Guinea pigs

Hi guys, today i am going to make a blog post about GUINEA PIGS! I am not a expert in guinea pigs but because my class has 2 guinea pigs, I decided to write an article/post about it.


Firstly, guinea pigs are very cute animals and the  are rodents not pigs. They are quite big and they usually weigh 3 pounds. There are different breeds of guinea pigs so if you interested in just 1 breed, there are many more. They are founded in europe after the spanish explorers returned from their the continent. A male guinea pig is called a boar, a female guinea pig is called a sow. Guinea pigs almost eat anything, they love spinach, carrots etc. Lices and mites are common in guinea pigs, they can get this from the hay. Lice loves to live in long things such as hair or eyelashes and hay etc. Guinea pigs love to be touched and being rubbed, also i think guinea pigs are like dogs so they like being petted and are really excited. They have different forms of talking, one way they talk is squeaking.


I think that guinea pigs are excellent pets and they are super cute. They have tons of fur and they wiggle around a lot. I hope you enjoyed the post and see you next time

My reflection #2

Question 1: What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve them?

The problems I encounter in this piece in this piece was brainstorming ideas and I didn’t know what to do. How I solved it was to burst all my ideas out and put them in a plan, it was way easier when I put it in a plan. I kept on upgrading ideas and ideas until I wrote a full plan I wrote it down. Before that, I had no idea what was going on, how I found out was when I saw my classmate asking the teachers what was doing and I eavesdropped and I found out I needed to answer a question about our community.




Question 2: What did/do you find frustrating about it?

What I found frustrating about this was that it was hard to find ideas, ideas were really hard for me to think because I don’t even know where to start. It took me 25 mins before I could find any idea for my writing. It was because I was tired and I had no energy. It took me a while before I could have a lead and I write as fast as I can because I will forget it.

Question 3: If you were the teacher, what comments would you make about this piece?

If I was the teacher, I would comment saying it is okay, I would also say that it needs more details. This is because I put a lot of ideas but almost no details if I explained t more than it will be longer and be a better piece of writing. I also think that I should have better grammar.

Question 4 ONe thing I would like to improve upon is…

One thing I like to improve is how long my work is, if I can make it longer I definitely will. Another thing I would like to improve is my writing, I think I haven’t done my best. I think I haven’t done all I can do.


This is me

Hi, guys!  Today I will write a reflection about my This is ME


Question: What process did you go through the piece

The process to do it was first to put the images in the document and sort them wherever you want them to be. Then you print it out and put them in Mrs MIllers desk. After a few days, you will need to share it. The problems that I faced was that I printed a4 sheet with colour but you were supposed to print a3. Then I printed a3 but no colour, so I used the a3 piece of paper.

Question 2: What does this piece reveal as a learner

This piece reveals me as a learner by I do sports and I go to a school. You see a picture of a squash racket and an AFL ball. I love school because you can make new friends and play with your friends. There is also a gym and lessons so you can get stronger at school too. You can also learn art class and much more. You can also read because there is a library.

Question 3: In what ways was your work or process similar

In quite a few ways my work was similar to Ryan. It is because he is doing something about sports and I was doing something similar.  Ryan’s work is saying something about of teams and I was the same. My process was to write it only google drawings same as Hayden’s.

Question 4: What would like to spend more time in school

Summer Holiday #2

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about my holiday in London. I went to this hotel called Chilwah Court. We first went to the Buckingham Palace. We arrived there 30 minutes before the soldiers so we had to wait. When the queen’s soldiers came I was so excited. I then couldn’t see because there was a huge crowd. Then we visited the Royal Mews. The Royale Mews is about Horses and Chariots. We had this audio guide that will explain the whole tour. It was one of the best things. After that day we went to the London eye. The London Eye is an enormous Ferris wheel that is sponsored by Coca-cola. It has a spectacular view on top. We then went to a 4D experience about the London Eye. The cursed child play was the best. It had 2 parts, both cost money. It was really hard to get in but we did, but we got in by buying tickets in Ebay. At last we went to the Harry Potter Tour. The whole trip was one of the best trip in my whole life.


Hope you enjoy my POST!!

Shanghai Summer Trip #1

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about my Shanghai Summer Trip #1. We came to visit my old Shanghai friends. Our main topic today is about my sidecar tour with my friend Ben. A sidecar is a motorcycle that has an extra compartment. First, I went to the insect market. In the insect market, there are many types of pets such as birds, insects and cats. Also, we went to different markets. After that, we went to a playdate with my friends. I have been waiting for this event for 5 years, and I finally got what I wanted. 


我是一個動覺型的學習者, 可是我的其他類型智能有點弱。我學了在學聽寫時做仰臥起坐和我學了跑步變讀書。我每天努力的學習,我需要讀書和專注學習, 我媽媽說我的漢字寫得不好, 所以我要有經部。如果我不知道,我會問人。我用Ipad來幫我學習,還有我用紙來描寫詞語。我會用檔案夾來蓋住我的詞語在我的聽寫。我會努力的學習和我會提高我的中文。因此,我覺得我是一個努力的學習者。

Performing Arts

Hi guys, today we are going to talk performing arts. In Performing arts we are learning about Light Painting. I am in a group and we are going to make a Light Painting. Light Painting is a dance in the dark. In the end, it will be a colourful picture. The central idea was: Patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms.




Bike Riding in Sa Ting

Hi, I went to Sha Tin for bike riding. We were biking for 3 hours in Sha Tin, it was very crowded and we had to avoid this little kid who made a huge traffic and it was really slow it was like WWS(World War Slow). We can totally add an extra lane for little kids so they can go really slow if you want to. This lane will make the bike ride smoother. For example, it can make the bike ride faster so they don’t have to move like 2km per hour. Finally, we can have more rest stops so more people can rest if they need to.6836330850_7cf9c047f6_o