learning buddie reflection

learning buddie reflection

Today we had learning buddies and it was ok i didn’t really have that much fun but my buddie did and that’s really good i didn’t have much fun is because firstly i have 3 broken toes and my2 knee was hurting so i stayed in one spot and waited for people to come and answer my riddles. That was really boring so

But my partner said my buddie did well so i hope she’s right! Yeah i didn’t do much but a lot of people came to me so that’s cool. My group gave m and ms so yeah this is what we did in learning buddies.  

HWOO reflection.

香港加拿大国际学校  小学部

中文科 四年级 MFL

第三单元 HWOO Unit Reflection


Central Idea:

(rén) (men) (hé) (zǔ) (zhī) (hé) (zuò) (miàn) (duì) (tiān) (zāi)

People and organizations can work together to prepare for and respond to disasters.


Lines of Inquiry:

(tiān) (zāi) (yǒu) (nǎ) (xiē)



。 龙卷风




  • 中(zhōng) 国(guó) 有(yǒu) 天(tiān) 灾(zāi) 吗(ma)?哪(nǎ) 儿(er) 有(yǒu) 天(tiān) 灾(zāi)?










(rén) (men) (zěn) (me) (miàn) (duì) (tiān) (zāi)




Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency


         I have a tiny kitten named Snowball. She is white and has one black spot on one of her paws she is very fluffy and has lots of fur, she likes to play with yarn! She pulls it all across the room around and around the yarn goes as snowball pulls it everywhere! Snowball always makes a huge mess. Like any other cat she likes to climb trees one time she got stuck! I shook the tree a bit and she climb down because her foot got stuck so when i shook it her foot got unstuck. I always cuddle Snowball she is so soft. I take care of her everyday, I feed her and give her baths! One time Snowball got a cold but we still cuddled together, I love Snowball.


A Unforgettable Story

A Unforgettable Story

     A Unforgettable Story


         It was super early at morning when the sounds of howling wind woke me up.  my rock collection started to drag out of my window…


           “Mom I’m hungry!”I shouted.


           “You have to wait! It’s almost dinner”said mom 30 MINUTES LATER  it was dinner. I ate like a rat, I ate super fast! I had spaghetti bolognese. Yummy, I don’t live in a big house like other kids I live in a small town in the south part of the (us) united states. My town is called little town kinda funny right! Well I just finished dinner so it was time for bed. At 1:32 in the morning I heard a huge howling sound from outside. I opened the window and i saw a huge tornado smashing house by house rapidly!


                I quickly ran outside as my mom already got into one of the bunkers, I ran to the one next to It. I ran to the one next to my moms because they are connected by a long corridor and because that one was closer.

I quickly ran into the bunker and through the long corridor but the door was blocked by a pile of rocks covering the whole door! I was stuck. Well you are probably thinking, I could just run outside to the next bunker. But the door was too heavy I could not make the door budge. So i remained in the bunker next to my moms and found a chair and some peanuts.


             A huge brick fell onto my peanuts smashing them into pieces! That was pretty funny, but it could have fell on my head… so not so funny. I WAS SO BORED AND REALLY REALLY SCARED!!!! The noise of the wind and things crashing and smashing was terrifying! I was dripping with sweat every second. “drip, drip, drip” I could still hear the howling wind outside. I could open the door a bit so i could see my moms bunker as a wall smashed the bunker as my mom tried to open it. My door flung open as everything poured out, i quickly ran out of the bunker, out of my village. I sat beside a tree as the tornado wrecked everything in its path “bang boom whoosh!” went the tornado. After a while I ran to my school telling everything that happened. I could see the tornado coming closer to the city . I quickly rented a bike and quickly peddled to my town but the tornado was still there so we peddled away. We kept peddling until the tornado was out of sight. I knew where the natural disaster responders teams headquarters is “but we need a car because it is a long way from here!” i said “I have a lot of money” said my friend Richard “ok” i said “but first let’s get on our first taxi without our parents!!!” 2 hours later… “hi taxi driver” i said “can we go to bye bye natural disaster road?” “where are your parents” said the taxi driver “WE WERE JUST HIT BY A TORNADO!!!!!!!” “ok don’t have to be rude” said the taxi driver. 30 minutes later… “careful” said the taxi driver “this place was hit???”

I said. “Hey! Whos that” said my other friend named alex “ya, who is that!” I said “hey! Thats mom! “YAY!”      



                        AN UNFORGETTABLE STORY BY: NIC

My Christmas Robot

My Christmas Robot

    This code is supposed to dance and make christmas lights and first it will dance and then continuously go green and red, on the robot. There are 2 little lights on each side so i used both of the to go green then red forever then my partner made the music jingle bells but i told him how to do it. What went well is that the dancing worked for both of us, and the lights worked. What i found challenging and my partner thought making the music because we kept on getting a too deep town what i mean is that the tone is very low so it did not sound like jingle bells. Me and my partner had a lot of fun making this christmas robot! 🙂