is a lot of colour, but to me, it is EMPATHY. And that is what’s most important.


Robotics: The Driverless Car 🐰

On Tuesday we had a robotics session. We continued to learn about how to make a mBot Robot to run on a black line and move around obstacles.  But the challenge was the Ms. Fung, the teacher, gave us two separate codes. One was to follow the black line, and the other was to move around obstacles. But the mBot Robot(My robot’s name was Kanga) can only follow one code, so how could we combine both codes?

So we experimented with how we could add them together. We used the attributes inquirer, open-minded, thinker, and knowledgeable. If this didn’t work, can we try it this way? Or perhaps switch it over?

So we experimented with how we could add them together. We used the attributes inquirer, open-minded, thinker, and knowledgeable. If this didn’t work, can we try it this way? Or perhaps switch it over?

My goal was to try to finish quickly and not try to get too frustrated. I had some help from some friends as well.

What went well was that my robot actually made it! It moved around the obstacle in a rather odd way though…

The challenge I faced was the fact that my robot wasn’t moving even thought I had did the code. But my friend told me that her robot wouldn’t move unless she kept it plugged. So I tried that. YAS! It worked! It shows that sometimes being open-minded does benefit you! The second challenge was the fact that I was unmotivated. But with some friends, I actually had a great time!

My plan for nest time is to keep testing and experimenting on how to make it better. I’ll see you soon Kanga!

I don’t think the flow chart helped too much. I mean, it got me to think about it and get my mind working, and got me to see how it worked, but it didn’t help me with the code.

The thing that was fun about this challenge was that it was challenging and felt so good when I actually succeeded. It was also really fun to see the robot run.

This photo on top is my latest code that I added up. I added the obstacle code first my adding it to the bottom then in the middle.

These are my friends’ robots and mine in action!

Someone moving their robot to the line so it can once again start running