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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

Google Drawings System

We had to make a system chart for Google Drawings in Digi-Time.

5 new things I did for google drawings was putting a photo in the background and adjusting the colour, and the gradient headings. Another one was putting a gif in the background-and it actually is still animated! I learned how to use the arrows instead of the lines(it’s actually more complicated), and to be honest, I never really knew about the headings!

Next time, I think I will try different fonts and colours for my letters, write now it’s just boring Arial(no offense). Next time perhaps I could also write more scientific information, it seems very simple. I should explain more about the system and how it works.

See, the heading is gradient!


Reading Preps

My first reading preps were horrible. Not too horrible, but pretty horrible compared to the ones I write now. I had a short context, and my questions were mostly YES or NO. They were also really bad questions, obviously not going to start a discussion.

My reading preps, now though, have changed. The layout has changed, I’m giving more context, and my questions are not YES or NO questions.

Here is my first few preps:

These were my more recent ones:

They have not lines as a layout, so they are not confined to a certain space. The context is more detailed and longer. The questions are more interesting and stir up more of a conversation.

Compared to the beginning, my discussions with the group have improved. I have gotten to know more about the people in my book club group, and we are talking more. Our discussions are longer,and our questions are better than before.

WWA Learning Engagements

My first learning engagement I want to talk about is the Personality Reflection. In this assignment, we took a quiz to see what colour personality we were. I was 71.43% green. Green is fair, honourable, and a global thinker. It shows my self-awareness because I am more aware of my personality and how I react to certain things. This way I can understand myself more, and how and why I do certain things.

I still wonder why I am only 71.43% green and not 100% green. I wonder what the other percent is…

My second learning engagement is the Empathy lesson. I learned steps on how to be empathetic, and that being empathetic is so important to forming bonds, or even strengthening it. It has made me more self-aware of my actions and if was being sympathetic or empathetic. Before, I knew what Empathy was, but I never really understood how to do it. I try to remember the steps. These are the steps:

Watch and Listen




Show you care

This can be remembered by Walt Ran Into A Sock. Here is a photo from my note-taking in class.

Yes, there is a lot of drawings, yes there is a lot of colour, but to me, it is EMPATHY. And that is what’s most important.


Robotics: The Driverless Car 🐰

On Tuesday we had a robotics session. We continued to learn about how to make a mBot Robot to run on a black line and move around obstacles.  But the challenge was the Ms. Fung, the teacher, gave us two separate codes. One was to follow the black line, and the other was to move around obstacles. But the mBot Robot(My robot’s name was Kanga) can only follow one code, so how could we combine both codes?

So we experimented with how we could add them together. We used the attributes inquirer, open-minded, thinker, and knowledgeable. If this didn’t work, can we try it this way? Or perhaps switch it over?

So we experimented with how we could add them together. We used the attributes inquirer, open-minded, thinker, and knowledgeable. If this didn’t work, can we try it this way? Or perhaps switch it over?

My goal was to try to finish quickly and not try to get too frustrated. I had some help from some friends as well.

What went well was that my robot actually made it! It moved around the obstacle in a rather odd way though…

The challenge I faced was the fact that my robot wasn’t moving even thought I had did the code. But my friend told me that her robot wouldn’t move unless she kept it plugged. So I tried that. YAS! It worked! It shows that sometimes being open-minded does benefit you! The second challenge was the fact that I was unmotivated. But with some friends, I actually had a great time!

My plan for nest time is to keep testing and experimenting on how to make it better. I’ll see you soon Kanga!

I don’t think the flow chart helped too much. I mean, it got me to think about it and get my mind working, and got me to see how it worked, but it didn’t help me with the code.

The thing that was fun about this challenge was that it was challenging and felt so good when I actually succeeded. It was also really fun to see the robot run.

This photo on top is my latest code that I added up. I added the obstacle code first my adding it to the bottom then in the middle.

These are my friends’ robots and mine in action!

Someone moving their robot to the line so it can once again start running

Working with TwoPresents

What I enjoyed most: I enjoyed working with my team and making the pipe cleaner bikes.

My highlight is:  Creating the bike but then realising we didn’t video it!

It felt GREAT to take action and know that you are helping people in need.

I found it challenging that: The YouTube video would not load for QUITE a few times. It was very frustrating.

I learned to persevere and to take action more. Don’t give up, and you’ll get it!(Unless there’s something wrong with your computer)

My goals were to take more action, improve people’s lives and to get a good grade! : )

Attributes I developed:

-Thinkers                                                                                                           -Inquirers                                                                                                            -Caring                                                                                                               -Open minded

Attitudes I developed:

-Respect                                                                                                             -Commitment                                                                                                     -Empathy                                                                                                            -Creativity                                                                                                          -Appreciation




四月二十三日             星期日                  陰





我終於找到了答案。 我們做這個活動的原因是老是想我們寫日記和培養我們的責任感。

牛同瑤    MA Prep 5B

Digi-Time = Tinkercad 3D Printing🐰

Digi-time is a 2 period activity where you either learn about photography, 3D printing, or robotics. This is the second session and I am learning about 3D printing on Tinkercad.

We are going to print out a cuboid with our names on it. The measurements are 1 x 1 x 3 cm.

We were required to do a few tutorials before so we would have some knowledge about Tinkercad and how to use it.

Here are some photos of my process:

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 1.47.03 PM

This is part of a tutorial. We had to place the letter on top of the keychain, group them together, and delete the unused letters.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.17.41 PM

The beginning of my cuboid with my name on it. In this picture I have gotten all the letter but my cuboid is not yet ready.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.45.17 PM

My cuboid with my name, not yet grouped but with RAINBOW colours.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.51.16 PM

The grouped cuboid. When grouped, it becomes the same colour. It is 1 x 1 x 3 cm in measurements.

3D printing is a very fun activity. If you want to try, go ahead!


Passion Project Portfolio Entry

A few weeks ago, we started something called the Passion Project. During Passion Project, we did a project about something we were passionate about.

The thing I learned most was…

Time management. I have never been really good at time management. I have always just did what I had to do without making sure I had enough time for the next thing. Through this project, I learned how important time management is.

The best thing about this passion project session was…

The best thing was when I made the piggy bank. It was fun to see a pig form out of a plastic bottle! But it was quite hard to cut the toilet paper roll…

Next time I think I will…

Do something else like crocheting. I think that my project was a bit boring and the result wasn’t that exciting either. Next time, I will manage my time better and maybe think more about my topic!Photo on 10-2-2017 at 1.19 PM


  在二年級的時候,我又長長的瀏海,黑濃濃的頭髮,和一個圓圓的頭。 我的頭髮沒有砸起來,張到我的肩膀。在右邊 綁了一條辮子。我沒有的那些粉刺在我的前額上。兩道淡淡的的眉毛在我的不大不小的眼睛上。我的面龐是個健康的膚色。我的下巴還是那麼尖,那大大的笑容還掛在我的臉上。


 我的外貌變了很多因為我長大了。 我希望長大後,,我想沒有我的粉刺和張高一點兒。





            星期三下午,我從學校回了家。我覺得很累剋還要堅持一下,因為還要去上鋼琴課呢。我們就開始出發了。我們上了出租車,很快就到了鋼琴老師的家了。在我和哥哥當中,是我先上。  我已經很累了,可是還要上。我就拿了我的鋼琴書放在鋼琴譜架上,就開始了。我堅持了,因為我喜歡彈鋼琴,我也很想進步。我很快彈完鋼琴了。現在又要做功課了。真是有很多東西要做啊,但我不抱怒。


Portfolio Entry #5⃣️ DHMO

Ms.Williams came in a few days ago to teach us something. She said we were under a situation and we had to fix it. She told us to pretend we were the City Public Health Director. The radio had just reported that there was a dangerous substance called DHMO that we had everyday access to. What do we tell the frightened city? Hoax or real?

We went to a  DHMO.org to check it out. In the end we found out it was a fake! DHMO is actually water!💧

I learned that in order to have valid info, you have to have a lot of resources and check to see if the website had valid information!