Weekly Post

This week for the PYPX we decided the layout of the board and we made things to put on it. I made a flow chart and a poster. I also printed out pictures which I cut out and outlined with black paper. The photos were from the interviews I went on. The photos were mostly pictures of the factories and plastic waste. This week was the first week with the collapsed schedule almost all classes were changed to exhibition except P.E.  My group has finished most of this weeks goals and is almost ready to present we just need board to put our stuff on. THE END

Weekly Blog Post

This week I worked my PYP exhibition I mostly researched the dangers and chemicals in plastics which end up in fish. You might think that the plastic stays in the fishes stomach but the chemicals sink into the fishes skin tissues and we eat them while also eating the chemicals. Here is a list of chemicals and their effects.

  • Doxins which cause cancer and death. As well as reproduction and development issues
  • Phthalates which cause asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, mental handicaps, neurodevelopmental issues, behaviour issues and autism
  • Vinyl chloride causes liver cancer and death
  • Ethylene which causes headaches, frostbite, dizziness, fatigue, lightheadedness, confusion and unconsciousness
  • Chloride which causes cough, redness, sore throat,  pain, nausea and vomiting
  • Lead which causes blindness and lead poisoning
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) causes cancer, birth defects, diabetes and immune system abnormalities

That is why it is easier to raise fish in a controlled environment where they can’t eat plastic and don’t give us sickness or death.

Pi Day

Every March 14th there is a special day it is called pi day. Pi is a never ending never that we use to find the area if circles. Some cool thing have happened on pi day such as the battle of Ivry, pi day, the 29th president decided to be the first president to pay taxes and the rolling stones also moved to France to escape taxes. there is a lot more here is a link to a list https://www.onthisday.com/events/march/14 there is also a pi song.

Out class celebrated it by eating pie which was awesome and delicious. I ate apple pie which was very good.  My conclusion is that pi day is interesting and had lots of events happen on the same day. Also pie taste good and you should listen to the pi song.

Weekly Post

This week all of grade 6 did the work for the upcoming pyp exhibition. My group had three people in it and our topic is plastic in the ocean. We wrote our lines of inquiry and related all the key concepts and related concepts to our issue. We also did a pre assessment for math. The pre assessment was about data management, we had to make charts and answer questions. Those are my favourite parts of the week.

3D Printing and Laser Cutting

Today I learned about laser cutting and 3D printing. Both of these are amazing things that can revolutionise the world. They have both affected the world a lot here are some things they have done. 3D printers can do all kinds of stuff, such as making prothetic limbs or even organs. 3D printing can save lives and they have impacted the world.

Laser cutting is a new way to shape objects and make tools easier. It uses a laser to cut out objects easily and very accurate. You can use it to make many  patens by burning the wood with the laser. It is great very great.

Thats all BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In class we did an experiment. It was Crystals!!!!!!!!!! We mixed borax with water and put some pipe-cleaners in them. Within 23 hours our pipe-cleaners were covered in crystals. My pipe-cleaner didn’t get covered in crystals because I didn’t mix it enough. All the crystals just went to the bottom of the jar, they were super hard to remove. I had to put soap in the jar, fill it with water, stir a lot then stab it repeatedly. So thats all….

Science Facts and Misconceptions

Today we learned about science Facts and Misconceptions. I learned some new things like every year 8 spiders don’t go in your mouth and diamonds aren’t compressed coal. We also did a test to see what we knew i got ?/10 because I didn’t know which answer was for which question because I only wrote the question number and my answer. It was fun and I learned roughly 29 new facts. So that’s all today.

The Ultimate Wallet

Hey! Are you the type of person who likes unique and rare items? Well than your in luck! With this brand new wallet you can put almost all small items!

That was some of the advertisement that I wrote for my homework. We made a wallet that is shaped like a egg. I mean who wouldn’t want one. We were given headphone cases and were told to make devices from them. The group I was in made a wallet YAY!!!!!!!!! You can Buy it for only $100 our group is called Sydoffy.

Weekly Post

This week we finished our prototypes for our inventions. We had to follow the design thinking model. In the design thinking model there are 5 steps, Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. We empathised  with people who don’t have electricity and live near running water. We had to come up with a idea to solve the problem of now electricity. We made a prototype of a machine that has a wheel that spins in water and it generates electricity.We tested it and it is impossible to know if it works because we didn’t have a generator. That’s all for this week.