Reflection #3 HWEO

14 Mar , 2019  

How has your learning in LANGUAGE helped you in this unit?

I think it helped me write/draw my plan out. It helped me make my plan more clear for me and my teammates to see. Sketchnoting really helped, because I could sketchnote all my ideas on to paper instead of keeping them my head.


How has your learning in MATHEMATICS helped you in this unit?

Mathematics helped me with my measurements because I had to convert the measurements to make them easier to work with. We also had to estimate the length of the strap of the bag.


HWEO Reflection

11 Mar , 2019  

1.What does the Central Idea mean to you?

I think that the central idea means to be open-minded to different aesthetics of different people. Fashion and art has been a big quality in my life, and I think that fashion and art can be developed more throughout the future.

2.Think of the key concept FORM. Explain how FORM influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I had to use a strong base to start the whole “big” idea. ANd since the pom-poms were kinda heavy, and I didn’t know how to do that. So, I asked my team for ideas. They suggested that I get a bag that was made with a thick fabric, and it worked out!


3.Think of the key concept PERSPECTIVE. Explain how PERSPECTIVE influenced how you designed and what you designed.

From my teammates perspective, they think that it’s really pretty and perfect. But I think that I could do a lot of good changes in the bag, because I think it’s important to display your best work to others and not to display something random.

4.Think of the key concept CONNECTION. Explain how CONNECTION influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I think that my group’s theme really connects to the outdoor world because our theme is nature in the future, and the nature right now is already developing itself. Now scientists are inventing more types of flowers and leaves to make our world a more beautiful place to live in.


YA Reflection

16 Jan , 2019  

Dear Aimi & Kylie,

If you’re reading this, hi! I miss you guys a lot, please visit me!  You guys gave me so much hope and confidence. Before I wouldn’t say a word in class, because I was so shy! Now I would have the confidence to step up to the challenge.

You guys and the other YAs inspired me to be a more confident person. ^~^! I now think that I think that I can be a better person. Because my whole life has been just mostly me, the little shy person who never steps up to the challenge. But now look! Me making friends and being happy. I would’ve never imagined me hanging out with YAs because I didn’t think much of this whole YA workshop.

The performance was amazing! I thought I would never be confident enough to be in this kind of upbeat and fast performance. We all totally rocked it out!

Thank you for everything,


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Adobe Illustrator Lesson #1

8 Jan , 2019  

What did you like about Adobe Illustrator?

I like how there are a lot of different tools and shortcuts that make everything so easy. But the measurements were very confusing to do, and I had to rush. It was not easy.


Asbury Methodist Social Service Trip Reflection

14 Nov , 2018  

Q#1: In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?

A:      I have gotten better at picking items and getting a picture of how different people live differently, and what items do people originally need. I have also got better at my communication skills when communicating with others and leadership ship skills is also a big improvement today.


Q#2: Did you meet your standers?

A:      Yes we did because we spent all our money wisely. Not only that we also got everything we needed for the family. 🙂Success!


Q#3: What grade would you give it? Why?

A:      I would give it a 4 out of 5 because I thought we did a pretty good job of the buying useful products for the family who lived the subdivided homes at Tsuen Wan. I wouldn’t give it a perfect 5 since we didn’t do it perfectly,  but we still did a great job of this task.


Q#4: What things that would you like more help with?

A:      I thought we needed help with the money we only had because our budget was very low, so maybe next time the parents could also help with the $money$. Since the families would think this unfair that one family gets the most and one family gets the least so maybe we could kindly ask the parents to donate a certain amount of $money$.


Halloween Party Reflection

7 Nov , 2018  

Did your activity meet any needs in the classroom community? Or, what was the objective of your activity and why is it important for the Halloween Party?


    The room would be very plain if there were no decorations and a majority of students would have nothing to do. It also adds a finishing touch to room makes look a little fancier. It was also a chance to use your creativity to decorate the classroom.


Were roles important to being successful in your group/activity? What were the roles and responsibilities of your group?



  1. A person in charge of the spider webs

   2)A person to overall help everyone

   3)A person to decorate the door

And the roles were very successful.


List some examples where your group/activity worked effectively:

  • When we were brainstorming some ideas for the decorations (co-operation)
  • We listened to each other when sharing their ideas
  • We brought everything on time


List some examples where you wished your group/activity worked more effectively:

  • Accepting others ideas more politely (open-minded)
  • Committed to the job/responsibility


On the scale from 1-5, how would you rate your interactions between group members, the classroom community, and achieving a successful Halloween activity?

    4, because we got most of the things done and we co-operated well.



23 Oct , 2018  






Pok Fu Lam Village Trip

11 Sep , 2018  

Pok Fu Lam Village Field Trip

Central Idea: Circumstances and actions can support or deny access to rights and opportunities.

An inquiry into:


  • Circumstances that determine an individual’s access to opportunities
  • Why basic rights are granted
  • How actions can change access to opportunities and rights



    I learned that their friendship really matters to them because that is what they have the most of in their lives. I understand that they don’t have much in their lives, so they are grateful for what they already have.


   We have a lot of things we want, but some people aren’t so lucky as us. Lots of people don’t have clean homes like us. People in the Pok Fu Lam Village.


   I hope you’ve learned something about Pok Fu Lam Village!

learning buddies

Me and My Buddy

7 Sep , 2018  

 Hi, today I am going to talk about me and my buddy and the two times we’ve together.


  So, I am the big buddy (grade 5D) and my little buddy is in grade 1 (1D). She likes playing with her toys… I really like her and I also like reading Judy Moody and Stink Moody books in the library and at home.


 I really enjoy seeing her and learning with her. Reading buddies has been a really big impact to my life, since my last buddy just moved to USA last June. Thank you!

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