✋Goodbye Grade 4 Hello Grade 5

Hey readers,

This may be my last post of grade 4! But don’t worry I will write more in grade 5! I had enjoyed how fun grade 4 was. Time just went so fast. From the first day of school to the last day of school felt like a minute ago. I learnt a lot from grade 4. Meeting a student teacher was a great experience, learning with her was fun. But I  mostly appreciate the fun we had with Mr.Brown, he was a fabulous teacher! I met great friends which were always happy and nice.

Grade 5 is coming! Yeah!!! Being on the 8th floor should be much better. We are gonna get lockers which I am really excited of. I would love to meet my new teacher. He/she should be a fabulous teacher like Mr.Brown. I would wish all my friends and classmates good luck and hope they enjoy their next year in grade 5! Bye! Also I wish that everyone have a happy summer holiday!

Hope you have a great year in CDNIS!!! Oh yeah! Bye Finn and Samantha!


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