2nd week of school

Hello, people of the world,


This week in Math, we learned about equivalent fractions and ways to express a fraction. There are different ways to express a fraction, like, decimals, percentages, shapes and more. We also did a mini test today in class. It was pretty easy because I learned most of the things in my tutor.


This week in PE, we continued to prepare for Sports Day. We had to find our pace in a 400m race and an 800m race. My pace for the 400m was 22 sec each 100m. I think I did a pretty good job despite the fact that I hurt my leg the day before.


In UOI, we are learning about body parts and how our body works. We also learned about nutrition and food that’s good for you.


In Literacy, we learned about poems. A poem that our teacher taught us is The Iron Man. It is a poem about a giant man made from metal. It was mistaken for being a monster and people hated him until he helped save the world from a dragon. After reading the poem and understanding it, we had to make our own versions of the iron man using the eight poetic devices we learned. ( Onomatopoeia, Metaphor, Simile, Rhyme, Personification, Hyperbole, Alliteration and Imagery)


That’s it for today’s post! Stay aweeeesssoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!

First week of school after the winter break!

Helllooooo I’m back!

This week was the first week of school and everything was loads of fun!


In Math, we learned about different ways of calculating multiplication and division. One of the ways we learned is the Area Method. Let’s say you need to calculate 30 x 28. You will first have to draw a grid and separate the numbers. Then, you calculate the numbers you separated. Lastly, you add all the numbers up and you will have the answer!


     < –Like this






In  UOI:

Central Idea is: Throughout life people experience change for different reasons.

We learned about how our bodies change when we get older. It’s kinda weird learning it, but it doesn’t matter.

In PE:

We practiced Sports Day and the sports we are going to do. The most fun was Tug of War. The girls won (Woop Woop!) but it was sort of unfair because there are a LOT of girls in the class.



Last post of the 2017!

This is going to be the last post of 2017!

This term was a lot of fun and there were a lot of ups and downs. One of the ups is camp. The camp was really fun and we get to learn a lot of survival skills and new games.  One of the downs was doing the Math summative assessment.  The assessment was a bit hard but I still survived with it!(yay)  After a term, I think our class became a mini “family” because we know each other really well and we play with each other every day.The thing I loved so far from grade 5 was the lockers. We can have our own locker instead of cubbies so that other people can’t see our stuff. One thing we can improve on is getting organized. Sometimes, I think that the classroom is a bit messy and our work is everywhere. My favorite thing we learned was the refugee simulator. It was kinda sad and frustrating but it was educational and fun at the same time.

Our peace flag ☮️

This is my peace flag! ———–>

In our unit in Art class, we had to make a peace flag for National Peace Day. We will hang up everyone’s peace flags along the wall to show peace. I think I did pretty well since I am not a really artistic person but I definitely have room for improvement. I could use a thread that’s the same color as the cloth so that the thread won’t stand out too much. I could also use more variety of colors instead of the same old colors.


今天在中文課裏, 我們做了我們的口語評估。我們要回答一道問題,成績就會在成績表上。我每天都努力地溫習,所以我覺得我做得挺好。我開頭覺得非常害怕,因為我怕成績會很差, 但是我也做得很好,沒有說錯,我也用了很多課文的詞語,可是我太緊張,說得不太流利。我很希望拿到好一點的成績。下一次,我可以說得流利一點,大聲一點,不要太緊張, 那就可以得到更好的成績。

Child soldiers talk

Today in the morning, a guy called David Livingstone came to our school to talk about his life as a child soldier and being abused. When he was little, he lived a small little village made from sticks and grass. The rebels came and ordered them to go away. Everyone had to run and escape into a forest. The kids that escaped had to be kidnapped and brought back to the rebel’s base and they got trained to be a soldier. David was one of them and he told us all about the life at the army. He had to stay inside the rebels for 6 months and he went to the government and asked for help. The government didn’t believe him and put him into prison. He told us about his life in a dirty and filthy room without food for weeks. His jailmate died while he was in the prison which made him feel horrible and sad. After six months, an old man guided him out of the prison and he was free.  He went back into the forest but a lot of his friends died and his parents died too. After the war ended, they slowly went back to their little village but all their farms and food are all gone. They had to hunt for food in the forest to survive. David now helps the charity Salt and Light and builds schools and helpful thing for the poor African children.

I felt really bad for David and the other kids when they were forced to be a child soldier. When we are living in houses and going to school every day, they had to live through breadcrumbs and being forced to work 24 hours a day. They had to be beaten when they don’t obey the “masters”. Although we can’t just fly to Africa and build buildings and schools, we could help by only donating your old clothes or even money to charities that help. Even if you donate 50 dollars, the kids in Africa will appreciate it a lot.

About the week


In math, we did an assessment about decimals and fractions. It was quite easy but some of the questions were challenging!


In UOI, we did a project about Child Starvation. My group chose to do a poster and we used a week to finish it. We did tons of research and combined them all into a Google Doc. Then we planned out the poster and fitted the relevant information on the poster.


In Literacy, we wrote a two to three-page persuasive text about our chosen topic. Since my topic is Child Starvation, I used the information I got from my research and put together a large persuasive text. We first wrote it paragraph by paragraph then we typed it all up.

Book Club:

In book club, we had to finish our assigned book and my assigned book is called Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird. It was a really good book and we had to do two sheets of review about it.


In PE, we started a league called MBL (Mat-Ball League) which plays Mat-ball. Our PE coach said that we are going to compete with other people someday and I am really excited for that!

Sorry for short post! Toodles!!!

Our trip to Pok Fu Lam

Yesterday, our class went to a small and less privileged village in Pok Fu Lam. We went to Pok Fu Lam for our field trip because our unit right now is talking about us VS less privileged people. When we arrived, I felt a bit shocked because their houses were built with scrap metal and bamboo sticks. We also went past a market with a lot of fresh fish and meat. If you walk into the village, you will see a lot of broken furniture on the ground and random pieces of metal sheets. I felt kinda sad for those people because they have to share a public bathroom with a bunch of people from the village. They were denied the rights of privacy, which is a really important right. Although they have really poor houses and environment to live in, they do have some things that I like. First of all, it is really connected to nature since it’s right next to a mountain. Second of all, they can have as many pets as they want because you can easily buy fresh food for them in the market and other people won’t complain about you since they don’t live on the same floor. Some of the villagers might be denied to education and work because they don’t have the money to apply but they can play all they in nature too!

Even though they are less privileged than us, they don’t seem to mind about their living situation right now!


The game of life (PE Reflection)

Last week in PE, we played a game that’s called The Game Of Life! It is a game where each team has an equal amount of treasure (A.K.A balls), and teams have to try to get other people’s treasures. The team that has the most treasure at the end will win the game. This time, when we did the game, we did the rules differently. One group can get all group’s treasure but we are not allowed to tag them or anything. That change made the game really unfair and we all lost except for that group. After that, everyone was sad and mad because it was unfair and our fellow PE teacher explained the game. Actually, the game is like life, then the group with more advantages are us and the other groups are other less privileged people. We can get a lot of things we want but other people in less privileged places can’t. When I was little, I used to think everyone was as privileged as we are but apparently it’s not. Life isn’t fair and not everyone has the same amount of stuff. We should be grateful for what we have now!

G5 Camp!

Last week, we had our grade camp and it was really fun!

Things that challenged me:

There are quite a few things that challenged me and one of them is the sleeping situation. In camp, the place where we sleep is a completely different to what we used to. We had to sleep in a small and squashy tent with no air-con hen it’s 30 degrees outside. Also, the floor was soo hard that I had to lay out my clothes on the ground.

What have I learned:

I learned how to kayak and how to make a fire. We got to go into the water and kayak for almost an hour. We also learned how to get out of the kayak if you drown and paddle in a circle. At first, I thought kayaking was the worst thing ever, but now I loved it soo much! I also learned how to make a fire (thanks to my camp counseller)! We used the old fashion way by using flint and steel and when I get abandoned on an island, I will know how to keep myself warm.

What are you going to do about it:

When I get the opportunity to go to the beach or the sea, I can kayak with my friends and family and I can also teach them how to. I can also save myself if I unfortunately had a shipwreck and flowed to an island.