✋Goodbye Grade 4 Hello Grade 5

Hey readers,

This may be my last post of grade 4! But don’t worry I will write more in grade 5! I had enjoyed how fun grade 4 was. Time just went so fast. From the first day of school to the last day of school felt like a minute ago. I learnt a lot from grade 4. Meeting a student teacher was a great experience, learning with her was fun. But I  mostly appreciate the fun we had with Mr.Brown, he was a fabulous teacher! I met great friends which were always happy and nice.

Grade 5 is coming! Yeah!!! Being on the 8th floor should be much better. We are gonna get lockers which I am really excited of. I would love to meet my new teacher. He/she should be a fabulous teacher like Mr.Brown. I would wish all my friends and classmates good luck and hope they enjoy their next year in grade 5! Bye! Also I wish that everyone have a happy summer holiday!

Hope you have a great year in CDNIS!!! Oh yeah! Bye Finn and Samantha!



Hi readers,

Today lets play an emoji game! So first you close your eyes and put your thumb on the screen. Easy and simple, let’s get started.

                          ❤️          ⛄️                    

=Clown face




=Magnify glass




=Grinning face




Comment down below what you’ve got!

Light Paintings

HI guys!

Last week, we just did a really cool thing called a light painting. A light painting is something that includes glow sticks and action. We needed to stick glow sticks on your shoe and your hands, then we needed to do a dance movement. Like doing circles with your hands, cartwheels, kicking…… It was cool because our performing arts teacher (Ms.Butler) Had this app called Pablo and it turned the movements into a painting. The first time I saw it I was not really impressed, I thought our painting wasn’t that good, because the Pablo app only captured the green and a little of blue. Next time I can be ready with the right colours and a better movement. But it is fine for the first time. Not that bad!  This is our painting down below.⬇️



Hi Hi!

A few days ago, we started our tsunami presentation. We were being experts by researching about a natural disaster, which is tsunamis! I worked with Venita and Andrew.

To complete the task we first had to research about tsunamis and put it together on the document. Then, by using the research facts we tried to answer driving questions. Well, we were sort of stuck in the effects, but luckily we found a source that answers the questions!  After that we took a piece of poster paper and started to decorate and stick on some information. Then we worked on our script and then present!

 I thought that our group collaborated together really well, and we worked really efficiently. But I think next time, we can be more concentrated and research more about the topic. But overall I think it worked really well.

Near the end of the presentation, we had to give Ms.Cheng our multiple choice question. It was a survey that we had to do. The question we had was: Why do tsunamis happen? Well, I thought it was an easy question. I think my hypothesis was correct. 83% of the class chose the correct answer! I learnt that next time I can make the question harder to challenge my class mates.


Is it possible to have a lot of natural disasters mixed together in one moment?

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.29.17 PM

What did We Do in PA?

Hi readers!

A few weeks ago we started our new unit about dance. Well, so far we learnt the elements of dance, some of the light paintings etc.

So the elements of dance are Body, Action, Energy, Space and time. 

These are the main parts of the five elements:

Body: Shapes, Parts of your body.

Action: Axial, traveling.

Energy: Attack, Energy qualities

Space: Pathway, Direction, Size, Level.

Time: Beat.

Light painting

This unit we had to make a light painting as a team. We are going to film it turn it into a painting. Ok, you might ask. What is a light painting? A light painting is where we form a small dance, and we use glow sticks to dance. That means that the camera will only capture the light, not us dancing. Next time I will post another blog post to talk more about light paintings.



The Animal Shelter Survey

こんにちは Everyone
(Hello in Japanese)

Before the Chinese New year break we started a survey and sent it out to our parents and friends. After the survey we had to  analyse our questionnaire and we had some questions that we asked about the animal shelter PSA video. So 4 people completed the questionnaire. 80%  were 31-50 and 20% were over 50 year years old. For question 1, both people think that it was emotional, and the others thought they were ashamed, sad also disturbed. For question 2, some people thought that they would like to donate money and also checking out to website and maybe consider to adopt a dog or cat! For question 3, the reactions

1)How did you feel about the video?

2)What action will you take?

3)What was your reaction after watching the video?

4)Did you get inspired by the video?

5)Why did you think the creator created this video?

6)What good questions do you have about the video?