Screenagers movie

Yesterday, we watched a movie called Screenagers. This movie/documentary is talking about the use of the screen and how violent you can be if you always playing violent games, even if it is violent, you can get addicted and you stay up all the way to 5 in the morning. Gaming is an addiction like if you keep playing your eyes get damaged and you will have to wear glasses which is very uncomfortable and is annoying. This documentary

My Holiday!

Hi guys, I went to Australia and then we went to Tasmania. Australia was very fun and I celebrated with my relatives, at Melbourne, I got 2 ps4 games, headphones and a watch. I LOVE MY PRESENTS VERY MUCH. Then we went to Tasmania and we suddenly hit a possum and we just kept on going. In Tasmania there is a lot of things you can do and i love them ALL. I suggest you-you should go there

Peace flag blog

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about my peace flag, to make the peace flag you need to put the cloth and tie-dye it. Then you have to sew the bits together and then you get to decorate it. The peace flag took some time to make but I finally did it. After we make the peace flag then we had to make a reflection about my peace flag and some questions about the peace flag. Finally, I was really proud of my peace flag so BYE!   

Refugee Simualation

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about the Refugee that I went to, I felt really weird being somewhere that I don’t even know the language. One of the teachers had a pencil and she had her palms together and shaking them, so I put my palms together and started shaking them like what she did, then she gave me the pencil and I was really happy that I have earned this. After that, we had to fill on the form, we did the first bit then me and my group started to write random stuff like “duck” or “pig” then we somehow got in. One of the teachers instructed us in to the room and then gave us a sample of a paper cup and told us if you make some that are good quality you can sell them to buy something, some of the people in my group received disease and then we have to pay money to get the paper away, then a teacher gave a paper that said Liver Problems and I only got 10 dollars and we have to work as a team, the liver problems was 200 dollars, at the end we none of us solve the liver problems so I had to suffer. I felt quite sad and weird because so many things were happening and some of the teachers were selling things that they were not supposed to do.

These are some QUESTIONS!!!!


Have you done a similar kind of work in the past?

No, I have not


What did/do you find frustrating about?

I found that the teachers treating us unfairly was really frustrating and I want to make it fairer!


What grade will you give it? Why?

I will give the whole simulation 8/10 because it was really like a simulation because it was like it and they treat us unfairly. GREAT JOB TEACHERS!


One thing I will like to improve is…

What I will like to improve is the money, because they are just lego, they should be fake paper!!!!



What Item i would want most

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about what item or thing I want most. The thing I want most is a German Shepard. This is because I like the color of the dog and it is really easy to train. It also is very friendly to family and strangers, they can live in hot temperature and cold temperature. I actually also like the pug because it has cute little eyes and a small body. I like the Shepard because it’s tongue is always dropping from it’s mouth looking at me, it make me feel like it wants to hug me. It also has this feeling that it will always be beside me. I would call my dog THE FLASH and it will run and hug me whenever I say THE FLASH which will be quite amazing to watch. Also he will have a yellow collar that says I AM THE FLASH.



PE reflection

The game of life was a very interesting game. The way you play the game was really fun but it was unfair. The way you play the game is like capture the flag, you have to snatch the frisbees from the other teams. If you get tagged, you have to jail. To be free, you need to get into the jail and hold their arm back to your base. What I learned that you can not change the rules of the world but you can change the way you play or live. If you are on a very unfair game that the rules are very unfair, but if you change the way you play, you may win. I also learned that we should care for what your parents gave me. My parents were very poor, but when my grandma and grandpa sacrificed their money to my parents, they worked really hard to earn money.  This is why, right now I am in this school, learning this knowledge that you taught us. I have learned why you taught us. Before I thought that the game was fun, but now I know that it is fun and meaningful.



Pokfulam Village

Hi guys! Today we are going to talk about Pokfulam Village. Yesterday we went to Pokfulam Village, it was a poor village but it had a lot of interesting things that I saw. One of the things was the Hay Silo, we were looking around when we saw the Hay Silo. It was really big but there was nobody in it. Also, there was a lot of cute dogs I saw that kept barking at us. I think it wants to protect its territory. The road was very squishy like to has been squashed by a giant. The village also had a lot of shops that sell quite interesting things. For example, they sell food that I have never tasted. My highlights were the Hay Silo, cute dogs, the DRAGON and the dragon museum.


















Hi guys, today we are going to talk about 3WLR. 3WLR is a meeting with the teachers and your parent’s about your goals. I didn’t go because I had a tantrum. Basically, we need to set goals for ourselves with the teachers and parents help. Once you set the goals then you go to different teachers, for example, you then can go to the music teacher or the PE teacher. You can stay there for as long as you want but I think you must do the Chinese teacher and the homeroom teacher.


Thank you for reading my post! GOODBYE