Design project

We did design project because it is related to our math unit.we had to make a rough floor plan on our math book.After that we had to make an big blueprint.After planning I had to build it on minecraft edu.that’s what we did

we had to cauculate the permiter of each room



SSLR Reflection

                                 Q1.How did you feel before, during after the SLLR?

Before the SLLR I felt, I felt very nervous and my mind went blank.During the SLLR I felt confused.I did not know what I am doing.After the SLLR I think I felt so relaxed. I realized that doing the SLLR is so hard.

Q2.What do you feel you showed off the best?

I think I did froggy fraction the best.First I explained how did I learn this game.than I told my mom how to play the game.The last thing we did was start playing the game ,We had a lot of fun.My mom won the first game,Then I won the second game.


Q3.What was the most difficult and challenging part of the SLLR? The most challenging part was my mom wondering around. When we just went in the room she started to look around everywhere.I took my stuff over for her to see but she kind of ignored it. Another difficult part was getting my moms attention. Sometimes she just look away.My mom started to ask me questions about other things.


Q4.What aspect of your learning do you feel you have improved most this year.I think something I have improved the most was my writing.Last year I did not have really good writing.Now this year I improved on my writing.This year I think I can improve more and more.Thats what I think I should work on.


Q5.What did you parent think about you SLLR?What feedback did they give you. My mom didn’t really give me any feedbacks.If she did she will give me some random feedbacks.Sometimes she will just say you should speak louder.You need more confident and say more about it.The last thing she will say is do better next time.

單元一 反思

中心思想: 信念和價值觀有不同的表現方法,可以用來展示自己。
Beliefs and values are expressed in different ways and are part of who we are.


Aqueduct Challenge Reflection







For the aqueduct challenge the goal was to build a 20cm high and 1m  long. An aqueduct is a tool that can transport water in a long distance .The steps we build  is, first we made a track for the water to transport from .than we builded a tube if the actual one broke down.After all we rapt tinfoil and tape to protect the card board.The material we use is plastic box , card board ,toilet tube and paper. I used plastic box because it is water proof.I also used card board because first I did not know that card board is not waterproof.The other thing I used is toilet tube because it is round so the water can transport in there like the toilet tube is like the real plastic tube.this is what I did for the aqueduct challenge.

I time

In class we started i time. I time is a project you work with groups, partners or by yourself. For i time you get to choose the project you want to work on and you research about it. The other thing you do in researching is you and find the tittle pages, pictures, and all the other things that you need, but searching for examples is also very important. After researching you can start your slides or poster for slides you will need to have a tittle page, an introduction, some key ideas, questions, video if you have one, web site or sources, the last thing is a thank you for watching our presentation slide and you are done with your slide.

The second thing that you will do is  make your project follow  the rules which are: no guns, no blood, and all the things thats not school appropriate. After you may start your project. For the project you may video tape it while you are making it you may also write a paragraph of the way that you make it and how you feel while you are making it. The last thing you do is you present it to your classmates.