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Writing Improvements

Throughout my phase of writing, I really improved a lot. At first, I always found the writing checklists really annoying but after we wrote our own checklists I find them really helpful because it will benefit our formatting, language, and organisation. For example, my verb tenses aren’t always right so I wrote that down on my checklist, then each time I look at my checklist it’ll remind me.

My final memoir draft.
My brainstorm for the persuasive writing.

During the memoir project, we had to do many revisions and rewrite them to improve them and I found that my final draft was so good because of those drafts. All together we made 4 drafts and each one kept getting better! I got a few spelling mistakes but the writing was so detailed because I had many cliff hangers at the end of my paragraphs. For example, one of the paragraphs ended like, “ I couldn’t believe it.” When readers see it they would be like, “ Ooh, I wonder what would happen next?”   


On the other hand, my brainstorms weren’t the best. I always wanted to just start right away because I just didn’t know how to start a brainstorm. An evidence is, I would literally end up  writing the whole thing on my brainstorm! So my brainstorming skills aren’t really improving yet.

Going from last year to this year, my writing got better and better because always had checklists but this year I think I would improve even more because we can write our own checklists. This helps us with our strengths and weaknesses is writing.

Assembly Reflection

Prepared material for the class.

I really enjoyed the teaching part because it showed me that teaching isn’t easy and it gave me some experience. I also liked working with my classroom team because we got to learn from our mistakes since we did come across a few of them.

When I was working on the FLASH with someone else and we were kind of stuck for a while. We didn’t really know how to start and what to do. There wasn’t much communication. In the end, we understood how to do it and what to do.

  Meanwhile, for the class presentation, we were pretty good. We all helped each other if we came across challenges, we got everything done on time, and there was a lot of communication.

When it came to the part of the assembly, I definitely needed some confidence, and I am not the type of person who likes to be loud and open to everyone. Since this is a charity, of course I have to be caring. I had to make sure I made everything appropriate. Being an inquirer is also really important! This charity is new to me so I should have many questions in my head that I’d love to ask. But in all, we should always be inquires. There was definitely cause and effect throughout the process. For example, 6B teaching everyone about this charity makes everyone more involved, then it leads to bringing smiles to all the kids receiving the boxes. Doing an assembly requires social skills like listening, speaking, observing, and all that kind of stuff. We have to use a voice and share the action we want to achieve. We discussed and observed on how we would make our presentation on wrapping a box run smoothly and have enough time. I learned that everything you do is an experience and we should never deny them. Also, taking action supports other people’s opportunities.

Reading Preps improvements

For my first prep it was okay. It wasn’t the best but it was still fine. My context were a little too detailed and cut down into little bits. My book questions were decent. But my life questions were both “have you ever” questions. The have you ever questions went on for a while.

Looking at my latest book preps, I was able to tell the difference right away. I did not have anymore have you ever questions because we had a lesson on life questions and how we can make them more engaging. My context were shorter but yet still understandable. One of the questions were ” How would you react to this situation if you were Felix?” I feel like that questions really got my group thinking.

 This is my worst because it was my first one and I was a bit lost. My questions were a bit to broad and straight forward. There wasn’t much evidence for my group to understand.

This was my best one because my questions were more deep and it took more time to think about them. They were no more yes no questions. My context help others understand quickly and does not have a bunch of stuff squished up in there.

These preps help me improve as a reader because it makes me think instead of look when I am reading.

Google Drawings System


My wind turbine system

Wind turbine system


During our digitime session about google drawing, I learnt many things to make your “drawings” a lot better. The one thing I really liked was how we can have many image options. For example we can make the backgrounds a little faded so we can see the contents clearer. Another thing that amused was how we can make many things with the shapes. You can make labels for diagrams, you can make technical drawings, and even make little cartoons. This feature helps us be more innovating. Next, I liked how we can make word art. It makes words really cool and effective. Another interesting thing is instead of dragging an image from somewhere we can download so it works every time and the quality would be a little better.

One of these features I used was the word art. I used the gradient effect so it has some tone and contrast to the word. It made the title more effective. Another feature I used was the image options. It made my words nice and clear because I faded the background a bit. It’s great to have my words clearer because the information is more important than the pictures.

Next time I’d like to make my diagrams a little more neat because it was a bit all over the place. Also, I’d also want my explanation more clear and detailed. I should do a little more research.

This project helped me improve on my knowledge with google drawings and all these different features. I would love to do it again but better!


WWA Learning Engagements

Throughout our unit on “Who We Are”, we learnt many things on being aware of our actions and our words. Let me tell you more!

We did a self-awareness journal for a week and it made me into a reflective and balanced learner. I used the word reflective because it let me understand my personalities and thoughts.

Another thing I really enjoy during the unit was when we learned about empathy and sympathy. I understood the impact empathy makes, it’s a lot bigger. This really connects to self-awareness because you need to make sure during your life you always step in to others shoes and feel their needs and struggles. I especially love this because when you are having empathy for others, you are showing you care, and that’s all about being kind!

The WWA unit helps us a lot throughout our PYP exhibition and even our life! It is really important to have self-awareness because we are all learners and learners are always reflective.







For Tuesday, we did a Robotics Challenge project. I did not succeed but it did help me learn how to improve.

The goal was to get the robot to follow the “highway” and go around obstacles. During the coding process, we had to find a way to combine the ultrasonic sensor code with the line follower code.

The thing that went well was that I understood how to do it and I wasn’t struggling with the coding part. The other good thing is that I didn’t get really frustrated because it didn’t work.

The challenges I faced is to get the robot the follow the track. Also, sometimes it would stop suddenly when it’s turning or going around an obstacle. But every time it didn’t work I would calmly accept it then go back to my seat and try a different strategy.


This code did not work                                    I haven’t tried this code but I am                                                                                                 positive it would work work                                                                                                 because I actually combined it                                                                                                                               properly.







My plan for next time is to try the code I did have time to try and see if it works. If it doesn’t work I would ask a friend that hasn’t got it yet and we can find out together.

The flow chart definitely helped me, it gave a better understanding of coding instructions and how to understand them. At first it was sort of confusing for me but after it got explained to me I feel like it creates a better impact on your work.

Last year I did not like robotics that much but this year for some reason I have a better thought towards robotics. I feel like its probably because I understand better and I won’t get frustrated. I thought it was really fun!

This project helps me learn how to be more reflective and accept my failures, think of what I can improve on instead of sulking. From now on I would try and try until I get it!


Part 2:

For my second trial, it was a half half. I did succeed for the line following, however, I was not able to get the robot to go around obstacles. I tried many combinations and all of them was able to get the robot go on the line properly. But it would either go over the marker or suddenly stop in front of it. But I think I can do it next time!


🎁Two Present🎁Reflection👀

You’ve gotta give when you get, right?

At least that’s what Two Presents says, and I believe them. I felt really proud to be helping the world(ish). I found it challenging to follow all the rules when you make something to put online. It’s also kind of hard to concentrate because my group was not always focused, but still, I finished what I needed to finish. I know that this action was not such a big thing but I still want to keep taking action and helping others.