Electrical circuit

I and Jason made this not so working helicopter… 

it has one working propeller blade and a light at the front. once we get some time to work on it again we are going to add the stabilisers… I learnt sooooo much I learnt about short circuits and parallel circuits.

Elderly home visit reflection

我做了诗歌,诗歌是一种听起来不错的押韵词。我不在那因为我生病了。这个活动对我没有意义,因为我不喜欢诗歌 。我认为老年人没有很好的人权,因为我无法想象他们会有多么艰难。好吧,我没有采取行动,但我的朋友做了。我和我的朋友们一起练了一首诗,但我生病了。我没学到那么多,因为我生病了。但我知道诗歌听起来真的很棒。


I did poetry, poetry is rhyming words that sound nice together. I was not there because I was sick. Poetry is not meaningful to me because I don’t really like poetry. I don’t think the elderly have good human rights because I can’t imagine how hard they will be. well, I didn’t take action, but my friend did it. I practised a poem with my friends, but I was sick. I did not learn that much because I was sick. but I learned that poetry sounds really nice.

我觉得写仍然是一个挑战因为我总是忘记怎么写很多汉字我也写丑陋。我认为阅读现在是我的力量,因为我越来越认识到角色。i think my writing is still a challenge because I always forget how to write a lot of characters and I also write ugly. reading is a strength because I am recognising more characters.


Shape Art

Yesterday at school I did shape art. shape art is making art with shapes, so first you draw any shape then you can keep on overlapping the shapes until it fills up the whole page. after that you colour in the shapes then it looks really cool. I learnt from this that geometry isn’t just math, its a way of art 🙂 well, of course, you can’t just randomly overlap shapes and place them randomly around the page. you have to get an idea, so our teacher showed us some artworks using shapes and even though there was not a lot of shape types it still looked really cool!

learning buddie reflection

learning buddie reflection

Today we had learning buddies and it was ok i didn’t really have that much fun but my buddie did and that’s really good i didn’t have much fun is because firstly i have 3 broken toes and my2 knee was hurting so i stayed in one spot and waited for people to come and answer my riddles. That was really boring so

But my partner said my buddie did well so i hope she’s right! Yeah i didn’t do much but a lot of people came to me so that’s cool. My group gave m and ms so yeah this is what we did in learning buddies.  

HWOO reflection.

香港加拿大国际学校  小学部

中文科 四年级 MFL

第三单元 HWOO Unit Reflection


Central Idea:

(rén) (men) (hé) (zǔ) (zhī) (hé) (zuò) (miàn) (duì) (tiān) (zāi)

People and organizations can work together to prepare for and respond to disasters.


Lines of Inquiry:

(tiān) (zāi) (yǒu) (nǎ) (xiē)



。 龙卷风




  • 中(zhōng) 国(guó) 有(yǒu) 天(tiān) 灾(zāi) 吗(ma)?哪(nǎ) 儿(er) 有(yǒu) 天(tiān) 灾(zāi)?










(rén) (men) (zěn) (me) (miàn) (duì) (tiān) (zāi)




Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency


         I have a tiny kitten named Snowball. She is white and has one black spot on one of her paws she is very fluffy and has lots of fur, she likes to play with yarn! She pulls it all across the room around and around the yarn goes as snowball pulls it everywhere! Snowball always makes a huge mess. Like any other cat she likes to climb trees one time she got stuck! I shook the tree a bit and she climb down because her foot got stuck so when i shook it her foot got unstuck. I always cuddle Snowball she is so soft. I take care of her everyday, I feed her and give her baths! One time Snowball got a cold but we still cuddled together, I love Snowball.