HWEO Reflection 4

If we were to do this fashion unit again, what would you keep?

I would keep the theme the sun king but maybe change most of the stuff. I would keep the chestplate, the boots, and the cape.

If we were to do this fashion design unit again, what would you change and why?

Next time we do this I would change the helmet, I would change the helmet because it didn’t have a base when it was made and wasn’t made properly. Next time we could buy a frame for the helmet before making it. The second thing we would change is the chestplate. I felt like I could have made it easier to wear on and can make the aesthetics nicer.

HWEO reflection 3

How has your learning in LANGUAGE helped you in this unit?

Language didn’t really help in the unit because we didn’t talk much we mainly made most of the stuff by hand not with language.

How has your learning in MATHEMATICS helped you in this unit?

Mathematics didn’t help me much, maybe measuring but we didn’t measure much of our stuff because all of them already fit.

HWEO reflection 2

1.What does the Central Idea mean to you?

When designers (like us) are creating, they need to keep in mind the aesthetics of their object and how your object functions and works.

2.Think of the key concept FORM. Explain how FORM influenced how you designed and what you designed.

My costume is the Sun King. The costume looks like a  king that loves wearing fiery accessories, he wears a sun necklace, a sun chestplate, fire boots and lava shin pads . Those are the main parts of our design the other designs are the golden bracelet, the cape and the bronze helmet. He loves the sun and is the king of it.

3.Think of the key concept PERSPECTIVE. Explain how PERSPECTIVE influenced how you designed and what you designed.

Some people thought our costumes helmet looked like a chicken and that was their opinion and point of view. After that we took out the top part and it wasn’t a chicken anymore . In my group we sometimes had discussion that one of the pieces of objects(the helmet) weren’t good because it doesn’t have a base.Some of us disagreed and the other thought it was great.We all had different perspective of it and sometimes changed what we made  because of the perspective of what each individual thinks.

4.Think of the key concept CONNECTION. Explain how CONNECTION influenced how you designed and what you designed.

Connection influenced my group when we were making the helmet we wanted it to be spikes but instead added a galea inspired by the roman helmet.My costume is connected to louis the XIV of france he was know to be the sun king. He became the sun king because he chose the sun as his symbol. Some people also believed the Greek sun god gave him the nickname.

HWEO reflection.

Share 3 learning activities that you really liked

I liked doing the poster for a brand activity and I thought it was pretty fun. I like it because we could get creative and it is easy to do. The second thing is word art because you could decorate a word and it helped me think of new fonts. The third thing is learning about the timeline of art. We saw a slide show and I wrote everything down it was fun to learn about!

Which workshops were most useful for you to turn your design ideas into a reality?

I think the sewing one was useful but they could teach us specifically how to make an object instead of showing types of sewing. Next, I thought the led lights activity wasn’t that good. I didn’t really learn much because people were distracting me and I could not hear the teacher, because the room was too crowded. Next time the teachers and give us a simple task to do and help us with it.

How have you demonstrated the attribute of RISK-TAKER during this unit?

I was a risk-taker when I didn’t know if something would work I would still try it and find new ideas and try them out.

How have you demonstrated the attribute of THINKER during this unit?

I was a thinker during this unit when I thought of the idea of our costume and what we are going to make. I also thought of ideas when a planned failed or when it wasn’t good enough I would think of a better way of doing it.

How have you demonstrated the attribute of COMMUNICATOR during this unit?

I was a communicator when I communicated with my friends and thought of ideas and how to make things better.


Young American reflection in progress

We just had 2 days of young Americana,  It was amazing! Our journey started on the early 14th January. For me I was pretty tired but excited that we got to miss school and get to do something even funnier.

Day 1

At about 8:05 we set out our journey to the LLAC. We walked in and the party already started we saw the young Americans dancing so we joined in, we got our welcome and we soon sat down because they were about to show us what our intro to our show was going to be like. But before that he asked us some questions like if we were excited, what instruments we play, what type of songs do we like and so on. Then they performed our intro to our performance to us. The music started playing and they started to dance. After the performance we were all amazed and worried. Many questions were running inside my head, how are we going to learn this in such little time? how do they do it so well? But I should have know that this was just the start. We spent the morning learning all the moves to the intro bit by bit and we soon got it. Then we learnt the middle of the show. We needed to dance to many songs and some parts we needed to sing. I was one of the chosen one’s to sing and I sang the Macarena. I got to one on one a young American and learn how to sing the song because it was in different language and I learnt it really quickly. I soon went back and I kept a piece of paper to read for the practice runs because I didn’t memorise it. I did well for the practices and everyone was impressed and said I did really good for the first time. After our practice run that was the end of the day and I went home exhausted. I couldn’t wait for the next day.


Day 2

The second day I was still exhausted and tired to be honest I didn’t really want to do it because I was tired already but it ended our a really good day. In the morning we did some imaginative activities to boost our creativity we made songs, we drew we did of course dance and we had a relaxing morning but all the action was after our break. We learned to do our last part the lion king and our extra ending. My favorite dance was the lion king so I learned it quickly. It took awhile to put everything together but we succeed and did our mini show.


During the experience with the young Americans I have improved on my enthusiasm and group cooperation.I really enjoyed the experience with the YA’s and hope to see them again next year.

adobe illustrator reflection

Today I started using a website called adobe illustrator. For the first time using it I think I did pretty well. I like this app because it was full of unlimited imagination and you can do anything with using just a touch of a button. It is easy when you learn how to use it and is a good tool for everyone. I don’t like this app because you need a teacher or a mentor to guid you through it if it will be to difficult. Since you can do anything you can get off task with what you do and people might be doing stuff that they are not suppose to be doing. over all I think it is great!

What I did at home when I didn’t got to camp.

The reason I didn’t go to camp isn’t because I didn’t want to but because of my eczema. Eczema is a skin disease that can spread all over your body. One touched by water or sweat and it will become very itchy. I would have went to camp if it didn’t become that extreme but this time it was serious. It started to become worse a few weeks before camp. Holes started to spread all over my neck and a little bit on my lips and on my head under my hair. Then it spread down my arm joints and down my body but luckily not on my legs. Every time I showered it hurt so I could only shower a little bit and it burnt like flames. The worst part isn’t the shower but the CREAM! It felt like I was dying the entire time.  I had to put antibiotics and eat it and ate tons of medication and put lots of cream to become better. This time I learnt my lesson to not to ich my skin.


While my classmates and friends were at camp I was at home resting and trying to heal as fast as possible. At first it was boring but I played some video games and built lego and that kept me busy. While I was at home I also did some work, I did meiriyipian, some math, tutors and practiced my instruments.

Asbury field trip

Asbury Field trip.

When I was young I used to think the littlest things were huge.  After this trip my eyes widened as I saw how over 260 thousand people are living  in subdivided units and are under hard situations. I used to not know anything about this subject because I thought I was poor but now I see myself as a very lucky person and I learnt to treasure what I have.


On 14 November 2018 we went to the Asbury Methodist Social Centre. That place was not big not small but what was most important is what I learnt there. They first gave us a quiz to do, to see our general knowledge on subdivided flats.During this quiz I learnt that over 210 thousand people live in subdivided flats and these places Yau tsim Mongo  have the most subdivided flats in Hong Kong. So first you need to know what flats are they cost around 6,000,00-7,000,00 dollars to rent or buy for four people to live in. What the landlords do because they are greedy is they cut the rooms into many tiny squares so more people can live in them. The rooms are so tight and small that they can hear their neighbours talking and if you want to sleep early it would be very hard. The room is a size of a bed and you just put shelves, tv and all your belongings around your bed and the space is very small. Subdivided flats are also very expensive if you rent it, it could cost up to 15,000-20,000 Hong kong dollars just to rent that. If you want to rent an actual bed space it cost 2000 dollars.


After knowing all this information,I was shocked but it gets better. We got to take the experience or privilege to go to the actual subdivided flats to ask questions of how their lives are.We got to buy them gifts. We got 100 dollars to buy a few things we bought a carton of eggs, toilet paper with an extra tissue box, a few pens an eraser a pencil a sharpener and a pencil case for the people that are living in the subdivided flat. My group combined all our money and bought all those objects thats a lot right! The people that were living in the subdivided flats were very welcoming and willing to answer our questions. The family had three people a mother, father and a sun that is six years old. They were a fortunate family because they had their own washroom could cook and had a bunk bed.They were very appreciative also for the gifts we bought them and told us that they were very happy to have us as guests. After that we went back to the social centre to debrief and left with a thinking mind.