Who We Are Unit Reflection

During this unit I learned about beliefs and values. We did interviews, writings, read aloud and also a lot of other things. We also had home learning grids that were related to beliefs and values.Our central idea was, beliefs and values are expressed in different ways and a part of who we are. My thinkings also changed because I thought values are the things you like. In the library mr. Adams told us about our mission and our vision. We had partners to share what they care about.We also did a values card swap.Values card swap is where you keep switching cards until you find the card that you want to hang on to.when everybody has a card that they want, you have to glue the value card in your process journal and explain why you think it’s important. A believe is something that you believe in and a value is what you can’t live with. I think our beliefs and values come from our self and our family. some of my believes are  my family, my self, god, Santa and other things. My values are my blanket, my family, my friends, my things at my house and other stuff.  My beliefs impact my choices because I believe you need to treat everyone equally no matter what race they are and their out look.


Beliefs & Values Interview

PYP Attitude Ranking

Who We Are Attitude Ranking


This is what we did on August 30th. We made a little poster about who we are. We wrote the PYP attitudes on the post-its and stuck the post-its on the paper.We had to stick in a order. If you stick the post-it on the top that means you value it and if you stick it to the right that means you show that attitude the most. We had to stick all of the 12 attitudes and you had to be honest. After that we had to write why we put that attitude in the place you did and glue your reflection sheet on the back of your attitude ranking paper. I think I did well at my reflection and being honest but next time I can be more organized because my post-its are all smudged together