Hi everyone!

It was a very tiring week at school, we were working on designing costumes for our self and the robot. We first designed the 3D print on an app called tinkered and then 3D printed the design, it was so cool watching it print. I found it really interesting because it was really different than a normal printer. Also, it took a really long time to print, so it was only ready the next day. After we 3D printed we used blue-tack and stuck it on our robot, and after we coded it, it was ready to go. But because of the flu going around Hong Kong, we weren’t able to have the fashion show because we started an early break.


Here is a picture of our tinkered cad

As you can see, the top and bottom are separated, that is because it can print faster and become not that fragile.



End of Term

I can’t believe that we already had 5 months of school! It’s been a wonderful term with Ms.Laura and all my classmates, and it is time for students and teachers to have a rest. I think we deserve this break because we worked really hard on everything for the past few months and everyone had lots and lots of fun. Grade 5 had been challenging but we learnt a lot of new things and we were always happy.

We had troubles with different projects but always found a way to fix it and make it better. Our class is a family, we help each other to solve problems even with people that we don’t really know very well. Next term, I would like to communicate with people that I don’t really know that well, because if I do that, I can make a lot more friends.

This term went really well. Where are you guys going for christmas

The Guest Speaker-David

Hi readers!

Today we just had a wonderful guest speaker from Africa, Uganda. He was a child soldier and he gave us a really emotional speech which made some of the students cry. He talked about how he had went through so many difficulties and how he survived war in Uganda. He lost his family members, friends and even one of his children. He tried to escape and made it but had been put in prison for 6 months since there were trying to leave Uganda. They didn’t have any education and a lot of children where so hungry that they died from starvation. I really feel bad for these children because they were forced to be child soldiers and the guns were 10 kilograms! These children have to risk their life to be child soldiers because there is a big chance of being shot of killed. Most of these children lost their families and they are orphans after war was over. After David escaped,  he went back to school and after that he went to work with “Salt and Light” Organization and helped save these children from being child soldiers. How nice! But sadly in the war, David had lost his family and also his finger. He got hurt and too bad that he can’t put his wedding ring since it was on the ring finger.

I hope you agree with my opinion that we need to take action around the world to help these children to escape from being a child soldier so we can make a better future. To donate please donate to : “Salt and Light”

The Game of Life Reflection

The Game of life is actually a very simple game. In the game, there are four groups and each group has a corner of the pitch. Then, we had one group with a lot of privileges. In this case, for us it was the Bears. In the game, the bears were allowed to get the beanbags,{the treasure}.They were allowed to get the bean bags without getting tagged, and we weren’t allowed to go to their corner to get beanbags either. But one thing they could do to help us was to share the bean bags with the other groups. But unfortunately, they did not share with us.


Raven, Mountain Lion and Orca were not privileged in this game, the bears got to have an advantage. The 3 houses wasn’t privileged because we didn’t get the right to tag the bear house or take any treasure from them. The bears were privileged because they got the right to tag the 3 houses and also take their treasure without getting tagged. I thought that this game was unfair to the 3 houses because I think that everyone should stick to the same rules and make sure the game is fairly played. We also learned that we should treat everyone fairly even though some of us live in different circumstances.

Grade 5 Camp  

Hello friends!

Camp was a great experience this year, we did a lot of things that was really fun. This year, we went to Tai Tam. My camp leaders were Safara and Emmanuel, they were really nice and they organised a lot of fun activities. My favourite one was pier jumping because it was really fun and scary since I was the first student to jump. I was really scared at first, but I found that it was safe since we had life jackets. The least favourite thing that happened in camp was that there was a lot of mosquito and it was really sunny. I got a lot of mosquito bites even though I put on a lot of mosquito repellent.

I thought that building a raft was a challenge for me because I am really bad at tying knots and learning how to do it wasn’t simple. Now, I can tie different knots really easily. After camp, I think that I learnt a lot of new survival skills and this camp made me more confident.

Pangolin abuse reflection

Hi readers,

Display About Trafficking Pangolins

Selene and I made a display about trafficking pangolins. We used different materials to design this display, and gave in a lot of effort. This issue is bothering us because these cute animals are endangered, but some people just choose to eat them, use their scales to make soup to heal bodies, or just sell them for a extremely high price. Some people don’t even know that it is illegal. All this trafficking is affecting the community! It affects the community by having more and more traffickers because pangolins are worth a really high price! What builds the community with pangolins is that pangolin meat can heal certain illnesses like: Mental illness and unexpected fevers. In conclusion, we really need to save pangolins because if we don’t it will spoil the community. Everyone, Take action! Save Pangolins!


Endangered Pangolins Project

Pangolins are cute and endangered animals, they live in hot places like the Sahara Desert, the rainforests in China and also some other places in Asia. Pangolins are mammals and that means that they give birth like humans do. Pangolins have protective keratin scales which help them protect from predators. They eat insects like gummy mucus, mantis stick and some others. There are eight different kinds of pangolin species, Chinese pangolins, Indian pangolins, Sunda pangolins, Philippine pangolins, Tree pangolins, Long-Tailed pangolins, giant pangolins and Temminck pangolins. The giant pangolin is the most biggest and heaviest pangolin species, and they live in west Africa. The standard size of the giant pangolins is about a hundred and forty centimeters long (4.6 feet).But the biggest problem about the pangolins, is that they are really endangered animals.


People around the world never think about the cute endangered pangolins, and a lot of them hurt these cute friends of ours. People in China catches them and eats them while they are so precious. Some of them even sell them to other people for ten thousand Hong Kong dollars! Now we have to stop some of these bad and harmful people. If I had a right to do this, I would like to put up posters and do a protest to spread this message so I can express my ideas. I would prefer to put up colourful poster and make it outstanding. I am really happy to know that WWF (Worldwide Fund For Nature) is helping these pangolins, on the WWF website, there was a part where it let you adopt a pangolin. This doesn’t mean that you take it home, but it mean to have relationship with the pangolins. I would like to do that, because it helps pangolins and I can learn more about them. I wish that everyone could try to adopt a endangered animals.

✋Goodbye Grade 4 Hello Grade 5

Hey readers,

This may be my last post of grade 4! But don’t worry I will write more in grade 5! I had enjoyed how fun grade 4 was. Time just went so fast. From the first day of school to the last day of school felt like a minute ago. I learnt a lot from grade 4. Meeting a student teacher was a great experience, learning with her was fun. But I  mostly appreciate the fun we had with Mr.Brown, he was a fabulous teacher! I met great friends which were always happy and nice.

Grade 5 is coming! Yeah!!! Being on the 8th floor should be much better. We are gonna get lockers which I am really excited of. I would love to meet my new teacher. He/she should be a fabulous teacher like Mr.Brown. I would wish all my friends and classmates good luck and hope they enjoy their next year in grade 5! Bye! Also I wish that everyone have a happy summer holiday!

Hope you have a great year in CDNIS!!! Oh yeah! Bye Finn and Samantha!