My summer holiday

This summer holiday was one of the best summer holidays ever. I went to Okinawa, London, and Kuala Lumpur. In Okinawa, we went to different kinds of Japanese restaurants and they were all really good.In London, I went on my own. It was really fun since I never tried going on holiday on my own. In August we went to Kuala Lumpur, We went to theme parks and all the fun places.

Sorry for not posting for a while and sorry for writing a short post. Bye!!

Light painting unit

As you know, I had a light painting unit with a really nice and kind teacher called Miss Butler. She is my Performing Arts teacher and she teaches us a lot of cool things like musical instruments and dance moves. We had a wonderful unit and I was really sad that the unit ended, At first we were really confused about light painting and we have no idea what it is. In my mind, I thought it was liquid light which your  on a paper but I was wrong. It’s actually your movements that makes a light painting. You use a really helpful app called PABLO and you can use what ever light you want and make a pattern or something cool. What we did is that we planned our dance/ pattern and we practice the dance. Then we finally get to do our dance with the app. We dances really well and the result was what we planned. I hope we can play that next year and I really recommend you guys to try the app out!

Avalanche attack

This is a story for Literacy. Hope you like it. It was written all by myself!

                                                                                        Avalanche Attack!!     By: Alysha Lau

It was a sunny and bright day when Sydney and her huge family woke up at the wonderful ski resort in Cypress. They were really excited to get ready because it’s their first day skiing with a lovely tutor called Avery, After everyone got ready in their gigantic hotel room with three floors, they all walked over and went inside the Cypress Ski School and quickly grabbed all the ski equipment they need and left for the slopes. As usual, Sydney was wearing her expensive and beautiful things. She won’t let go from her gold earrings and accessories. Then, they raced over to the slope gondola and their adventure begun!

                      Sydney finally got to see Avery and they started to ski down the ALPHA hill. There were six hills there including ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, ESTRA and FOXTROT. In all of the hills, Sydney loved the FOXTROT, but for her safety, no one let her do it. After she slid down the ALPHA, they decided to move on to bravo because of Sydney’s wonderful skills. They moved on and until she got to ESTRA. She felt really tired and she twisted her ankle while she fell down so her parents brought her to the clinic and they had a yummy barbecue with hot dogs, corn, chips and s’mores. They all loved the dinner and got their hungry tummies full. They all got really tired and they headed back to their hotel room.

                   Sydney fell asleep immediately and unfortunately, she had a really bad dream. She always had bad dreams because she worried about everything like robbers, fires, kidnappers and her lovely family, but that night’s dream was different. She had a dream about the past years while skiing. She dreamed about the year before when her dad died during a huge, gigantic avalanche in the same exact ski resort she is in right now. Suddenly, she felt a little tap on her back. Her heart beated and was worried. She wondered who it might be. Everyone had their own private room and she locked her bedroom door. Sydney was really scared so she opened her eyes. “Phew!” she said to herself. It was only her cute twin sister, Brooklyn. Somehow, Brooklyn managed to use a dollar coin to tweeze open the door lock. Sydney was annoyed because she got woke up from her sleep. The reason why Brooklyn came over is because she got a horrible nightmare too.They realized that it’s already six thirty in the morning so they stayed up till it’s time to wake up. They went on their phones and talked about gossip and stuff.

                     It’s day two for Sydney and her family at Cypress Mountain. They were having a great day and they collected their ski equipment as usual. After a moment of “Great Day”, Kamri suddenly had a really bad tummyache and that’s what delayed their schedule for the day. Kamri took fifteen minutes to do her business and they were ready to go and headed off to see Avery. Sydney went to ESTRA hill and skied for an hour and a half and they went into the indoors cafeteria to have lunch. As usual, Sydney had fried sausage,melted cheese with nachos, and pizza. After that, they continued their skiing until late at night. They had dinner and sadly another day of holiday is over. At night, Sydney could not sleep at all. She rolled around , at last, she managed to get some sleep. The next morning, they ate breakfast and for everyone’s safety, Mom checked the weather report and it’s really dark outside so the decided to ski in the afternoon instead of the morning. They waited till afternoon and they were watching the other daredevil skiers. They saw the avalanche signal turn to extreme and the report said it’s going to have an earthquake soon. The problem is, it was too late. Sydney and her family already went out. Daxton the cat and Braidy the dog were meowing and barking non stop and they went under the table and hid.

                                         Sydney was talking on her phone with her BFF Zamaira and before she could finish, an earthquake struck the whole entire Cypress. Including  the mountains and resorts. Everyone hid for safety and luckily there was no deaths or injuries. They were ashamed for ignoring Daxton and Braidy’s noise. They knew something’s not right. They knew something else, not an earthquake might happen. Thanks to Sydney’s teacher, Miss Laura, she learnt all about natural disasters and other useful things. In their minds, they think an avalanche or tsunami might happen because there’s a beach and mountains nearby. The thing Sydney found interesting were all the other skiers. Other skiers did not seem to mind about the earthquake and signals.Sydney thought,”Can’t they see all the birds and wild animals moving to the other way?” Sydney was really scared inside but brave outside to show other people that she is cool and a superstar. She wanted to be a daredevil and ski outside especially when she found out that her all time enemy, Kaila was watching. She tried to sneak out of her hotel room but with all her mom’s “Safety Locks”, she couldn’t get out without the keys that Mom keeps in her own safe box.They realized that it was nighttime so Sydney’s younger sister, Kamri ran downstairs to grab a few cup of cup noodles for the family to eat. The quickly went to bed after a long day with all the earthquake and crazy things.

                       The next morning, they woke up happily as usual. They went to brush their teeth, ate breakfast and all those boring stuff. Suddenly, coming from the mountains, it made loud thumpering noises that could make you death. With all the noise and a bit of vibration, Sydney spilled her brand new mascara all over her face and clothes. Her family had to wait over an hour to wait for Sydney to finish her makeup all again. They were relieved that the tsunami and avalanche they thought was going to happen didn’t actually come, but before they could finish thinking, the humongous noise started again. This time, there were big globs of snow and ice tumbling down the mountains of Cypress. There’s a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing was that they didn’t go onto the mountains, but the bad thing was that the avalanche could probably reach until their hotel room since their room had mountain view. So within three minutes, they quickly ran towards the Avalanche Avoiding Center that’s located near the hotel. Luckily, they were able to reach the room before they avalanche. They had to stay inside the center for two days and three hours before they could go out. People went out and checked on everything. Fortunately, there was no damage, no deaths, no anything.

                                  Once everyone settled down and went back to the places they were meant to go, an ear-piercing thumpering noise came again. “ Not again!” Sydney shouted. Everyone groaned and rushed back to the Avalanche Avoiding Center. Some even left the resort and left everything behind. Sydney was really scared this time. Her family and everyone she knows were on the mountain skiing right now. The only person that’s near Sydney was Kamri but Kamri was too small to know about this. Suddenly, when a lot of people were crying, she told Sydney a perfect plan. Sydney stopped crying and try to go with the plan. The first step was the hardest one in all of them. She needs to persuade the security guard to let them go out but she has no time to write a persuasive writing. She tried to sneak out, but with all of the security, she can’t get out. Everyone was relieved to know that there won’t be anymore avalanches or whatsoever. This avalanche was the largest one ever happened since planet Earth was created. Piles and piles of snow was created and houses near the hill were all covered with snow with a lot of damage. There were crumpled wood and bricks everywhere, Since Sydney’s family was one of the richest families in the world, they had their own private helicopter. Their plan was to use the helicopter to help all of the people and find their family. After they sneaked out using a crack in the building, they went to find the helicopter. They started the engine and started exploring the sky. They headed towards the mountain and started saving people. Usually their pets are tied towards the Hill Lounge so they went up first. They got the pets and dropped the crane down from the helicopter and started to dig through the snow.

                         They went through the mountains and collected all the people they saw. They did that to all the mountains they see. Their helicopter can fit more than two million people so that came in handy. Everyone was really impressed with her so everyone helped her with everything. She broke her arm leg and neck. People used their money to send her to a really good private hospital in the city. The mayor was really happy that the town was saved so he asked the builders to build Sydney a huge seven floored mansion as a holiday house. It has sixty three bedrooms, sixty bathrooms, a golf court and much more. Just imagine the largest house ever created but times two. She was really grateful for all the things she got in return. People are grateful that they can reunite with their families and friends. The mayor held a huge party for everyone and they had lots of fun. Although their school summer holiday hasn’t ended yet, but their holiday in Cypress ended. The mayor let Sydney and her family ride a free plane ride to Cypress whenever they want. They headed back to Hong Kong and had their normal life. They usually come back once a month to visit their ginormous holiday house. Sydney’s school started a bit earlier so they had to go back to their BORING school life.

Performing Arts

 In this Unit for PA, we were doing Light Painting. Light painting is where you stick some glow sticks or light onto your arms and legs, then you dance in the dark. There will be an app that could record all the light’s movements then make it into a photo. It is really cool!

         Here are the Elements of Dance some of the elements of Dance:


               Shapes                                   Parts

Symmetrical-Asymmetrical            Head   Fingers

              Rounded                              Eyes    Arms

               Twisted                               Torso   Hips

               Angular                     Shoulders   Feet



             Axial ( in 1 place )              Traveling                                          Those are the Elements of dance

                 Open-Close            Crawl, Creep, Hop7034747_orig

                 Rise-Sink/Fall        Roll, Scoot, Do-si-do

                 Stretch-Bend         Walk, Run, Turning

                 Twist-Turn                Leap, Jump, Skip

                                                      Gallop, Slide

That is all I will show you. You can click the link below and find out more.

            I loved this unit soooo much because I love to dance in class. I am soooo glad that this unit finally came.This is what we did during class. First, we talked about the Elements, Central Idea and stuff, then we started planning on a storyboard. Taber, Karis, Ava and I were working in a group. We then made up our own unique pattern then drew it on the storyboard following with a description. This part took the longest time in the whole process and we were very satisfied with our work when we are done. Tomorrow, we are going to do the dance and recording. I can’t wait till Performing Arts lesson tomorrow!

Here is a link for more information:

UOI Inquiry

This week, we are researching about our favourite eco system. My partner is Zamaira and we are working really hard. What we need to do is that we need to research and make a report. Now, we are almost finish doing the report. We only need to see the success criteria then we are done. We loved to research and we wanted to do more. We learnt a lot of new information and I am almost an expert on it. I hope that in the future we could do more research and more inquiry. I enjoyed it so much that I want to skip PE and everything.  If you have any question to ask about the Great Barrier Reef, ask me!

My Favourite Thing

As you read in the title, my new favourite thing is PUSHEEN!

Here are some pictures of pusheens!


images-1 images-8 images-5 images-7 images-6 images-3 images-4

imgres images-2

Here’s some information:

Pusheen is a cartoon cat who is the subject of comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook. Pusheen Cat was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website, “Everyday Cute”. The original comic strip series included characters modeled after Belton, Duff, their dog named Carmen, and Pusheen, a chubby gray tabby cat based on Belton’s parents’ cat. Its name is from the Irish word puisín, which means kitten in Irish. When the “I am Pusheen Cat” book released, it sold out really quick.Pusheen first appeared in 2011 in the comic “Pusheen Things” on Claire Belton and Andrew Duff’s website, Everyday Cute.In 2011, Belton and Duff launched a spin-off site dedicated to Pusheen. In 2013, Belton published “I Am Pusheen The Cat”, a collection of comic strips featuring Pusheen. Pusheen has become well known for appearing in sticker sets on Facebook. On Facebook, stickers are images that can be attached to personal messages or comments. The feature, including a set of Pusheen stickers, was introduced to iOS in April 2013, and added to the main website in July of the same year.In an article for PC Magazine on emoji and unicode, Sascha Segan referred to Pusheen as Facebook’s “proprietary emoji”, being used as a form of vendor lock-in.Pusheen is an example of the popularity of cats on the Internet. An exhibition at the New York City Museum of the Moving Image examined the phenomenon, highlighting Pusheen alongside other celebrity cats such as Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. The Facebook page for Pusheen has over 9.1 million fans as of February 2016.The brand has expanded with merchandise.

Micro beads

Yesterday, I went to the third floor lab to attend a talk about micro beads by the Plastic Free Seas organisation. We talked all about micro beads and was really fun. What I learnt about was people shouldn’t use products with micro beads in it. Why? Because when you finish washing your body, the micro beads will wash down the drain. People wou the waterld ask: What’s the problem? Well, micro beads are made out of plastic. When it gets to the drain the micro beads will get into the sea. When it get into the sea, there’s a huge chance the the sea animals might eat the plastic and the plastic will clog their throat and will die. The micro beads are really small that you can’t even sea them. During the talk, the Plastic Free Seas organisation said that in one of their out to the water trolls, they found more than 200,000,000 micro beads in just one small container. They already asked SaSa and Watsons to stop selling products with micro beads in it.Fortunatly, SaSa said they will stop selling products with micro beads in it until the end of 2018.

Please save the ocean and DO NOT use product with micro beads!!