Last week we did out 6C Assembly. I really think it worked out really went well and smoothly. One thing we could have done better if we could have made it more interesting by kidnapping kind chub chub at the end. I am the father of king chub chub. Chub Chub is the king of 6C and god of chickens. Another thing we could have done better was to make sure the videos were not as cringy.

My Goals

This year my goals are to not do the minimum and focus more in class. Every time I do my home learning, I always do the minimum and sometimes do it quickly. I want to do more so I can make my mom and dad proud. Also if you do the minimum the teacher makes you do it again or ask you to do better. I do not want to be told twice. I also need to focus more in class because I don’t always know what we are doing and I ask the teacher for help because I don’t know what to do. I really hop I can do all these goals.

Safe Friendly Class

I think 6C is a very safe class. Firstly, all the tables are not spread out so there is plenty of space to walk. We play many games which are very fun such as the TV game or Bomb. We are respectful to Mr Mark and we are successful because we finish our work. We are inclusive as we include people in our games. We are always positive as we like to play together and always stay happy. We are always a community and we help each other when we are in need.

Chubby Chickens Party

On September the 7th… We had our CHUBBY CHICKENS PARTY! I brought lemonade which everyone finished. We had a blast! We first had an egg hunt party. We had to find eggs to trade them for candy. It was really hard to find, but I managed to find one. Later we had a food eating contest. It was Nicholas, Cyrus and Edward. It came really close to Cyrus and Nicholas but at the end, Nicholas won. This was on so a ceremony to officially make us chunky chickens. In the end, Mr mark cut the red ribbon and we are now chubby chickens!!

First week of school

Hello!! This is my first week of grade 6 and it is very exciting.


On my first day, I made friends with Eddie (Edward) Cy (Cyrus) who are new kids. They are very nice and they really like football which is great because I love football!!  My teacher is Mr. Mark and he is a really good teacher.


Mr. Mark likes telling stories which I think is really funny and hilarious. We are reading Just Stupid by Andy Griffins. There are some bits that are a bit gross and some really funny. I really like the series and I am planning to read them myself.


On the first few days, I had math pre-assessment. I really sucked and I failed really bad. I wish I can really do better and I feel like I can. I should have spent a lot more time thinking about the patterns and focus harder instead of skipping it.


Our class is called Chubby Chickens and I feel like it is the best class name in grade 6. Not because i’m being bias, it is because it is the most funny, bright one. It is really cool and I love the name.


I really enjoyed the first week of school, it is really fun.

Screenagers movie

Yesterday, we watched a movie called Screenagers. This movie/documentary is talking about the use of the screen and how violent you can be if you always playing violent games, even if it is violent, you can get addicted and you stay up all the way to 5 in the morning. Gaming is an addiction like if you keep playing your eyes get damaged and you will have to wear glasses which is very uncomfortable and is annoying. This documentary

My Holiday!

Hi guys, I went to Australia and then we went to Tasmania. Australia was very fun and I celebrated with my relatives, at Melbourne, I got 2 ps4 games, headphones and a watch. I LOVE MY PRESENTS VERY MUCH. Then we went to Tasmania and we suddenly hit a possum and we just kept on going. In Tasmania there is a lot of things you can do and i love them ALL. I suggest you-you should go there

Peace flag blog

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about my peace flag, to make the peace flag you need to put the cloth and tie-dye it. Then you have to sew the bits together and then you get to decorate it. The peace flag took some time to make but I finally did it. After we make the peace flag then we had to make a reflection about my peace flag and some questions about the peace flag. Finally, I was really proud of my peace flag so BYE!