Summer Holiday #2

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about my holiday in London. I went to this hotel called Chilwah Court. We first went to the Buckingham Palace. We arrived there 30 minutes before the soldiers so we had to wait. When the queen’s soldiers came I was so excited. I then couldn’t see because there was a huge crowd. Then we visited the Royal Mews. The Royale Mews is about Horses and Chariots. We had this audio guide that will explain the whole tour. It was one of the best things. After that day we went to the London eye. The London Eye is an enormous Ferris wheel that is sponsored by Coca-cola. It has a spectacular view on top. We then went to a 4D experience about the London Eye. The cursed child play was the best. It had 2 parts, both cost money. It was really hard to get in but we did, but we got in by buying tickets in Ebay. At last we went to the Harry Potter Tour. The whole trip was one of the best trip in my whole life.


Hope you enjoy my POST!!

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