I time

In class we started i time. I time is a project you work with groups, partners or by yourself. For i time you get to choose the project you want to work on and you research about it. The other thing you do in researching is you and find the tittle pages, pictures, and all the other things that you need, but searching for examples is also very important. After researching you can start your slides or poster for slides you will need to have a tittle page, an introduction, some key ideas, questions, video if you have one, web site or sources, the last thing is a thank you for watching our presentation slide and you are done with your slide.

The second thing that you will do is  make your project follow  the rules which are: no guns, no blood, and all the things thats not school appropriate. After you may start your project. For the project you may video tape it while you are making it you may also write a paragraph of the way that you make it and how you feel while you are making it. The last thing you do is you present it to your classmates.