In class we did an experiment. It was Crystals!!!!!!!!!! We mixed borax with water and put some pipe-cleaners in them. Within 23 hours our pipe-cleaners were covered in crystals. My pipe-cleaner didn’t get covered in crystals because I didn’t mix it enough. All the crystals just went to the bottom of the jar, they were super hard to remove. I had to put soap in the jar, fill it with water, stir a lot then stab it repeatedly. So thats all….

Science Facts and Misconceptions

Today we learned about science Facts and Misconceptions. I learned some new things like every year 8 spiders don’t go in your mouth and diamonds aren’t compressed coal. We also did a test to see what we knew i got ?/10 because I didn’t know which answer was for which question because I only wrote the question number and my answer. It was fun and I learned roughly 29 new facts. So that’s all today.

The Ultimate Wallet

Hey! Are you the type of person who likes unique and rare items? Well than your in luck! With this brand new wallet you can put almost all small items!

That was some of the advertisement that I wrote for my homework. We made a wallet that is shaped like a egg. I mean who wouldn’t want one. We were given headphone cases and were told to make devices from them. The group I was in made a wallet YAY!!!!!!!!! You can Buy it for only $100 our group is called Sydoffy.

Weekly Post

This week we finished our prototypes for our inventions. We had to follow the design thinking model. In the design thinking model there are 5 steps, Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. We empathised  with people who don’t have electricity and live near running water. We had to come up with a idea to solve the problem of now electricity. We made a prototype of a machine that has a wheel that spins in water and it generates electricity.We tested it and it is impossible to know if it works because we didn’t have a generator. That’s all for this week.

Inovation Lab- Weekly Post

This week we went to the Inovation Lab, It was a good experience. We learned about what they have at the Inovation Lab. Also there were two different things you could do little bits which I didn’t do and don’t know about and the other one. I did the other one. The group I was in made a drawing car, it was supposed to be a moving human be we got rid of the human. when making it we had some problem the cargo being to heavy and did I mention the part where the cargo was to heavy. We were supposed to use a solar panel but we used a battery. The important part is that we learned stuff and we even made a prototype. The End

Word Count: 130


Today in class we saw a video about a girl who doesn’t enjoy having Asian people in the library. It is because she says they talk really loud on the phone. But really did she have to post a video on the internet. She has a point you shouldn’t talk on the phone in the library. But not only Asians have ever had a phone call in the library. Even she might of. But she also says they invite there family members that have come from Asia with them cook for them and do there laundry. But  know does she even know that. She’s kinda rude in the video and she says she was raised to be nice little angle witch I think is kinda a lie. So I need a ending Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Digitime/ Self Awareness post

Today I found out that people enjoy listening to my random stories and things that I do and/or want to do. For example people like how I want to work at subway, wasp nest and some of the many random things I say. that was not a run on sentence because it focuses on one idea in the sentence. Recently we had the 6D assembly I did a post on that and I have a funny picture from that.

I can’t show my face so I put the emoji. look i am trying to stick my tongue out. It relates to self awareness because I am aware they are my friends.

Wow my word count is 125. The End I should get better at writing stuff.


We recently had a 6D assembly. For some reason I don’t know about we decided to have it in the LLAC. We did medieval themed activities. My group made family crest that you put stickers of animals on you can also draw stuff on the shield but someone stole our groups markers 😱 duh duh duh. I also was in a picture making this face.I can’t show my face but I looked like this.