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Today lets play an emoji game! So first you close your eyes and put your thumb on the screen. Easy and simple, let’s get started.

                          ❤️          ⛄️                    

=Clown face




=Magnify glass




=Grinning face




Comment down below what you’ve got!

Light Paintings

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Last week, we just did a really cool thing called a light painting. A light painting is something that includes glow sticks and action. We needed to stick glow sticks on your shoe and your hands, then we needed to do a dance movement. Like doing circles with your hands, cartwheels, kicking…… It was cool because our performing arts teacher (Ms.Butler) Had this app called Pablo and it turned the movements into a painting. Our painting turned out not so good, it is down below.⬇️



Hi Hi!

A few days ago, we started our tsunami presentation. We were being experts by researching about a natural disaster, which is tsunamis! I worked with Venita and Andrew.

To complete the task we first had to research about tsunamis and put it together on the document. Then, by using the research facts we tried to answer driving questions. Well, we were sort of stuck in the effects, but luckily we found a source that answers the questions!  After that we took a piece of poster paper and started to decorate and stick on some information. Then we worked on our script and then present!

 I thought that our group collaborated together really well, and we worked really efficiently. But I think next time, we can be more concentrated and research more about the topic. But overall I think it worked really well.

Near the end of the presentation, we had to give Ms.Cheng our multiple choice question. It was a survey that we had to do. The question we had was: Why do tsunamis happen? Well, I thought it was an easy question. I think my hypothesis was correct. 83% of the class chose the correct answer! I learnt that next time I can make the question harder to challenge my class mates.


Is it possible to have a lot of natural disasters mixed together in one moment?

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.29.17 PM

What did We Do in PA?

Hi readers!

A few weeks ago we started our new unit about dance. Well, so far we learnt the elements of dance, some of the light paintings etc.

So the elements of dance are Body, Action, Energy, Space and time. 

These are the main parts of the five elements:

Body: Shapes, Parts of your body.

Action: Axial, traveling.

Energy: Attack, Energy qualities

Space: Pathway, Direction, Size, Level.

Time: Beat.

Light painting

This unit we had to make a light painting as a team. We are going to film it turn it into a painting. Ok, you might ask. What is a light painting? A light painting is where we form a small dance, and we use glow sticks to dance. That means that the camera will only capture the light, not us dancing. Next time I will post another blog post to talk more about light paintings.



The Animal Shelter Survey

こんにちは Everyone
(Hello in Japanese)

Before the Chinese New year break we started a survey and sent it out to our parents and friends. After the survey we had to  analyse our questionnaire and we had some questions that we asked about the animal shelter PSA video. So 4 people completed the questionnaire. 80%  were 31-50 and 20% were over 50 year years old. For question 1, both people think that it was emotional, and the others thought they were ashamed, sad also disturbed. For question 2, some people thought that they would like to donate money and also checking out to website and maybe consider to adopt a dog or cat! For question 3, the reactions

1)How did you feel about the video?

2)What action will you take?

3)What was your reaction after watching the video?

4)Did you get inspired by the video?

5)Why did you think the creator created this video?

6)What good questions do you have about the video?

G4 Camp


Oh my gosh! Grade 4 just went to camp for 3 days and 2 nights. It was at Lan Tau island, Pui O. We slept in tents with 2 or 3 people in a tent.  I was with Sarah. We had a really friendly group leader, Qian Qian, she prepared a lot of activities for us and I really appreciate it.  

On the first day, we departed from school and reached Treasure Island. They introduced the leaders and we got to work, Sarah and I got to set up our tent, it was my first time. In the start I thought that it would be pretty hard but they taught us and I got it. The tent has two layers, the tarp and the fly. The tarp is to keep the mosquito away and the fly is to protect us from the rain because it is waterproof. After setting up our tent we went to the beach and did some water activities. We did a game called the longest line, Qian Qian split us up into two teams, and just by connecting our arms and legs together, we had to make the longest line, and our group won! The other game includes a tiny bit of water, we had a tube that has a ball inside and we had to go to the sea pick up some water and pour it in to the tube. It seems pretty easy but no, because it has holes in the tube and some in the bucket. We had some students holding the holes and some of them got totally soggy wet. Then we plated the last game, we had to use the half tube to pass the ball to the person in front of you. We had to start from the wall and pass it to the bucket which was near the water and a long way from the wall. Then we went to take a shower, we had to use freezing cold water, and for some reason, they ran out of water! Sarah and I were freezing, and ten minutes later, water came back, yeah! I took a quick shower, and went back to our tent to change. It was a little weird because we had to wear our swimsuit while taking a shower! I am used to having a shower without my swimsuit. Right after we took a shower we went to eat dinner, we had dinner at mavericks, spaghetti with tomato sauce. It was so YUMMY! Then we went to do twilight activities, and we did a scavenger hunt to look for different things, it was fun. We also learnt a game called “I got a boom chicka boom” Funny song. After twilight activities we moved back in our tent and went to bed. I felt a little homesick but luckily Sarah calmed me down and I just fell asleep, just to tell you I only slept for 1 hour, because it was really uncomfortable.

On the second day Sarah woke me up, and we went to brush our teeth together in the public toilets. After that, we changed into our swimming suits and head out to breakfast, we had cereal, sausages and scrambled eggs.  It was delicious, but the problem is that we need to wash the plate! Well, you would think that it is fine. But no because we had a bucket that everyone used to wash our plate, and by the way the water was disgusting! Then went into the sea and learnt how to run in water, it was easy. Then we went jumping in waves, it was fun. Indeed, the waves were really big and I got all soaking wet. Well, we went surfing after that. It was my first time surfing and it was so fun. We need to do a tiny obstacle to get to the sea. When we reach the sea the instructor made us paddle to a teacher and then they with make you jump of the board, spin you around or flip you. I thought the part where they flip you around was the scariest, because if you forgot to breath your nose hurts a lot and that happened to me.  After that we played a game called the game of life. We had to take a coloured strap and each colour represents rather a omnivore, carnivore or herbivore. Well being a carnivore is the best because no other animal can eat you, but being a herbivore is the worst because every other animal can hunt you. In the game, we had to run around and save ourselves and make sure that we survive. To survive we have to get to the energy source without getting caught, if you did get caught, you are not going to survive unless you find a energy source from a different place.  It wasn’t that fun for me because I didn’t have a chance to be a carnivore and never made it to the end of the game. Then we went to eat at the restaurant mavericks, we had some yummy food. Right after lunch, we went observing the wetlands, it was really cool. I found a lot of new plants! My favourite was the taro leaf, because it was waterproof and the cool things is that after you put water on it it stays there, also after you pour the water off, the leaf stays dry. We moved on to our next activity, raft building. We learnt how to tie knots and built our own raft. Well, it worked really well. Then we took a nice warm shower, the bad thing is that we only had 3 minutes to take a shower. After, we went to our BBQ dinner we had sausages, corn, potato’s and S’MORES! Yum Yum Yum! Then we did some games, and finally went to bed.

On the last day, I woke Sarah up at 6:30 to get ready to brush our teeth. We had the same kind of breakfast as yesterday. After the nicely made breakfast, we packed our big bags. It took me and Sarah really quick because we only had 2 people. Then group 3 and 4 did some orienteering. Orienteering is to use a map to find your way around. As a group, we went with a teacher and looked for different places. Well, it was rainy and I didn’t have a proper raincoat and I was really cold and wet, but I didn’t mind. After that, we had a snack and did our reflections. We had to answer some questions and drew a picture of the campsite. Finally we broke down the tent and went to the main area and all the groups gathered together. All of shared a thing that we liked about this camp and we sang the Canadian national anthem all together, and got free treasure island shirt with the autograph of my group leader. I was really sad that it was time to go back to school. We said goodbye to the leaders and thank them. Finally we went back to school.

This was a great experience being away from home, I had a lot of fun. I learnt that we always have to stay brave and try new things and never be scared! Camp Rocked!






The Marine biome

Aloha everybody,

This unit, we are learning about the ecosystems around the earth. So my parter (Zara) and I decided to do a poster about the marine biome. The food chain shows the connection between the animals in the ocean. We drew a triangle, and food chain and some fun facts which was quite interesting. We used more than 2 periods to finish it. This presentation was pretty worthwhile, we used our time wisely and tried our best to make it look good. In our poster we had a connection between connection which is: How are the organisms in an ecosystem interdependent? In our food chain it showed that how animals depend/ rely on each other. I appreciate what we did in this unit especially this poster.


We design, We draw, We decorate.

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